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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 27,682

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Donald Trump is lost in ..".a sea of selfishness."

He is too stupid and self centered to have clue about anything important. It is always about him.

About Randy Rainbow....He is brilliant and a genius..to do what he does..

The post today..was a satire from West Side Story...an academy award film ...1961

A post recently from 1956 film South Pacific...again a satire..using his words, and the tune from South
Pacific...(don't remember the song from South Pacific that it was taken from)

3 simple acts can stop Covid-19 outbreaks, study finds: wear mask, socal distance, wash hands:CNN


If people washed their hands regularly, wore masks, and kept their social distance from each other, these three simple behaviors could stop most all of the Covid-19 pandemic, even without a vaccine or additional treatments, according to a new study.

The study, published Tuesday in the journal PLoS Medicine, created a new model to look at the spread of the disease and prevention efforts that could help stop it.

The contact rates in the study were based on people's interaction in the Netherlands, but the model is appropriate for other Western countries, the researchers at the University Medical Center Utrecht said

"A large epidemic can be prevented if the efficacy of these measures exceeds 50%," they wrote.

If, however, the public is slow, but does eventually change behavior, it can reduce the number of cases, but not delay a peak in cases, according to the model.

If governments shut down early, but no one takes additional personal protective steps, this would delay but not reduce a peak in cases. A three month intervention would delay the peak by, at most, seven months, the study found.

If government-imposed physical distancing was combined with disease awareness and personal steps, the height of the peak could be reduced, even after government imposed social distancing orders were lifted.

It now thinks he is going to lose, so there is a picture of him wearing a mask.

....In late July, we see a picture of it wearing a mask. I repeat, "Trump is so stupid that he doesn't know he is stupid"

I wonder how many lives would have been saved,...if Trump started wearing a mask the same

day that he said, "It would be gone in five days"...And further, if he said this instead on that same day:

.......just these 3 sentences. ...:

".I have consulted with leaders around the world, and this is an extremely dangerous situation, and everyone should wear a mask every time you are in public interacting in anyway with anyone..
...Furthermore, after today, (early in Feb) you will never see me without a mask to protect the people I work with and my family from this horrendous disease. All of my staff, all of the time, from now on, will be wearing masks at work, and when out in public."


And, he carried that through to today...everyday from Feb till now, and in the future until when this is over..

How many lives saved?...perhaps 50,000? more, or less? I say at least 60,000 lives saved if he said
.. this in early February.

Ellen DeGeneres runs a toxic workplace enviornment.. Buzzfeednews:


If you read the entire story, I wonder if your conclusion will be the same as mine: Ellen knows exactly what is going on, and encourages her producers to act that way. If she did not allow this, & silently encourage this, it would not happen. What is your opinion?

Trump hits a new high in ..."stuidity"...Today he said, "I'll have to see" when asked if he would

leave the White House if he loses the election in November....Yes ...."stupidity has no bounds"....but this statement is beyond stupid. Lower than stupid, and dumber than stupid. Of course, Donald Trump is much too stupid to know that was a stupid thing to say. And he will say it again..

How do I know he will say it again? ...... Because he is very very very ..STUPID!!!!!

Short- 2min, 19secs..key word toward end "decency" says everything..

Interview with leader of Republican Voters Against Trump..RVAT - 6:53

interview with leader, Tim Miller, at 1:50 - posted at You Tube ..July 14.

My guess is the orders to arrest and detain people in Portland came directly from Trump.

...As Commander in Chief he can order troops to do illegal acts. He is their commander, they do what they are told. This is far worse than any other act he has done. You must be read your rights, and informed of what is going on.
.... Detaining people like that is against the law. Trump ordered troops to do that, without IDs, (that was his order too) and no telling of their rights as ordered by supreme court. (ordered by Trump)
...Far worse than anything he has ever done. Trump doesn't care, but we care.
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