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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 22,408

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Half-naked husband busted with wife's body strapped upside-down in car: cops


You thought you had seen it all, read this. New York Post, May 15, 1:24PM :


The Oklahoma man arrested while driving with his dead wife’s body was wearing only his underwear — and apparently positioned the woman’s body upside-down in the passenger seat, police said.

Police in Eloy stopped Rodney Puckett, 70, on Monday after he was spotted outside a Carl’s Jr. restaurant near Interstate 10, southeast of Phoenix. An employee told a responding detective that two people had just pulled up to pick up their food while naked, police said in an updated statement released Tuesday.

“The position of the woman caused immediate concern because she laying with her head on the floorboard and her legs towards the headrest,” police said.

Puckett, who was wearing only his skivvies, told police that his 74-year-old wife, Linda, died while they were staying at a hotel in El Paso, Texas, and that he loaded her body onto a luggage cart before putting it into the couple’s car to continue on their trip.

“When Rodney was unable to wake Linda, he loaded her onto a luggage cart and then placed her in his vehicle,” the statement continued. “It is not clear what his intentions were at this point.”

I want to share a positive phone call I just got.

..I am so happy that this friend called me. He is someone I met at the local park district center The center is run by the suburb I live in and to walk around the track is free. If you want to be a member of the fitness center in the building there is a reasonable fee. Eleven times around the track equals one mile.
..I met this man Mel, (not real name), when I was walking round a few years ago. . Mel fought in WWII with the U.S. Army, and was part of group that freed the concentration camps. He showed us pictures of the event. Further, after the war, Mel started teaching in the public schools, and he rose to a prominent position. But this is one nice person. He has been through a lot, and is now home from the hospital, and is on dialysis. He is doing very well, and he sounds OK. His daughter is helping to take care of him, and he is still living in his own house. His wife passed away a many years ago.
..I had heard he was sick, and I have not been to the center lately. Another walker told me that Mel was quite ill, and he was in the hospital. Then someone else said that he had come home and doing ok. My friend, Sue, told me it would be OK to call Mel and leave a message. So yesterday I did. And today, at about 4pm ET, Mel called me. I didn't expect him to call because of his illness, but he sounded OK, and told me about some of the stuff he has recently been through. He also read me a comic poem that he wrote. Mel has written hundreds of these comic poems, and has read many of these poems to a group of us after we finished walking around the track. We would sit and have "talks" after we exercised. These talks among friends were far better than the exercise.
..Mel lost his son about a year ago, and it was very sad. Mel is 97 years old, and as I said, has been through a whole lot. I was so glad that he called and said he is doing well. I told him I would call again in a day or two. Mel's call made my day. He is such a nice person, and I am glad he is home and recovering.

Sink or tub, water still going down, but much too slow. Flow has gotten slower and slower.

How do I speed up the flow without using chemicals, the plunger, or calling a plumber. Maybe this will work.
This will NOT.hurt the pipes, and is simple and easy. It may not work, but maybe it will.

...Step one. Remove all catch all things that we put to catch pieces of dirt, hair, etc. These things are right there at the bottom of the sink, where the sink or tub meets the pipe that takes the water away..

... Step two. After you remove those things, you now have a clear flow of water. From the faucet to the pipe that takes the water away.

... Step three Open the faucet to the fastest point. The water is now flowing through the pipes as fast as the pressure will allow it to flow. Do NOT add any kind of chemicals or anything. JUST LET THE WATER FLOW AT THE FASTEST RATE THAT IT CAN FLOW.. Let it flow for 15 minutes, OR five minutes or what ever you want.
Then, Fill the tub or sink with some water, and see if the flow has increased or goes down better.

.. THE WATER FLOW, DOWN THE PIPE, will probably be much better. Much faster

Why will it be faster or better.? No chemicals added, no plunger used, no plumber called. What is the catch?
What is the trick???? Why & how could this happen?. I didn't add anything?

There is no trick, this is not a con job. Try it , this will probably work if the water is still going down, slowly.

WHY? The most powerful force in nature is...moving or running water.

Every plumber or person who works with pipes knows this. This isn't some deeply kept secret. Fast flowing water will knock down anything. What happens after a very powerful storm? Things are knocked down..

Therefore, if the water is still flowing in the pipes...even if it is much slower than usual, let the water flow through the pipes at a much faster rate than usual, and the water flow itself, will clean out the pipes... The water flow at a faster rate will knock out the crap that is making the flow go much slower.

Now of course you do not believe this simple fact about cleaning out the pipes, OK. I understand, but if you want proof, google "The Grand Canyon" and take a look what water flow can do. If a river can cut that canyon, then letting the water flow through the pipes, (as long as it isn't stopped up) will clear out the pipes....

and, if this doesn't work, then how much has it cost? Have you added anything to hurt or destroy the pipes? It can't be that simple can it? Now, you do not believe this might work. So check it out by using the internet to see if this could possibly work to improve water flow. (that is removing the thing that we use to catch the hair and stuff, and then just letting the water flow through the pipes) The answer is here somewhere on the internet. We have watched water flow through rivers and streams for thousands of years. Water flow is indeed a powerful force. oops..isn't there something called ...Hoover Dam???
...The water flow creates electricity? ooops.......................................................time to hide,

One more idea...I'll come out from hiding for a couple of sentences. If you would like to keep the water flowing through the pipes and out of the house at a nice fast rate, and keep things moving along, then, do this once a month. Let it flow at its fastest rate for a while,(for five or ten minutes) .through the pipes and out, once a month. Give it a try.

..........................................................now it is time to ....

Google gave'$150,000 in free ads to anti-abortion group',Yahoo News/The Guardian/The Independent:


Maya Oppenheim
The Independent•May 13, 2019
Google has given $150,000 of free advertising to an anti-abortion group that tricks women into thinking it offers abortion services but actually seeks to stop “abortion-minded women” from having their pregnancies terminated.

The Obria Group, a Southern California based non-profit that describes itself as being “led by God”, is a chain of crisis pregnancy centres that oppose abortion and do not offer contraceptives.

Obria, which is said to be funded by Catholic organisations, runs a network of clinics across the country, many of which misleadingly suggest on their websites that they offer abortion.

The Obria Group got a $120,000 Google advertising grant in 2015 and another of $32,000 in 2011, The Guardian reported.

Obria was awarded the 2015 grant in spite of the fact Google came under heavy fire a year earlier after a pro-choice group found the platform was running deceptive ads for clinics that appeared to provide abortions and other medical services, but instead focused on counselling and information on alternatives to abortion.

Got a scam call . They said they were from Socal Security, said my account was suspended, ....

..............................NEW SCAM GOING AROUND............................................

It was a San Diego number 619-245-4623. I called and they asked for my name. I said no, & asked who was calling me, and they hung up. Brand New scam call. Beware. I checked one of the scam web sites, and yes, others have received this.

Got a Scam Call today ....from this number 619-245-4623..A San Diego number

Said it was from Social Security, and that my social security number and account had been suspended. I called this number and the first thing they did is ask for my name. I said no, & asked, where am I calling, and who am I calling..They immediately hung up. This is a warning for others. I do not believe that the Social Security Administration ever does this. I also think it is against the law.

Stuart G

Donald Trump Reminds me of an "Arrogant Crook" from a James Bond Movie. The worst of the worst

... Donald Trump and his family act as if they are sure that they will never be caught. The worst of the worst from a Bond movie. Take your pick. It doesn't matter. Because in the end, the crooks are caught.
...The investigators from New York State and those in FBI and other federal agencies know the facts and are keenly aware of Trump's attitude. Will the agencies get the crooks? I think the key to it all is simple.
In defying the law, did the crooks make some "mistakes" that could cost them jail time? Or huge fines?
...One thing that I see as a Trump flaw is that when he has made mistakes with his business, he has declared bankruptcy to get out of trouble. We have all seen that. But in this case, if he has broken the law, there is no bankruptcy to declare. Only trials and proving or disproving that the law was broken. Has Trump's crew made mistakes in breaking the law? It appears that they have.
... About this "breaking the law" that Trump and Trump's family appear to have done. It will be up to investigators and prosecutors to determine all of that. The investigators and prosecutors from New York State seem to be totally aware of Trump. Also, federal law enforcement is aware of Trump and what he has done.
...Last question. Are those prosecutors and investigators from federal and state agencies in a position and willing to pursue Trump and his family and gang for what they have done?
... I believe the answer is simply, yes. They have already gotten quite a few of them, and those they got will testify against those they will get. The prosecutors and investigators want to get the "top crook" in charge. That seems to be their goal. As has been pointed out, time will tell. But I believe the prosecutors and investigators really want to get the "top crooks" and will get them, no matter how much time it takes.

12 Year Old Tells What The Shooter Said to Him, 1:18 seconds. CNN:


The student tells a short story. In the beginning he says that the shooter said, "Shut up, or I will shoot all of you. At the very end, he is asked what should become of this. He said something like, "Our school doesn't have metal detectors."

Observation and opinion. About 10 years ago, I was asked to help out in a high school in Chicago. I was asked to help judge an event like a "Science Fair" but instead it was a "History Fair." I recall going into the school, it was a Chicago Public High School, and seeing all students entering through one door. All students had to go through security and a metal detector That was maybe 8 to 10 years ago. Putting in metal detectors in a large public school system is I thought, " a ...no brainer".
... Something every school had accomplished since the horror of Columbine, I thought. But in Colorado a few days ago, a school, K - 12 had no metal detectors. I was not there, but that student was there. In comes a man with a gun, and kills someone, and wounds others. And says, "Shut up or, I'll shoot all of you."

..I am upset. If the Chicago Public Schools can have metal detectors, and make everyone go through them, to protect the staff and students, then why can't the state of Colorado help fund the metal detectors?

..Where I went to judge was not one of those "fancy schools" It was an average high school in a middle class community with a large mix of students from all over. 9 - 12 . So, what is going on in this country?
.. If you need metal detectors to make a school safe, then you install them and make everyone go through them. At doors where there are no metal detectors, you put some kind of security to prevent people from entering the school without going through the metal detectors. As a former high school teacher, I have seen a lot. More stories than you have space.
..If there is a fire or emergency, then the doors where the security is, are opened and everyone gets out through all doors as quickly as possible. Is this too difficult to work out for all our students and schools? Well, there is thinking that, "It won't happen here because we don't have this problem"
..It has been proven that thinking is wrong. It can happen anywhere there is a school, lots of students and staff, and widespread availability of guns.
..This has happened before, it happened a few days ago, and will probably happen again.

..sorry for earlier typo errors, they have been corrected..

Elizabeth Warren: Americans don't need cliche financial advice. They just need to be paid more. CNN:

By Elizabeth Warren for CNN Business Perspectives
Updated 10:28 AM ET, Thu May 9, 2019

Chase Bank fired off a tweet last week staging a hypothetical conversation between one of its customers and her bank account. The customer asks why her account balance is low, and the bank tells her not to go out for food or coffee when she can make it at home instead, or to spend money on a cab when she can just walk. The customer pretends not to listen. "I guess we'll never know," she says, brushing off her low balance and the bank's "advice" on how to manage her money.

When I read that tweet, it hit me like a punch in the gut — but not for the reason Chase intended.

Chase asks:

YOU .....Why is my balance so low?
Bank Account: Make coffee at home.
Bank Account: Eat the food that is already in the fridge
.Bank Account: You don't need a cab, it is only 3 blocks
......YOU:....... I guess we will never know
..Bank Account: "Seriously

Elizabeth Warren
✔ @SenWarren

@Chase: why aren’t customers saving money?
Taxpayers: we lost our jobs/homes/savings but gave you a $25b bailout
Workers: employers don’t pay living wages
Economists: rising costs + stagnant wages = 0 savings
Chase: guess we’ll never know
Everyone: seriously?

Here's the thing — I grew up on the ragged edge of the middle class in a family with a tight budget and no room for error. My parents worked hard and did the best they could, but when I was 12 years old, my Daddy had a heart attack. Everyone thought he was going to die. He came back home, but he couldn't work. There was no net to catch my family. We lost our station wagon and would have lost our house if my mother hadn't saved our family by going out and getting her very first job outside the home — a minimum wage job answering phones at Sears.

It wasn't until later in life that I realized how lucky my family was. After I became a law professor, I started studying what drives families into bankruptcy. I poured through records in courthouse after courthouse, and found that most of the families who ended up in front of a bankruptcy judge were just like mine. They worked hard and did everything right, scraping by until an unexpected medical bill or a divorce pushed them over the edge.

In the years since I started immersing myself in this topic, things have only gotten worse for working families. For 50 years, the price of housing, education and child care has skyrocketed while wages for most workers have barely budged. The economy has grown and workers' productivity has increased, but their share of corporate profits has fallen. The gap between incomes and costs is so gaping that 40% of Americans can't come up with $400 in an emergency. Hard-working families have become adept at stretching their paychecks to the breaking point, skimping on necessities just to make ends meet.

That's not an accident. Over that same period, the wealthy and well-connected have rigged the rules in Washington so that it invests in massive tax giveaways for those at the top and tells working families to pound sand. And as Wall Street billionaires spend their government handouts, their lobbyists and other special interest groups work hard to convince politicians that programs that help families and grow the economy are wasteful.

A short comment about the 60 -70s "Space Program" and "Race to the Moon"

...Was it worth it all? What did we get out of that endeavor? What was the point in spending hundreds of millions on that? Can there be one positive result from that? YES, YES, and YES.

This opinion has been verified by many. The so called "Space Program" and "Landing on the Moon" encouraged and gave lots of money to an industry that was in its infancy at the time. An industry that has changed all of our lives. (Hang on one more sentence) Picture if you can a 60s and 70s room of...(are you ready?) computers. Large heavy things with all kinds of huge...huge insides etc.

..The space program forced the computer industry to miniaturize the instruments and computers so the things would fit into the space capsules. That miniaturization continues today. I recall a class I took in the late 70s or early 80s where the professor said that one day computers would be so cheap and so small that people would walk around with them. That is what he said. And at the time, I thought he was totally nuts. (that was even though I was and am and was a science fiction fan of "Star Trek" and "Star Wars"

..Recently, in the last few weeks, I was a restaurant, and what appeared to be a family of 4 people, (two adults and 2 teenagers) sitting, waiting for the food to come, not talking to each other, but all four holding up their computers in their hands and looking at them. They must have been texting or looking at something very important. Hell, I don't know. But all four had computers in their hands and were using them.

Well, I was wrong again.

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