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Stuart G

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 32,668

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

A video posted by DetlafK.. MSNBC, JOE & MIKA,..proves Trump is a liar beyond doubt

Title of Video is ......".Trump COVID-19 super-cut. WATCH"

Show it to everyone who hasn't seen it.

This easily convinces most people what a lying crook Trump really is. Why important?
This was made to convince anyone what a stupid and ignorant liar Trump is. Most important, this can convince those who are not sure about Trump, that he is a liar about life and death events.

..Over and over...Trump says.."We got it under control...Outstanding work by Joe & Mika,
From Joe & Mika- today. Friday - 5/9/20., MSNBC. 6min 13 seconds


"Flynn charges dropped," analyzed by reporter who was there when Flynn pleaded "guilty" and

admitted he lied to FBI....ABC News.. 3min 37 seconds. pass this on ..incredible..

Randy Rainbow's greatest hit.."Spoonful of Clorox"..3 times usual amount of views.

5,900,000 views, usually about 2,000,000.- Been up before, but Enjoy- 3min 13secs

Pence showing up the 2nd time without a mask, NO MISTAKE..."I am above the law"

Shows that Pence & Trump don't want to follow laws set up by their own task force. (they are NOT going to wear a mask..)

..............They think are above the law!!!!!

First time, a mistake, second time not a mistake...orders from Trump, MY GUESS..& MY OPINION.

(NO, I CANNOT PROVE THAT, IT IS A GUESS..first time a mistake, 2nd time NOT a mistake in my opinion)

Kinda of a weird one...well.after all, ..it is... "Creative Speculation"..

:satire: ....some humor, maybe stupid...

...When I was growing up in the 50s there were "Cowboy and Indian Movies". The cowboys were the "good guys" and the Indians were the "Bad guys. There were few exceptions, but that was almost the rule..(except for the Lone Ranger and Tonto)...Then as a teenager, the characters changed, but the plot was exactly the same...
....Instead of Lone Ranger, there was "James Bond" and Dr. No... I also recall "Goldfinger" .Now these guys were real bad guys killers and wanting to do this and that..And James Bond was clearly the "good guy" who always got the girl & saved the world..

...So, what is this all about?..Who will overcome the current "bad guy"? ... D Trump? ..Will it be Mr
or someone else who will get to him first..maybe Mr. Cuomo? Maybe there is some other player in the show that we have never heard of..??. But true to form for bad guys, D Trump is a real mean and bad person, who as others have noted had to do with hundred and thousands of deaths..And further, Trump's attitude is the same as Dr. No. & Goldfinger..."Of course I can get away with it, no one is going to stop me" Who will stop the bad guy?
... Kinda weird and inappropriate, but it some how it rings true to me, as silly as it is. Trump is clearly the, "I can get away with anything" bad guy. And this is ...Creative Speculation...

................So have at it...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's Quote...From a book, "How To Be An Up Person in a Down World"

...Quotes from famous people, paperback book... published by: Honor Books, Inc. 1994.
I bought this in the 90s. and am going to quote from the book often..(Most are short and simple) Yes,
the book has been laying in a pile, so I thought I would quote from it

Quote #1..."The miracle is this...the more we share, the more we have."

Leonard Nimoy

another quote tomorrow.

Pelosi Responds to Trump's Demands for Payroll Tax Cut, "No Way":CNN

about 3 minutes, interview was last night..


About the Ohio governor who said "face mask order went too far"....


posted yesterday at 10:41am.. by turbintree at above link

..It seems to me, that he wanted to please Trump/Pence, more than save lives of people in Ohio. Proof that he too is "stupid beyond stupid"..Perhaps he ought to listen to Governor Andrew Cuomo rather than Donald Trump..

How can anyone say something "so stupid" is beyond me. Just so you know, his name is Mike "stupid" DeWine.


Another one posted today at 1:08pm by.. Randy SF


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) wrote that fear of contracting the coronavirus was an “emotional condition” and not a sufficient reason to request an absentee ballot...

.NO, I did not make these two up. Hit the links and check them out..I thought Trump was the only one that stupid, but there are more, a whole lot more.

Trump knocking Bush Jr., could open the door for Republicans to knock Trump..


..That might take some time, but the door is open. All Bush Jr. did was try to make a statement that could possibly unify this country during this awful time. So, Trump hits back at a past President of the United States for useless statement on current history. Bush Jr. is not the brightest bulb, and says very little, but this statement is really ....very little...
..For Trump to knock a ...very little statement.....by Very Little Bush Jr, opens the door for some very tall Republicans to knock Trump. It sure doesn't sound that way, but why is Trump going after ..Very Little Bush Jr.?. What purpose is that?..
.. It could allow others to go after Trump for not focusing on what is important NOW, as opposed to some statement by Very Little Bush Jr...Trump cannot "shut up." Could attacking Bush Jr. open up the door?
Another episode will be aired tomorrow in this idiotic show..."As Trump Turns"...

A reason why Trump will lose: People talking to friends & family. "Trump has had his chance, &

it is time to give someone else a chance."........................................................

....Polls don't take this thought into account. The first reaction to a poll, is not often the real feeling of what a person will do when they vote in November. On that day in November, voters will consider the entire picture, not some question from a poll. Also, all the conversations that people have with their family and friends will be considered too. The lies and failed leadership will be in the minds of many. At that very moment it will be clear that most voters will vote against Mr. Trump and vote for Mr. Biden. Here is the simple reason why: "Trump has had his chance and failed, let's give someone else a chance."
... Further, most voters on that day will conclude that Trump has "lied about everything, it is time to give someone else a chance." The lies are so clear, and those lies will be played over and over as November approaches. Donald Trump was given a chance, and it is time to give someone else a chance. The exact same thought that may (I say may) have been the reason why Trump was elected, could be the reason why he is defeated. Finally, this is not a complicated thought. It is simple, to the point and very clear. This one thought is not new. Actually it is quite old. Yet, there is one obvious fact about this thought. It is the truth.
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