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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 28,186

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

This Article Totally Defines Trump. He wants to open the football season as soon as possible

He does not care if opening too soon, causes deaths. All Trump cares about is getting things "back to normal"in time for his reelection. Donald Trump cares only about himself, and his "reelection" and no one else. This proves it as much as anything.


below are the first 3 paragraphs of this article:

Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN

(CNN) — More pillars are fast crumbling in President Donald Trump's frantic and lie-strewn attempt to convince Americans the nation is back to normal before the election, with chaos already afflicting the return to school and a rite of fall -- college football -- on the brink.

Trump's false insistence that children are "immune" from the coronavirus and can't spread it is being undermined by new figures showing that nearly 100,000 kids tested positive for the virus in the last two weeks of July. And some of the first schools that are following his calls to fully reopen are being hit by new viral outbreaks almost as soon as classes begin.

The President, in demanding a return to class and for college football to kick off, is making education and collegiate sports the latest area of American life to be contaminated by his false narratives about the pandemic. Almost all of his assurances about the crisis -- which have tended to minimize its impact and ignore science -- have proven to be wrong

Why Trump won't be able to fix November's election: It won't be close

There is no way this will be close in most states. How about Florida?...not likely. Has the governor & the
president done a lot to stop the deaths in Florida? What about California? New York? ..You got to be kidding!
Michigan? Name any others. Ok Kansas..Trump is a bully, a liar, & a con man. He will lose and it won't be close. He has exposed the liar, the bully and the con man to the world, and he can't take it back.

If the story about Mt Rushmore can be verified and is true, Trump just lost the election.

....................................Obviously an opinion of Stuart G.......................................................

...Even suggesting that he get his face on Mt Rushmore shows total lack of character & total selfishness..Many independents and some moderate republicans will be totally turned off by this stupid comment by Donald Trump. Of course Trump doesn't have clue, but he has never had a clue.

Trump's ignorance glows in this one story, that offends a whole lot of people. And South Dakota is a republican state. Perhaps many republicans will now see the truth about ".....Ass**le Donald Trump.....:


this additional note added later, (about 40 minutes later)

Additional note:...perhaps Trump did ...not just lose the election. He may have lost it long ago

About Paulding County High School reopening..Who was it that wanted everthing reopened right away?

...Let me see?..Who wanted everything to get back to normal ASAP?? Maybe that person should be
responsible for the Paulding High School Virus Problem...Let me think...Someone wanted everything
reopened As Soon As Possible. Like before the November election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..........................................I got to think about this one. .......................................................

................???????????????...Oh no, It couldn't be??..................

...................COULD IT?????.............................................................................................

Trump offers no sympathy to those died from virus, he offered sympathy to those dead in Lebanon

He said this about the virus: "It is what it is", Here is a link on that..Anderson Cooper had a great
comment on that last night...Today posted today 8:20am.. by magicguido, hit link below to see Cooper's comment:...."It is what it is".. comment is 9min:52secs,



posted today at 6:54am by demiblue:........(second paragraph at link below)


sympathy is mentioned in post at the above link

Today Trump offered sympathy, here are the exact words from the story..

While speaking to reporters at the White House on Tuesday, Trump offered sympathy and assistance to the people of Lebanon after the explosion, which left dozens dead and thousands injured and he referred to the incident as a "terrible attack." An estimated 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse in the Port of Beirut exploded Tuesday, causing destruction throughout the Lebanese capital. As of Tuesday night, at least 78 people were reported killed and 4,000 injured.

Trump only cares about Donald Trump.

He doesn't care about people in this nation dieing . Trump only cares about Donal Trump

Whatever the reason for the deaths, Donald Trump doesn't care.
....If it is sad, he doesn't care.
.....If it hurts families, he doesn't care.
.....If it hurts the economy, he doesn't care.
.....If people die, he doesn't care.

Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump...

...............How do I know that? That is what he has showed all of us for over 3 and 1/2 years..

Some people are so stupid. 157,000 deaths?. Some still don't wear a mask. One example

only, of how stupid people can be: (general example..no specific person)
....There are people in certain states who know that when there is a "TORNADO WARNING", they do not go outside for fear of a tornado..

...Yet the same people are so sure that they will ..not get Covid 19, that those same people do NOT wear mask in crowds of people. I guess stupid is still stupid.

One idea about Trump that everyone now knows: "Donald Trump cares only about himself."

...While that idea might have been something Trump wanted to hide, now everyone knows it. Trump
doesn't care about anyone but himself. It is pretty simple and very clear. Trump is totally selfish.
...Trump spent little time preparing for the pandemic, not because it wasn't very bad, but because he didn't want to, and therefore he didn't. So many examples of this, but that is the idea that will always define Trump. There was a picture in which it was raining, (I saw it, a few days ago, I think the picture was here at DU) and he kept the umbrella totally on himself even though he was walking right next to his wife who was in the rain. Maybe you saw it too. (So many more examples, please give yours.)
...That is what I believe. We might have thought about that before, but now, (because of the last year or so) Donald Trump has proved this idea to everyone who is thoughtful and honest.

"This election is life or death for many. We don't have the luxury to complain. Let's get to work"

From a post from soothsayer...quote from that post..


from a quote from ...Alyssa Milano
..Last line of that post..at link above.

..That is it, that is everything.

Ex-'Ellen DeGeneres Show' employees claim culture of 'rampant sexual misconduct' in new article.

Source: Yahoo News

Ellen DeGeneres’s apology to her talk show staffers over workplace toxicity allegations hasn’t stopped new ones from surfacing.

One day after the Ellen DeGeneres Show host broke her silence in a staff letter about the ongoing investigation of the show, a new report from BuzzFeed News has dozens of former staffers making claims of “rampant sexual misconduct and harassment” on the set. And Everybody Loves Raymond actor Brad Garrett said that mistreatment by DeGeneres — whose motto is “be kind” — is “common knowledge.”

According to the new BuzzFeed story, top executive producers engaged in inappropriate workplace behavior, with one “being handsy” with female staffers and another soliciting oral sex at a work party.

Many of the new claims center around head writer and executive producer Kevin Leman. A former employee claimed Leman was behind the work party incident — which they said played out in a restroom at a company event in 2013. Another former staffer said they separately saw Leman grab a male production assistant’s genitals. Another ex-staffer claimed she saw Leman grope a production assistant in a car in 2017. And dozens of others talked about sexually explicit comments made by him, typically to lower-level and younger employees.

Read more: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/ex-ellen-degeneres-show-employees-claim-culture-rampant-sexual-misconduct-new-report-170312455.html

Comment.....: I guess Ellen DeGeneres is a total phony. She knew all about this as she must have. No letter of apology will change anything. Been going on for years. End of Ellen & her show. Good by phony..Good ridence.

I like this sentence, " .....a new report from BuzzFeed News has dozens of former staffers making claims of “rampant sexual misconduct and harassment” on the set....Also....Brad Garrett said that mistreatment by DeGeneres — whose motto is “be kind” — is “common knowledge.”
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