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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 32,668

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Ford says she is 100 percent sure it was Kavanaugh..

She is totally believable. Perhaps it is all over. Kavanaugh will have to totally deny this. Then what?

There is a Happy Story now in the lounge..in a way it is Good News. Yes..

it is recommending a post, (not mine) but it made me smile..And let's give credit where credit is due..
posted by Mr. Scorpio..today, Wednesday 9/26/18 at 8:59am


This is what he know for sure about Mr. Kavanaugh..

What we know for sure...

..He drank booze at parties, many say he was drunk, and when drunk. he was mean.(others have said)
..He was a member of a fraternity that had a "reputation."
..He worked for Kenneth Star to get Bill Clinton, and he came up with a whole lot of sh*t...(therefore, he knows what to look for when discussing crude sh*t
..He waked away and looked mean at a father who lost his daughter. (Refused to shake his hand)also, .(sorry for mistake..it was a daughter, not a son)
..There are contradictions in what he has said, and what others have said about him.
..He has said he was a "virgin" many years past this event. (Yes, he said this, but he did not say that he did not masturbait on women..yes, in court there would be a difference) Yes, this is crude, all of this is crude. Masturbation is different than intercourse..
..Trump is strongly supporting him. (Kavanaugh wrote that no sitting president can be indicted)
..Graham is also supporting him.
..McConnell would like a vote as soon as possible.
..There have been 3 women accusing him of lying about his sexual experiences and his drinking.

Now this is ugly..we know the above for sure. There is a good chance, that there is more. Yes, this is ugly. And it is also true that Trump is one ugly person.

This is all about lying in front of Congress, and standing up for the truth.

...Yes, there are republican senators who think Kavanaugh is lying. (an opinion only) It stands to reason given the evidence. But are they willing to stand up for that truth. No matter what McConnell and Trump say, Kavanaugh's lies seems obvious. If those senators question weather he is telling the truth given the evidence presented, are they willing to say NO based on that? Lying to Congress is against the law. Isn't it? I suspect that if Kavanaugh were a Democratic appointee by a democratic president, those same people would have no trouble with accusing Kavanaugh of lying and voting against him.

Who is the country to believe? "Liar in Chief", the woman who was assaulted, or the assaulter?

In the end, that is simple question. Who is lying, and who is telling the truth? Will all Republican senators believe the Liar in Chief and the assaulter?..Or will 2 or of them believe the woman who was assaulted? It is that simple. I know who I believe.

Trump: "Why didn't accuser call the FBI?" CNN


This story is the one of the major stories at CNN. Shows how stupid Trump is, and how out of touch on this subject he is. He has said other stupid things before, but this one defines him. To say something like this, before an audience, is beyond stupid. He said this last night in Vegas, but I what else is there to say?

On Monday I put up a post about Ellensburg Washington...........(here in the lounge)

Something special was going on. like a quiz...but no one replied ...and I took it down ..So today, Thursday, I will briefly explain.............................................................................................

At 8pm on Monday, (central time) Ellensburg Washington had the cleanest air in the entire country As measured by the EPA.(Environment Protection Agency) ..At that moment the air in Ellensberg was a perfect zero - 0. Absolutely no pollution at all. As clean as can be..perfect.....( a very rare occurrence in 50 states...no one. even in isolated areas gets a Zero..) I have studied this..yes that is rare..

Each state has measuring stations all over the state. These stations measure the pollution in the air from zero to 500. Any number over 150 can be considered somewhat dangerous depending on surrounding conditions, and one's physical condition..higher the number, the more dangerous the air..

If there is a bad fire in the area, the air can be very bad, and the EPA measures that and often puts out a warning..I think if you google ....clean air you will get a connection to the website. I often search around different states to see if the air over here or there is clean, dirty or totally filthy. Yes, I could be doing lots of other things...but searching around like that is what I like to do..getting facts, from here or there, and comparing and thinking about them....then searching for something else. and on and on and on..The computer makes this very easy...and fun to do......
.....Oh, and I like clean air for lots of reasons. I have some minor breathing problems, nothing serious, and I really like places with clean air. I just feel better. That is all.

This horror story is real, it happened, warning, it is hard to read and disturbing.

Outstanding article, thanks for sharing with us. This is extremely well written, and catches the reader... I doubt I will ever forget this. Reminds me of a horror movie I saw once that was not real, but seemed real. "Psycho" That was awful, but made up, and realistic looking. The director was a master director, Alfred Hitchcock.

..This was awful, brilliantly written, and the truth. As I think about it, this is in many ways worse. I got to stop now. The real story about Amber Wyatt is hurting me. It could hurt you too.

Pompeo Cracks down on Improper Use of Commas at the State Department: CNN (yes,this is real)


This is about the current Secretary of State ..Mike Pompeo
By Michelle Kosinski and Jennifer Hansler, CNN
Updated 2:25 PM ET, Wed September 19, 2018
Iran, North Korea, Syria and ... commas. While Mike Pompeo is focused on a number of key geopolitical concerns, an email obtained by CNN suggests that the secretary of state also appears to have had it, up to, here, with, the rampant, improper use of commas by State Department staff.

In the last few months, two emails have gone out from Pompeo's top staff to employees throughout the State Department giving careful, meticulous instructions on comma usage.

The latest email, sent in early September and obtained by CNN, gives "updated guidance ... regarding correct use of commas in paper for Department principals."

"The Secretary has underscored the need for appropriate use of commas in his paper (both their inclusion and omission)," the email declares. It also notes that Pompeo prefers adherence to the Chicago Manual of Style, which states "effective use of the comma involves good judgment, with the goal being ease of reading."

The email includes a long string of examples, including many from the Chicago Manual of Style, outlining when a comma should be added and when it should be excluded, and providing detailed explanations for both -- along with color-coded highlighting.
(rest is at link)

comment: Well, I have watched politics for many years. I cannot recall a grammar enthusiast in charge of any department...Not only grammar, but particular class of grammar: commas. ...When you think you have seen it all, there is always more. (I forgot the period but this has been corrected..) see below

There are 51 republican seantors...Corker and Flake, want the vote postponed ..

Collins and Murkowski are so called "moderates who might ...very unlikely but might vote against this slime ball..and just one or two of the others, who know somebody who was raped and has a conscience, and that could end this particular slime ball's quest to be a judge on the highest court..

Now my guess is that one or two of the other 47 do have a close friend or relative who was raped and that senator knows the whole story. Maybe a totally quiet family secret. But, perhaps there will be another vote against the slime ball. Maybe one more from that 47 and one from the 4..that would do it. Is it possible? Rape that is as powerful as it gets. A fellow who raped a women, and lied about it..Yes, even republicans, (just some, or two,) could be disgusted enough to vote against Mr. Slimeball. We will soon see. He may get to the floor of the Senate for a vote. But the final vote could be a NO. I know it seems impossible. But stranger things have happened in history and politics. (I won't get into that now, but we know that is true)
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