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Stuart G

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Skokie, Illinois
Current location: Skokie, Illinois
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 36,978

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Equalize the Two Parties Again, Real Reason Media Exploding on "Computer Glitch".

When the Republicans closed down the government, their brand was destroyed. Now the main stream media is trying to resurrect a destroyed Republican Party Brand by over reporting a "computer glitch." In their reporting, the MSM is demonstrating their bias by making it seem that they are the same. Closing the federal government is the same as a poor roll out of Affordable Care Act. The extreme coverage of this glitch, attempts to equal the coverage of Republican shutdown. It is really meant to equalize the two parties again.

.. It is an absurd amount of coverage in my opinion. But, it is meant to get people to believe.. " Oh, they are all the same." If people believe that , " They Are All the Same" that will by definition give better Republican Brand better standing than right after the shut down of the government (blamed totally on the Republicans) which was "very bad". If people think the "computer glitch" is "very bad" the equalization of the two parties may be achieved. Even if it works to bring back some of the alienated people, then this over coverage of the "glitch" will be successful. ..."They are all the same." That is the real goal of the explosion of coverage by the main stream media on "glitch" The glitch really hurt no one, just inconvenienced people. The shut down was hurting lots of people in many destructive ways. They are not the same , but the over coverage is trying to make it feel and look them the same This plays well on the most of the public that believe the media presents the "news." We here are not part of that group.

John Denver: Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream


What a wonderful thought, wonderful song, at a wonderful gathering.

from the You Tube caption:
"On April 24, 1971, John Denver sang "The Strangest Dream" at a peace march in Washington DC. The anti-war march was to protest the Vietnam War. The song, written by Ed McCurdy, was one of the anthems of the anti-war era."

And Ode to Rand Paul

Rand Paul ,
Can be seen,
As nothing at all.
He really is quite small.

He stole from Wikipedia
Now that's in the media
Rand ain't that smart.
Like a cow's fart.

Rand Paul is taking a fall.
He is nothing at all
From buildings I will shout,
That asshole got found out..

Thank You, Thank You....
...Ok, it ain't Shakespeare,
But I made it up, just now...
I am going to take a bow.
It is really not that fine
But it is all mine...........

How Kentucky Built the Country's Best Obamacare Website

Talking Points Memo:


Dylan Scott – October 28, 2013, 8:45 AM EDT25757

Kentucky did it right. The state's online health insurance marketplace has become Obamacare's city on a hill while the federal HealthCare.gov has been flummoxed by a month of glitches and bad press. Whatever the federal website seems to have failed to do to ensure its success on the Oct. 1 launch, Kentucky did.

Kentucky, with its deeply conservative congressional delegation, might seem like an unlikely place for Obamacare to find success. But Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear saw the law -- and a state-built marketplace -- as an opportunity to help put the state on a path to greater health.

His state routinely ranks toward the bottom in overall health, and better health coverage is one step toward reversing that norm, he said.

"For us to make a transformational difference, we needed to do something game-changing." Beshear told TPM in an interview. "The (Affordable Care Act) provided us a tool to do that. It's succeeded so far beyond our wildest dreams."

Mike Lee faces Growing Backlash At Home For Defunding Effort

Talking Points Memo:

Ted Kludt
6:30 am Eastern Time
October 23rd


The campaign to defund the Affordable Care Act may have endeared him to the tea party, but Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) is facing an increasingly disgruntled constituency at home for his leading role in the quixotic effort that led to the government shutdown and brought the United States close to default.

Look no further than a pair of articles published Wednesday in The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, both of which focus on the growing backlash against Lee in Utah.

The Post quoted A. Scott Anderson, the president of a prominent Utah bank who raised money for Lee's successful 2010 campaign.

“If things are to happen, you can’t just stick to your principles. You have to make things work. . . . You’ve got to be practical," Anderson said, as quoted by the Post.

At NBC News web site, I found blatent slanting against Obama.

Here is what I found...these stories in order in the Politics Section: at 9:32 am. eastern time..10/22.

1.In face of GOP criticism, Cruz pledges to continue fight against Obamacare

2.Obamacare's rocky start: What you need to know

3.Website mess gives fuel to Obamacare critics

4.White House cops to Obamacare tech glitches, but do they understand the problem?

5.Faint praise: Dizzy mom-to-be thanks Obama

6. Treasury secretary says Obama will keep trying to ease spending cuts

So, Cruz pledges to continue the fight...like it is a great fight...according to the headline editor. and his name is mentioned as the first person whose name is mentioned.

"Rocky start"...."Website mess" "Cops to Obamacare tech glitches"...Three stories critical of Obamacare, not one about 450, 000 that signed up. Cruz's name first, in a headline that seems to say ..but doesn't..."it is a gallant fight against Obamacare.". Proof positive that NBC News, is as bad if not worse than Fox. Why? Because many think it is not as bad as Fox .. It is worse. ..Cause the assumption is that they are not slanted, but they are. If it were fair, (it isn't) they would have one story, perhaps on the rollout, and maybe one story about Kentucky, where many signed up, and it was smooth... But no.. NBC News doesn't even do that crappy equalization that is always talked about. It is a clear attempt to show how bad things are, and set up some kind of good feelings for the GOP that is mentioned first in the list.. After all they lost a good battle and must be treated fairly.

Newscorp Bosses Tried to Curb Wall Street Journal's Phone Hacking Coverage

Source: Huff Post

News Corp bosses tried to impede their own reporters at the Wall Street Journal from covering the phone hacking scandal rocking the company, a new book by NPR's David Folkenflik claims.

Capital New York's Joe Pompeo wrote about the allegations, which are contained in "Murdoch's World," Folkenflik's upcoming examination of Rupert Murdoch's media empire.

The hacking crisis exploded in the summer of 2011, when it emerged that reporters at Murdoch's News of the World had hacked into the phone of murdered teenager Milly Dowler. The revelation sparked an international uproar and triggered a political, legal and journalistic firestorm that is still going strong.

Folkfenflik writes that managing editor Robert Thomson personally tried to block at least one story about the crisis from being published, and that reporters assigned to cover the unfolding scandal "told colleagues of stories that were blocked, stripped of damning detail or context, or just held up in bureaucratic purgatory."

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/18/news-corp-wall-street-journal-phone-hacking_n_4123103.html?utm_hp_ref=media

Oh, Murdock would never order anything like this? Would he?...

Why, "We Fought the Good Fight" is just another awful disgusting lie.

They didn't fight the "good fight". They lied, bullied, kicked us in the privates, and did everything they could do to end or change the Affordable Care Act. It wasn't fair, it wasn't good, and it was not the right thing to do. But they lost anyway. If they would have won, they would have defunded a program which was designed to save lives, and save countless families their life savings. All to help the insurance companies and their rich friends. They are using those words, "good fight" to gain sympathy. They tried and lost, feel for the looser. You know, we have all fought a "good fight" and lost...

... No, these selfish assholes only care for themselves. They sure as hell don't care about poor people or people in need. They sure as hell would have stomped us down if they won. It was not a good fight. It was a rotten fight, they lost and we will have to do it again. They are like a kind of terrorist that would go into a church with children, and blow it up, then say ..."We Fought the Good Fight." They are beyond awful .They are the worst people that one can imagine. That is who they are.

The Republican Surrender, New York Times Editorial


The Republican Party slunk away on Wednesday from its failed, ruinous strategy to get its way through the use of havoc. Hours away from an inevitable market crash, it approved a deal that could have been achieved months ago had a few more lawmakers set aside their animus. President Obama signed the bill reopening the government and lifting the debt ceiling early Thursday morning.

The health care reform law will not be defunded or delayed. No taxes will be cut, and the deal calls for no new cuts to federal spending or limits to social welfare programs. The only things Republicans achieved were billions of dollars in damage to the economy, harm to the nation’s reputation and a rock-bottom public approval rating.

“We fought the good fight. We just didn’t win,” Speaker John Boehner said, utterly failing to grasp the destruction his battle caused. It has hurt federal employees and needy people dependent on government programs, and it threatened to alter Washington’s balance permanently by giving a fringe group outsize power over the executive branch and the normal functions of government.

J P Morgan pays $100M, admits fault in London trades

Source: NBC News

J P Morgan Chase has agreed to pay $100 million and admit its traders engaged in reckless behavior to settle charges that it manipulated markets as part of its so-called London Whale trades on a specific day last year.

The fine and admission of questionable conduct are milestones for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which used new authorities granted under the Dodd-Frank Act to curb manipulative conduct. Among other things, the law allows the commission to crack down on those who "intentionally or recklessly" use "any manipulative device" or scheme to defraud other investers

The CFTC said that JPMorgan traders in London sold off $7 billion in derivatives tied to a price index of corporate bonds on Feb. 29, 2012 — including $4.6 billion worth in a three-hour span. Derivatives are investments whose value is based on some other investment, such as oil and currencies. JPMorgan was betting that the price of the index would drop. When the traders sold their derivatives, the price of the index plunged.

That was a "staggering volume" and the most ever traded by the bank in one day, according to the CFTC. The traders realized that the huge volume of the derivatives they had amassed could affect the market, and they decided to do so, the agency said.

Read more: http://www.nbcnews.com/business/jpmorgan-pays-100m-admits-fault-london-trades-8C11401097

Well what do you know.....they are crooks...they admit they are crooks.............and this quote from another part of the story, says that it is not the first time that they have admitted that they are crooks.....

"Wednesday's settlement comes less than a month after JPMorgan agreed to pay $920 million and admit fault in a deal with the Securities and Exchange Commission and other U.S. and British regulators. "
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