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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 27,707

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Trump hits a new high in ..."stuidity"...Today he said, "I'll have to see" when asked if he would

leave the White House if he loses the election in November....Yes ...."stupidity has no bounds"....but this statement is beyond stupid. Lower than stupid, and dumber than stupid. Of course, Donald Trump is much too stupid to know that was a stupid thing to say. And he will say it again..

How do I know he will say it again? ...... Because he is very very very ..STUPID!!!!!

Short- 2min, 19secs..key word toward end "decency" says everything..

Interview with leader of Republican Voters Against Trump..RVAT - 6:53

interview with leader, Tim Miller, at 1:50 - posted at You Tube ..July 14.

My guess is the orders to arrest and detain people in Portland came directly from Trump.

...As Commander in Chief he can order troops to do illegal acts. He is their commander, they do what they are told. This is far worse than any other act he has done. You must be read your rights, and informed of what is going on.
.... Detaining people like that is against the law. Trump ordered troops to do that, without IDs, (that was his order too) and no telling of their rights as ordered by supreme court. (ordered by Trump)
...Far worse than anything he has ever done. Trump doesn't care, but we care.

Use of the " BORTAC" (Border Patrol Tactical Unit) will backfire, and aready has..

..The article from ..."The Nation" was not to be publicized..This is the top news now..But more important,
as Trump tries to defend this, arresting non violent people, Trump will pay a price he has not counted on.
I believe that this will activate republicans who despise Trump to come forward and oppose him..
...I am talking about leaders of the Republican Party who have kept quiet and said nothing. Why? This
behavior by a President is clearly against the Constitution of the United States. Using the Border Petrol
in this way, will focus news on this as opposed to the virus. An act by Trump, clearly against the law, without
cause, will be it. Of course many will disagree, but this is the opening that some Anti-Trump Republicans
have been waiting for. Trump is despised by both sides. This Trump will try to defend, but he can't.
Trump has made an error that could bring opposition from people he counted on for support.
...Donald Trump is too selfish and stupid to have any idea about this. He thinks he can get away with this, like
other events, but he won't. That is my opinion. Just an opinion....Friday July 17..Yes, of course this could be
totally wrong, but it is a "General Discussion Forum" and this is ..Current Events.

Donald Trump is like a very bad TV show, forced to stay on by the network. And it is good for us.

..And, it is good for the U.S.A. Trump has been on too long. Everyone has their own definition of "too long," but it is clear, he has been on ."too long." Countless examples right here at Democratic Underground of life long republicans who will not vote for Trump. We have a clue, but many don't. Trump is on TV with his lies day after day after day...On and on for all to see and get tired of. We are sick of Donald Trump, but many of us cannot imagine that the republicans are sick of him too.

...But I believe they are, and this time most republicans will agree to get rid of Donald Trump. Those republicans will vote this way for one time only, and they get rid of Trump. And they will agree with most of the people in this country, that Trump is evil and hurting all of us. This is the patriotic thing to do, and they will vote for Joe Biden for that reason.

A fellow DU member --yonder-- came up with a "new word"....."mask holes" as in assholes...

I had never seen that word before..Perhaps someone else came up with it..but my first time seeing that word was in one of yonder's posts..

Yes, you can see the new word here:


About people not wearing masks & losing their.."freedom." ? SEAT BELTS?

...As I pointed this out before, we went through the same stupid comments about putting on "seat belts.""No one is going to make me put one on" it was said. After some time, the state governments passed laws requiring them. After some more time, people began to put them on automatically. I recall clearly talking with others about how the seatbelts saved them, and some others on how they wish they had on a seatbelt because of this injury or that injury. Or a friend who was killed because he/she did not have one on.
...These people interpreted, "freedom" as their right to .."not wear a seat belt"...Bicycle helmets when through the same stupidity. I knew someone who would be alive if helmets were required in the late 60s. He was on a bicycle and got hit by a car, and his head hit the cement. That killed him.
...Keep in mind, stupid is stupid, and some people are very stupid.. The stupid people come in all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds. Yes, "some stupid people" are smart in other areas like computers or whatever. But when it comes to safety demands, like masks, they become stupid. No, I don't know why they interpret wearing a mask as taking away their..."freedom."...I guess that they are just...plain stupid...Just like the anti-seatbelt advocates.

An opinion, "Goya Foods controversy is a distraction from 130,000 deaths from pandemic.

...This is a planned orchestrated distraction away from the deaths in the pandemic. Let's argue about something else, Trump decides or his enablers decide. Anything to get away from the issue that Trump failed to prepare for this pandemic, or in the beginning failed to give a damn about the deaths. So let's argue about my daughter and me selling a food brand.

He appears to still not give a damn about the deaths and always talks about what a fine job he is doing to fight the
pandemic. So having a controversy about something else is a distraction from his failure to be a leader and to save lives. Trump knows it, we know it, and that's all there is to this.

Trump doesn't give a shit,..but now that he has been exposed, now he feels bad.

...Donald Trump was reasonably sure that he could con everyone into getting 2 terms as President of the United States. The virus exposed him for exactly what he is/was/and always will be: a selfish asshole. Now everyone knows he spent very little time and effort trying to stop the spread of this virus. He didn't care, but now that the virus makes him look bad, he cares. I don't think he cares one bit about the deaths he could have prevented by spending all his time and effort trying to prevent the spread of the virus. (Yes, if he spent all of his time preventing the spread of the virus, lives would have been saved)
...I do think he cares about his reputation and the fact that he knows he will lose the upcoming election by a wide margin. He cares that he cannot have his rallies and be ..."The Leader" I do think Trump cares that his finances will be exposed and he will be known as the: " Worst President in our History." That is what Donald Trump really cares about.
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