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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 32,713

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

"Bernie is an extremely divisive figure in our party."

Is this true? Yes, We see this right here and right now.

NanceGreggs said this in this post.(2nd sentence after Original Post, look it up if you want) at link:


If this is true, then forget Bernie. Why? The last thing we need is to be divided. and Yes, Bernie does divide us. If you think that is a lie, look at this forum, and what has been said for and against Bernie. Being divided, insures Trumps reelection. Why? That is exactly what Trump wants: A divided Democratic Party. Throw in an independent candidate, and Trump gets 4 more years. Guaranteed.

If you don't believe this "division", than read as many of the posts in this forum as you can. For and against Bernie Sanders. You will see a hot divide between those for and against Bernie.

The very last thing we need is a division in our party. That only benefits Donald Trump and the Republicans. If you don't see that divide right here, then you haven't been reading. OH..TWO MORE IDEAS....



..........OK....have at it, if you think this is wrong or want to argue.

Documentary..Won Oscar, Best Documentary 1972, "Hellstrom Chromicle"

Full movie at link, 1hour 30 min, It is about insects vs humans for survival on earth..
...Don't believe, look it up..Well done, but somewhat frightening. Yes, this is real.
More information about this film, at this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hellstrom_Chronicle

The Power of Voting for A Democrat for President..Jimmy Carter saved tens of thousands of livies..

... Many voters haven't got a clue as to how powerful their vote is. Jimmy Carter's decision to put air bags in cars saved tens of thousands of lives. (Carter postponed forcing manufacturers to put them in till 83 or 84. His transportation secretary, Brock Adams, worked with Carter on this project)..
....Of course people don't believe that. But if you go to Wikipedia website, Motor vehicle fatality rate in U.S. by year . That is the proof...............................................
..Hit the link below, and look at the Motor Vehicle Deaths Fatality Rate after 1980.

In the early 80s there was a slow and then faster reduction of deaths on the highways...Why? Safer Cars...Please also look at the increase in U.S. population at that link next to deaths

Since 1980 there has been a great increase in our population, and at the same time, a significant decrease in fatalities...due to what?....Safer Cars with air bags, restraints, side impact air bags, certain safety lights added, and so on......hit the link below, and see what Carter did. The reduction in deaths starts in 1982 or 1983.... Carter ordered air bags and other safety devises be added to cars in 82 or 83, the order was given in 1977 (Not sure of exact year.. )Hit the link below and look at the proof:


It is unimaginable to many that a fellow who was President in the late 70s,
and is still alive saved tens of thousands of lives by making cars safer. But he did, and he was a Democrat, and proud of it.

Here is a link on "Seat Belt":


You need to scroll down to ...Automatic Seat Belts...at above Seat Belt link...Here is the key paragraph at that link where Carter and his Transportation Secretary ordered new cars have seat belts or air bags:

"Automatic seat belts received a boost in the United States in 1977 when Brock Adams, United States Secretary of Transportation in the Carter Administration, mandated that by 1983 every new car should have either airbags or automatic seat belts.[39][40] There was strong lobbying against the passive restraint requirement by the auto industry.[41] Adams was criticized by Ralph Nader, who said that the 1983 deadline was too late."[42]

Please..It ain't over until it is over..

This is the 2nd primary, and today is February 22. Is that correct? Lot's more to go. Yes, Bernie won a win tonight, and it was a strong win...But this is just the start, and not the finish. Lot more to go. The other candidates are not out of it yet. Congratulations on tonight, and best of luck to all in the future...

Remember one of the most famous newspaper pictures of all time has President Truman holding up a front page newspaper on the night of his election, saying Dewey wins. The newspaper printed that much too early, because Truman won and Dewey lost. Bernie won today. Congratulations.


One word about Trump that creates immediate dislike: Trump is a ..."BULLY"

The word "bully" pictures an awful, pushy, and mean person. That is who Donald Trump is/was/ and will always be. Most of us dislike "bullies." I think that the more we spread that word around to describe Trump, the bully, more people will see him for who he is. He is a bully. He will do anything to get his way. After calling him a "bully" then we can bring up that he tried to get information on Biden and Biden's son, so he ..."could bully his way into another four years.
..I believe the more we use that word in discussions with unsure voters, or even mild Trumpers,,(not strong believers) the more chance we have of winning. Why? Most of us have very bad impressions & memories of bullies, and most of us from our deepest gut, hate bullies.
...Lastly and most important,.... "Trump is a bully" and does push people around to get his way.

....... So, this word is the truth. Yes, Trump is a bully and he is known as one, and has always been one. So, use that word as much as possible with neutrals, and mild Trumpers. That word will immediately help to sway people to our candidate whoever that person is.

If Bernie loses the primary, and runs as an Independent we will have a Jill Stein #2

..Bernie could get money from lots of places. So if he gets some hidden money from Russia, (try to imagine that one, if you can) then, if Bernie feels he should have won, and runs as an Independent, then Bernie will take votes from our nominee, and help elect Trump again.
..That may be the long term goal of Trump. Get Bernie in there, so he runs as an Independent after he loses the nomination, and then we have Jill Stein #2...And please note
........A much stronger vote taker than Jill Stein #1

..I wonder if Bernie will pledge not to run as an "Independent" if he looses the Democratic Nomination?

My guess is he wont, and his running as an Independent would insure that Trump would get 4 more years...................................................................................................................................................

...If Bernie supports our nominee, and urges all to vote for whoever the Democratic Nominee is, then this is totally wrong, and I will be glad to admit it. But, if there is an independent run for Bernie, because he has lost our Democratic Nomination, then guess who wins?....Yes, that is correct...Donald Trump.

Yes this is February, and all this is in the future, but anything can happen, and often does. (Yes, I never thought we could possibly have Trump as President)

The Day Democracy Died, by The Founding Fathers, 8min 34 secs.


Bloomberg-And-His-Own-Kids in Cages, by Michael-Moore 2/20/20, Op Ed News:


written by Michael Moore, 2/20/20

In 1999 he called me up and asked me to be his "date" at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. I said,"Yes." When I got there he was with his other "date" Charlie Rose. Disgusting. Those two were peas in a pod. Two years later Bloomberg was Mayor. He took Rudy's "Stop and Frisk" program and put it on steroids. 12 long Bloomberg years of rounding up, apprehending and assaulting 5 million innocent black and brown men from 2001 to 2013. Yes, that's right: FIVE MILLION black and brown boys and young men (a number that just screams incomprehensible!) and THAT is why I beg everyone to shun Bloomberg in this election year.

In police states past and present, in order to make it easy for the police to identify the subhumans they seek to terrorize, the authorities require the hunted to carry ID papers, or wear a "scarlet letter" or have an identifying emblem sewn onto their clothes. None of this was needed in New York City. The mark of their status as "permanent suspect" was already on them their skin. It covered their whole body. It could not be removed. A permanent stain for the permanent suspects. It made it so easy to grab them and nail them and instill in them a sick fear that they were forced to carry with them every time they stepped outside their homes. That, of course, was the true intention of Bloomberg & Co. let a race of people be reminded on a daily basis who's in charge, who's to bow their heads and obey the orders, who's to shut their mouths about their lack of decent housing, livable income, health care or going to a great school.

at this link, you can hear Michael Moore tell the entire story..53 minutes , Michael Moore talking about experiences with Bloomberg. "Bloomberg And His Own Kids In Cages"


So, Bernie thinks he doesn't need the help of the "Democratic Establishment"

CalFione posted this, at the link below:


Bernie tweeted this from above link:
"I've got news for the Republican establishment. I've got news for the Democratic establishment. They can't stop us."


As far as I am concerned, that eliminates Bernie completely. Why? To reject the powers of the Democratic Party to get out the vote, and help with the election is beyond stupid"!!!!

It proves that Bernie is on an "ego" trip. He is quoted that he doesn't need anyone in the "establishments" help. If that is for real, then he has clearly lost track of what is happening. Bernie will need all the help he can get to defeat Trump.
Bernie hasn't got a clue. Trump wants Bernie, because he is easiest to defeat. Why? Bernie and his ego are lost in a sea of "self delusion."

...That is what we who worked and believed in the savior, "McGovern" thought.

McGovern would get us out of the war, and that would sway everyone to our side. Didn't work, did it?
Further proof Iamaartist posted this here:

Trump Defends Bernie Sanders On Russian Election Interference

Why would Trump Defend Bernie if that was not in Trump's own interest?..That is Bernie is the easiest to beat.

Why Putin doesn't want Biden to be the nominee.

Every time the word "Biden" is spoken to many people voting, we think of Trump trying to get "dirt on Joe and his son."

...The word "Biden" immediately brings up dirt and impeachment of Trump. Even though Trump was not convicted, that word brings up the crookedness and illegal nature of Trump. Trump is evil, a liar and a crook. ..

...That is why Putin doesn't want Biden because of the thought that of aspect of Trump. When you think of that aspect, then you have a tendency to vote against Trump. Only the 30 to 35 percent of "true believers" will stick with Trump if Biden is the nominee. If that number is 40 percent, then 60 percent will be with Biden. Putin knows it, and we know it. Anyone but Joe Biden because of what Joe represents. Joe represents a "crooked Donald Trump" who wanted dirt on Joe's son.
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