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Stuart G

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Skokie, Illinois
Current location: Skokie, Illinois
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 36,931

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Indonesian Tsunami Death toll hits 1,200, Survivors desperate for aid

Source: NPR

October 1, 2018--Emergency crews are still trying to find victims of an earthquake and tsunami that struck Indonesia's island of Sulawesi, killing at least 1,200 people, according to local media citing government officials.

The death toll could rise even higher, officials warn, as workers clear debris, rubble and vehicles that were swept away by a massive wave of seawater on Friday.

The tsunami was triggered by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake that struck along the coastal district of Donggala on Friday. Most of the dead were found in nearby Palu, a city of nearly 300,000 where an onlooker took a video of the seawater raging ashore just after 5 p.m., local time.

Relief and rescue efforts have been hampered by communication and transportation problems in the stricken region. The damage caused landslides and forced Palu's international airport to close for at least one full day.

Read more: https://www.npr.org/2018/10/01/653268266/indonesian-tsunami-death-toll-hits-1-200-survivors-desperate-for-aid

A privileged liar appointed by a privileged liar.

It really is that simple...

Women control this coming election.

If a very large majority of women vote for the Democratic Party in November, the outcome will be a Democratic House of Representatives and a Democratic controlled Senate. The contrast would be stark in many ways. But, women across the country must vote for Democrats if they are angry with this Kavanaugh appointment. And that vote against Republican Party's support of Kavanaugh and Trumps decision to make that appointment, could change politics forever. But if women do not "vote", and stay at home, then nothing is changed.

Huge Surge in Death Toll in Indonisia

Source: BBC

At least 832 people were killed in the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, the national disaster agency says.

Many people were reported trapped in the rubble of buildings that collapsed in Friday's 7.5-magnitude earthquake, agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho told a news conference.

The quake triggered tsunami waves as high as 6m (20ft), he added.

Vice-President Jusuf Kalla said the final death toll could be thousands.

Rescuers have been digging by hand in the search for survivors in the city of Palu

Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-45697553

This sentence is horrific: "Vice-President Jusuf Kalla said the final death toll could be thousands."

Trying to put things into perspective. 9:48..ET Sat 9/29/18

I turned on the computer about 80 minutes ago. On the front page of DU, there is story about an earthquake in Indonesia. This happened yesterday. At this point about 380 people have been identified as being killed. Communications from the area of the quake have been cut off. There are links to more information on that story on the front page of DU...links with pictures..

I came to find out about this Kavanaugh story, not this horrific event. But now, I am thinking about this event No such event in the U.S.A. today, but it could happen at any time, tomorrow, next week or next month. Any time... Hundreds of lives destroyed, families broken, buildings in shambles due to some outside event, beyond anyone's control. All in the space of a few moments in time.

As people talk about Ford and Kavanaugh most people pass on what is simple and clear.

Dr. Ford was simple, clear, precise, honest, and totally believable. Yes, she was afraid, but her true self became clear. She was the victim of sexual assault. Most people believe her. Not just what she said, but the way that she said it.

Mr. Kavanaugh was loud, off the wall, emotional, rambling, interrupting, acting and saying that he and his family were the "victims." " I am innocent, I did nothing." Many have said that he acted just like a liar would act.

Many independent observers say that Dr. Ford was clearly telling the truth, and Mr Kavanaugh was lying. ________________________________________________________________________________________

All over the country, that is what the conclusion is. A disaster for the Republicans. Why? "Because the so called judge was lying, and the lady was telling the truth.
...Oh, and that judge (who many think was lying) wants to be appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States, the most important court in the U.S.A. ... It is that simple, .. and mighty Casy has struck out.

Anything Can Happen.

They said that no Afro-American could become President of the U.S.A.
In 2008 Barack Obama became President of the U.S.A.
Anything can happen.

They said that man would walk on the moon. I thought that was impossible
Not only did a man walk on the moon, we could watch the entire show live on TV. And I did.
Anything can happen

They said a total idiot could not be elected President. I thought that was impossible. A total idiot was
elected President of the U.S.A in 2016. There was outside interference, and a woman really won, but
that really did happen
Anything can happen.

I attended a class in the late 70s, the professor said that someday computer chips would be so cheap
that one day people would carry around computers in their pockets. And everyone could afford one..Then, computer chips were extremely expensive, and that idea in my opinion, was totally ridiculous.
Anything can happen

They said that the Chicago Cubs would never win the World Series...
The Chicago Cubs did indeed win the World Series..11/2/16
Anything can happen

They said that a plane could not land on the Hudson River in New York and everyone could get out alive 1/15/09
Anything can happen

They said that 2 Republican senators would not vote against Kavanaugh as Supreme Court
Justice. They vote in lockstep to the wishes of the party and their leader. That's impossible
Anything can happen, Anything can happen, Anything can happen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

. A con artist uses all techniques available...emotional outbursts, crying, disrespect..

sarcasm,yelling, lying, and more. Anything and everything to con you.. Whatever works.

Attack, Attack and Attack, "I did nothing"...attack the process, What Trump would do.

Attack the Clintons. Remember the hearings on Benghazi? Same thing..Clintons, distract, it was their fault, never answer the basic questions..Over and over again..and some more..over again. Benghazi times two

The detail that Ford remembers the most was the two men laughing at her, while

one of them was on top of her.

That says a whole lot about her and them in one sentence.

And it is something that I will also remember.
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