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Stuart G

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 32,668

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

If Donald Trump is together, than the United States must be all together too.

Let's see............??

1. Alaska needs to be moved about 900 miles south to border on Washington State or maybe 4000 miles to border on Maine. Moving the entire state of Alaska to Maine would be a very tough job...

2. Hawaii needs to be moved about 2300 miles to be 10 miles west of San Francisco

CONCLUSION: Donald Trump is not together (and never will be).

Also, all 50 states do not border on each other, and are not all next to each other..(see 1. and 2.) Yes, we are one country, and we really are a lot more together than Donald Trump will ever be.(but we are not totally together right next to each other)...that is the point...

But still...Alaska is quite a distance from Florida... How far?? Many miles..

Anything can happen. Here is one very good thing that did. Few thought it could end the way it did.

February 7, 2007, Obama announces he will run for President of the United States.
....Yes, that is the date. When that happened, I didn't think he had a chance. But Obama Won!!
...Maybe it is time for another outstanding positive thing to happen. I don't know what, but use your imagination. We are due for a positive happening. I hope it comes soon, so it will renew our sense of hope. Any ideas as what that could be? I really don't know.

Forest grows in the middle of a football stadium in Austria. (hit link to see several pictures)

Something I've never seen before, Stuart G

(CNN) — Football stadiums have long been synonymous with noise and commotion.

But an art installation in Austria is turning this idea on its head in a bid to draw attention to climate change and deforestation.

Wörthersee Football Stadium in Klagenfurt has been transformed into a magnificent forest for a new project by Swiss artist Klaus Littmann.

The huge pitch, located near Lake Wörthersee in the southern Austrian state of Carinthia, is now lined with around 300 trees, some weighing up to six tons each.

"For Forest -- The Unending Attraction of Nature," which launches September 8, was inspired by a dystopian drawing completed by Austrian artist and architect Max Peintner more than 30 years ago.

Hit link to see forest in a stadium (football is soccer in Austria, stadiums are the same)


An old strange story about a stupid liar who told the truth.

...This happened in November of 1963. I was in high school and one fellow was well known as a "stupid liar." We all talked about him and knew who and what he was . So at about 1:30pm (or was it 2pm) on November 22, he is running through the halls saying that " President Kennedy has been shot. " He said he had seen this news on TV. So for a moment, I thought, this is just another lie. But then I thought, why would he make up such a lie? Maybe this is true. A minute later, it was verified. But that moment sticks in my mind. I heard this first from a stupid liar, and I didn't believe it, till it was verified. He made up lies about everything. So why would he tell the truth about anything.

Trump needs to lie on top of a lie to prove he was right. No matter how stupid it looks.

...It is important because it shows his waste of time on a lie. His thinking on a lie. He has to be correct all the time. One lie on top of another on top of another on top of another. All he had to do was say, "I made a mistake with the Alabama prediction." Everyone would understand that, because we all make mistakes.
...So instead of admitting he made a mistake and being honest about it, Donald Trump proves he is a stupid liar over and over. Almost everyone sees his stupid lies this time. It is so clear to 80 percent of us. The 20 percent that believes Trump are his "true believers." They will always believe him no matter what he says.

Here is proof that Trump thinks he can say anything, and get away with it. (he already has)

Therefore, he can say this or that, and get away with it. He already has gotten away with an awful statement.
Yes, this is ugly but so, I will give a warning, this is awful, but Trump said it. WARNING !!


Did Donald Trump say something about grapping a woman's pussy? Is that interview public for all to hear?..
What job does Donald Trump currently have?

...................end of argument...and Trump thinks Putin will put him in for a 2nd term....

Here is a link to information on that statement. Note: This was published October 7, one month before the election. Again, Where is he now?

Yes, I know this is ugly and awful to show this...
But he got away with it. This didn't prevent him from becoming the "President of the United States." In his mind, Trump thinks if he waits long enough, he will win no matter what he says.. He already has.


Let it be known today, September 4, 2019, the world witnessed the birth of a word, "SharpieGate"

A combo word, Sharpie..a kind of pen, combined with the last part of Watergate, a total corruption event with Richard Nixon who was president in the 70s. When a new word comes into being, it should be noted and understood. It is a corruption word to be understood as being born as a result of a map alteration by a Donald Trump and his team of corrupt individuals.

Why Trump thinks he can get away with the "Altered Map Lie"

.. The simple reason is that he has gotten away with so much before this. Trump thinks he can get away with anything.
..His lawyer is in prison serving time right now. Others are in prison or going to prison for lies and events they did for Trump. But, Trump is still the "Big Boss." He thinks he can get away with anything. His staff can think what they want. But Trump doesn't realize that the proof is growing and growing. When it reaches the height needed, then Pelosi will start impeachment. The proof must be clear to most Americans, say 75 percent. Just like Nixon. We are getting very close. Time will tell. But Trump will pay the price one way or another. This particular lie is so stupid and inexcusable that it will help the evidence get to whatever level it needs to get. And the show has been speeded up because of this event. If Pelosi acts, the show will be almost over. I am not in charge. That is left to others.

Why the weather map alteration is very important..This one is easy and simple to understand.

First...It is easy to understand the extra line around Alabama. Someone drew an extra line, and the map has been altered.

Second... It is also easy to understand why someone did it. Because it prevents Trump being seen as a liar and being "stupid"

That is also easy to understand. He clearly doesn't want to look stupid, as Alabama statement proves he is.
..........Everyone understands that.....

It is not complicated. Easy to understand the extra line, (everyone can see it) and easy to understand the reason why it was ordered drawn..(to protect Trump on the Alabama statement)

All that needs to be done, is find out who ordered it?. In my opinion, that will be easy too. So, this lie, is the impeachable offense that everyone understands what and why. Now we need to find out who and when. That will not be too difficult either. Who is going to lie on this if it is against the law?

Who will cover for Trump if he ordered this? Think about that?

Old Chesterfield Ads.. look at the 40s and 50s celebrities that endorsed this brand, amazing!!

I found this by mistake, but it is really worth linking to

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