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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 23,533

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

It takes a hell of a long time to get something complicated into public understanding.

The Afordable Care Act is, well, pretty complicated. So, perhaps after today's ruling, more of the people who don't know a thing
about it except they hate it, will get to know it ain't so bad. Yes, it gives the insurance idiots more money, but it will save lives. And I hate the insurance companies too..But it will save lives, and it is already being implemented as opposed to being proposed as single payer is now a proposal.........And it passed the House of Representatives..by 2 or 3 votes. One rep in Michigan gave up his career after he changed his vote.

People who couldn't get health care, will get it. Better than what they had before, which is nothing. (we know about pre existing conditions.. Many working poor adults may see care for the first time, perhaps. If the word gets out ..somehow. I think it is a good thing for most of us. I hope that it helps people just to live better and more healthy lives. At least I can hope..

Rand Paul, Declaring Health Law Constitutional, 'Doesn't Make It So'

Raw Story


Tea party-backed Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) isn’t willing to give the United States Supreme Court the final say on whether or not President Barack Obama’s health care reform law is constitutional.

In a statement posted to his website on Thursday after the court declared the that law did not violate the U.S. Constitution, Paul rejected the court’s authority.

“Just because a couple people on the Supreme Court declare something to be ‘constitutional’ does not make it so,” Paul insisted. “The whole thing remains unconstitutional.”


I guess Rand is stupider than I thought. Even I know that the Supreme Court Makes the laws..It just does....So in 1893, in Plessy vs
Ferguson, the Supreme Court ruled "separate but equal" is the law (so segregation was codified in many laws)..and in l954 in Brown vs Board of Ed..it said that "separate but equal" is not the law...So out it came..slowly but it was illegal..

That is what the Supreme court does. Rand Paul doesn't know shit. Of course he doesn't like the call today, but last week he probably liked the call about corporations are..."people" {overturning Montana Law) and can donate cash to him. He is an asshole. All of us know more than him. You don't like the word Ass****? Well Rand would do away with social security as we know it. and medicare too. I just had an operation that cost $150,000, and I couldn't afford it without medicare.. So, it is the law, Rand is an ass**** and medicare is ok with me. And it is cconstitutional...FU** Him

Question? Do you want a "Blue Dog Dem", or a "Teabagger Nut Case"???

Joe Donnelly a so called "Blue Dog", is running for Senate against the nutcase who said that employers could refuse to cover cancer
as part of health insurance.. It looked at the beginning of the year, that no Democrat would stand a chance against Lugar. Well,
the pukes defeated Lugar, and got this nutcase...don't know his name..don't care about his name..he is nuts..

Joe has a real chance in this once safe puke seat. No strong liberal would , but this guy might win.
Yes, he is blue dog ..and just voted
against Holder..but the chances are most votes as a Senator would be with us. If he wins, and there is an unexpected loss, then he would help us hold on to the Senate. What do you think? He could make the difference between majority and minority. It isn't what most of us want, but then, loosing the Senate would be far worse. At least in my opinion..

Every once in a while, I get something correct. So

So, last Monday in the afternoon. I posted about a Sclia rage, and said that maybe that rage was because he lost the
healthcare fight. More of a question than anything. But for once a prediction of mine was correct:


It is rare indeed. I was the fellow that posted. that BP would go broke after the Gulf spill.,,,sure...

More recently, I posted that Scott Walker would be indicted a week after his recall election Yea, I was wrong there too.

So, maybe it wouldn't be out of line to mention that if you hit the link you will see the OP. and it was edited once on Monday and that is all..
Even a 200 hitter gets a hit one in five...

I am totally against a boycott...NO BOCOTT..here is why..

HERE IS WHY.. from the Old DU board..iT IS SHOWN TO PROVE I TRIED IT..


.I tried it in two places.
.Here and at an old Ed Shultz board..here is what I found out:

Many of the Koch Bros products are made in union shops..Fair wages and benefits.
The brothers would like nothing more for an
excuse to drop the unions and go to non union..a successful boycott would be such an excuse..They are so wealthy, it really wouldn't
make such a difference to them, but to those that lost their union jobs, in exchange for cheeper non union workers..well that is
another story...Therefore a boycott is a waste of time, and will hurt those who matter the most

That is what I found out, and I am against it for those reasons..end of rant..(I was schooled on this at the Ed Shultz board by a couple of very knowledgable union guys) .........

that is my opinion..

Has Scalia forshadowed Health Care Outcome..??

Scalia raged against Obama and immigration..here:

Talking Points Memo


I recall and someone can find it he raged against the health care reform..using terrible and hateful language..
Vicious attacks..I think it was in May..i am not sure..But if it was in May..according to some, maybe more recent...like early June, then the verdict was in..was he letting off steam for a lost verdict, like the link above???

Probably not..but it is worth adding a little bit of hope to this discusion...

This is about" Hope" Thousands participate in this video.


Art from Duct Tape and other Colored Tapes...


It is so easy to remember.

Outsourcer -In-Chief..

Today they coined it. I hope it sticks forever. and it is the truth..
. Much easier than "Etch a Sketch"
While people out of a job, may not know the Sketch..
Many sure as hell know where their jobs went.
And the Washington Post, still doing a reporting job... congrats to them...

Outsourcer-In-Chief, Mr.Romney

Do you think that will stick to him through the campaign?
In California, in 2010 it worked to get Jerry Brown elected.
That miserable excuse for a person, that lady who was chairman of that computer company, put in 70-100 million into that campaign.
Brown won anyway.
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