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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 22,408

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Modern Right Leaning Conservatives are about this:

Modern, Right Leaning concervatives are about this:


Their correct sounding arguements, given to them by the
Heritage Fondation, and Cyato Institute, really mask..

greed, greed and more greed

OR..simply put.

I am not paying for someone elses health insurance
..even if in the long run...

.1. everyone in this country would be healthier
2. Recieve better and more complete medical coverage
3. Over all costs for medical practices and health in this country would go way down
4. A National disgrace would be ended.

It doesn't matter,
I am not paying for someone elses health insurance.

" I will not say why I do not pay for someone else's health insurance., I will not argue the facts or reasons..I am just not going to explain it.

I believe that insurance companies can handle it better..but, I know that is a lie.

This is what modern "So called "Modern Conservatives" are
about...and perhaps one more idea..

.......and perhaps.....( constant war, which someone else fights )

Polar Bear Being Raised by Hand in Scandinavian Zoo. (cute alert)

Yahoo News. and BBC


COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — A Danish zoo says a month-old polar bear cub is being raised by humans after his mother failed to produce enough milk to feed him.

Scandinavian Wildlife Park manager Frank Vigh-Larsen says Siku is doing "really fine." The cub now weighs 7 pounds (3.2 kilograms grams) — against 3 pounds (1.8 kilograms) at birth.

Vigh-Larsen said Thursday that the cub was two days old when he was removed from his mother after surveillance video inside the bear cave revealed that he "was moaning and being unruly all the time."

Vigh-Larsen says Siku would have been in danger of death if he had stayed with his mother.

Three people are giving round-the-clock care to the cub at the zoo in Kolind, 105 miles (170 kilometers) northwest of Copenhagen.

Heroic Student, stops teacher on teacher attack. (saves life)

Yahoo. News.

Heroic football player stops potentially lethal teacher attack

By Cameron Smith

By all accounts, the attack looked like it would be lethal.

In the moments after the school bell rang, a 40-year-old teacher brutally attacked a fellow teacher. With screwdriver blows from English teacher Ronette Ricketts raining on the victim, fellow English teacher Cynthia Glozier, a varsity football player thought quick, relied on his athletic instincts and stopped the attack in its tracks

According to New York TV network WPIX and the Poughkeepsie Journal, among other sources, Poughkeepsie (N.Y.) High senior linebacker Justin Richardson is now being hailed as a hero and a likely lifesaver as a result.

"I saw Ms. Ricketts just hammering her in the side of head," Richardson told PIX 11 TV. "I saw a lot of blood. It was shocking. I just jammed her really hard to get the screwdriver [to] fly out of her hand. If I didn't step in she would have killed her."

Luckily for all involved, Richardson did step in to stop a shocking attack before it became a deadly one. As it is, Ricketts is still facing charges of first-degree attempted assault, second-degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon, and is likely to lose a job in which she was previously highly respected.

Two women techers fighting in the halls of high school before Christmas. What is the world coming to?

It is coming in June 2012....It is called Prometheous...


Directed by Ridley Scott................a prequel to a film called .."Alien"
get me out of here........you cannot hear screams in space....

List of Cities Breaking Yearly Rain Record Grows.


By Kristina Pydynowski, Senior Meteorologist

Dec 22, 2011; 5:48 AM ET

On Wednesday, Columbus and Toledo, Ohio, joined the growing list of U.S. cities whose wettest year on record is now 2011.

Columbus and Toledo started Wednesday on a wet note with 0.55 and 0.36 of an inch of rain, respectively, falling.

That amount of rain is typically not noteworthy, but in Wednesday's case it made 2011 each city's wettest year on record.

The yearly rainfall total for Columbus now stands at 53.55 inches, surpassing the previous wettest year of 1990 and its 53.16
Similar records have already been established in numerous other communities throughout the Midwest and Northeast.
According to AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Bill Deger, the growing list includes Binghamton, N.Y. (67.02 inches); Cleveland, Ohio (64.25 inches); Philadelphia, Pa. (62.37 inches); Wilkes Barre-Scranton, Pa. (59.14 inches); and Albany, N.Y. (52.48 inches).

Rachel Maddow, "What Republicans Mean When They Talk about Food Stamps and Millionaires.

last night 12/20/11..it really worth watching...

Rachel Maddow.
From Rachel's Bolg


"When you're 65, you get Medicare. You get Social Security. When you lose your job, if you have paid into the unemployment insurance program, you get unemployment insurance.

You are by definition entitled to these things, and these things have been a huge success in the story of America. They are our social safety net. They have kept people out of poverty. They have kept food on the table. They've allowed us to retire one day instead of working our entire lives until we die.

But the thing about them is that they are entitlements. And that is as important to what they mean to us as Americans as it is to their political survival. You get these things if you're rich or if you're poor. We do not discriminate by class. As Americans, we get them.

But when you try to change those programs so instead of benefiting everybody, they just benefit, say, poorer Americans, you set the stage to break those programs apart because the right has come up with really great politics for making the rest of the country resent programs that only serve poor people. So, suddenly means testing unemployment insurance. That may
seem like a throw-away line in a Republican proposal. That`s not a real
problem, why are they working on that?"

Well, it is a way to dismantle that as an entitlement -- to make us think of unemployment insurance as something that only applies to poor people. And once you convince voters that a program is only for the poor, then it's easier to convince everyone else to whittle it away."


The entire segment is worth watching...And the explanation of what the Pukes really want is sobering. They are out to destroy the
socal net and kill those programs that keep Americans from starving and dieing. Watch the last 3 minutes if you can, she hammers home the point that it is also about setting one group against another, so that Medicare and Social Security can be destroyed. She is one hundred percent correct. This is clear, simple, focused, and totally honest.
Everyone needs to see this..

Question for you. Is the NYT worth $3.75 a week?

The Newspsper Industry is changing rapidly. There are some excellent people writing for the NYT.
To keep that institution, the NYT, vibrant and strong, is it worth it to you, in your opinion, to subscribe for 15.00 a month?

I've been thinking about it, and would like to hear from others.
I have read that this paper has had some financial difficulties in the past.
Is this the best way to support it?

In Iowa the World's Food Capital, there is hunger.


The face of hunger increasingly belongs to the working poor, like Kim Olsem, who has trouble feeding herself despite holding two jobs.

By Beth Dalbey
Email the author
December 20, 2011

If hunger is an invisible problem in Iowa, blame it on people like Kim Olsem, a mother and a fighter, whose two jobs — one working with the elderly, the other working with schoolchildren — don't pay enough to feed her properly.

She is an unlikely face of hunger, one of a growing number of formerly middle-class Iowa residents who have dropped to the ranks of the working poor, those who make enough money to pay for rent, maybe transportation, but not much else. And like others in Iowa and around the country, even the charitable food pantry she counts on is running out of food.

“When I run out of money for my other needs, I come here,” said Olsem, 49, who stood in line at a West Des Moines food pantry just days before Christmas. “Food always comes last. My bills have to come first.

“Food,” she said, “is a luxury sometimes

Two words ...very sad.

A general question on the Celebration of Christmas in U.S.A and some other places....

This is not meant against anybody, I say so in advance, but I would like to know an answer.

Jesus I understand was born in the summer. That is what both astronomers say was the possible time of
the star, and historians say summer was the time when people went back to places of birth to be counted or taxed.

Now...How did we get all this winter, snow, rituals, trees, ..Santa, sleighs, etc.
Where did all that come from?
thanks in advance for those that know. I hope I have not offended anyone by asking..thank you.

Hate is still hate, greed is still greed

Hate is still hate.
Greed is still greed

How do you treat others?
I don't give a damn about sexual orientation, race, background, male/female, old/young.. etc.
I learned the hard way, you cannot always trust people based on what we think they are,
It is what they really are.

I needed some money and I asked my rich cousin to loan me some.
I really trusted him, and I need it bad.
He said that if I ever needed that kind of help, he would be there.
I was severely depressed, and needed it to pay for a divorce settlement.
The rich cousin sent me to the bank to get the loan at 6 percent (early 90s)
My old friend, who happens to be gay, lent it to me. no percent

Where I worked, I met all kinds of people from all over the world.
I was a teacher.
Every kind of people. From Asia, South America, Europe,
Mexico, Puerto Rico, Africa..
There were Afro-Americans, and regular "whites from the old neigborhood"
every religion..every type of person.

You name it, they were there..
It was an accident of location,
That neighborhood High School, just happened to have 57 languages being spoken there.
I tried my best to listen and watch.

Some kids cheated, most were honest,
Some kids cared about others,
Many were selfish assholes.
I met people that stole,
I met people that gave.
I met a kid that killed,
I met kids that loved.

Me, I tried to do the best I could.
I tried to be fair to everyone.
Some teachers stayed after and helped,
Some left when the bell rang to leave.
You learn the truth about people,
Or, you don't learn.

Republicans, now, it seems...
Don't care
Don't tax the rich an additional one or two percent.
Don't help the so called, "poor"
It is their fault..
It is exactly the same,
Just listen to them carefully.
You will hear it.
It is the same.
It is about greed.
It is about hate.
I try not to hate.

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