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Stuart G

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Skokie, Illinois
Current location: Skokie, Illinois
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 36,975

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

An example of "kindness" at Democratic Underground" ..Thank You to DU

...I had a very positive experience of "kindness".. here at Democratic Underground. I hit the wrong key on the keyboard, and the picture on the computer all of a sudden ...got smaller, it downsized. Not a big deal as life goes, but I would like the picture to be correct size....
...I switched the browser from one to another, and everything was ok....But I still wanted the thing to work correctly.......................So ...what do I do????? I got an idea?
...The idea was to go to a part of Democratic Underground I rarely go to..." Computer Help and Support"See if that works..maybe??

...At that little room here at DU, (computer help & support) I would ask the question and see what would happen? I tried to phrase the question correctly and clearly, and then I typed it in, and got the question correct. Then, I had to get away from the computer for a while, so I lied down to think about the goings on in the world. Everything is really OK for me, and forget the whole deal. I got friends, health, relatives, food, etc..Spending all the time on the computer and worrying about this or that really isn't worth the world..Besides that problem is not a big deal at all..It still works and works reasonably well.

...So after a half an hour of resting and contemplation..I got up and came back to the computer..So the first thing I did was check out the question...any answers I thought?????................WELL.....after about a half hour away from the computer,,,,,,,I had 4 answers to the problem about the smaller screen picture, not one .............But...4 answers.......


........I know that in life it ain't a big deal to have a problem on the internet and computer. There are far bigger deals around...and I could go into them....at length...and I have had them...been there...

....But getting help from complete strangers on a computer problem (not a major one) and feeling really good about the solution that was given, and it worked...........is wonderful..!!!!!
....But the fact that fellow people at DU would take the time to try to help..that is also special...!!!!!

...................Yes.....VERY SPECIAL INDEED.....!!!!!.............................Thank You !!!
.....................Kindness exists right here at Democratic Underground........... .

I hit the wrong key on the keyboard, and the screen downsized using "Explorer"..but when

I switch the browser to Google browser, the screen is the normal size again......Is there something I can co to get the Explorer browser back to full size?...
..The key that I hit by mistake was a key on the typing pad ...titled "Ctrl" ....l It is to the far left at the very bottom of the typing pad.. (is that what the typing thing is called? a pad? or what?) ( You type on this thing, and what is its name?)

I don't know much about this, but any help of any kind would be grateful. Yes, I can continue to use both of the browsers at different times..but I would like to get a full size picture back on Explorer.

Any help on this would be appreciated. And yes, I realize there are far worse computer issues than this one, but, maybe I can get back to full size on the Explorer browser. And I did turn off the computer, and disconnected the plug, ( so there was no electricity entering the system, but that did not work.)

What is it like to be fired as an NFL Coach: Yahoo News


He had planned to sleep at his palatial office. Shut his eyes in darkness. Open them to light. He’d peer out his window. Survey a well-manicured lawn. Then get to work. Because he loved his job. He really did.

He was a 38-year-old Midwestern transplant, who after three nomadic decades had found a home out west. Work had initially lured him to Los Angeles. Life had attached him. He’d graduated from early adulthood here. Learned a ton. Married. Had kids. He’d traveled north for a payday, then bolted east for a “great job,” then returned for his “dream job.” And in September 2013, even as he struggled, he couldn’t imagine leaving it.

Until, on a return flight after a business trip, he got the note. His boss wanted to meet. Not tomorrow. Tonight. And not in his office, not even at company headquarters, but in a private room at Los Angeles International Airport.

Six year later, the scenes flicker back into his mind. He grabs his luggage, a bit confused. He steps off a bus. Crosses a tarmac. Drags himself into the private room.

And at around 3 a.m., with his family sound asleep, he gets fired.

Mobile Alabama...in one day, in one picture, destroyed its reputation.

Picture of cops holding sign ridiculing homeless...at this link:

post by Floyd R. Turbo:


Where does someone get the idea to do something that stupid and insensitive? What will the city do? If the police chief encouraged an atmosphere that would tolerate this, what happens to him? This picture was published a few hours ago, but as they say, "it is going viral."
... This will be everywhere within 24 hours or less. What can one say? How could the atmosphere that created this, be allowed or encouraged?

....In a large city, with a mixed police force, in a city with lots of homelessness, I do not think that this would even be thought of. The cops would think twice before making fun of homeless people. Wouldn't they?...Say in New York or Los Angeles?

Somalia suicide car bomb attack rocks capital, killing scores

Source: CNN

By Omar Nor, Raja Razek and Lauren Said-Moorhouse, CNN
Updated 2:50 AM ET, Mon December 30, 2019

Mogadishu, Somalia (CNN) — At least 79 people are dead and 149 more injured after a massive car bomb exploded at a busy intersection on the outskirts of Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, on Saturday, according to a government official.

Government spokesman Ismael Mukhtar Omar also earlier told CNN that the attacker drove his vehicle into the "Ex-control Afgoye" checkpoint, a well-known junction that links the south of Somalia to the capital.

Omar added that university students were among the dead.

The attack happened during rush hour in the Somali capital at about 8 a.m. local time, and civilians and soldiers are among the dead, police said.

Police conduct security searches at the checkpoint, but there is also a taxation office located nearby and the area is heavily populated with civilians and security forces.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/28/africa/somalia-unrest-bombing-intl/index.html

Stabbings vs Shootings, Warning: about killing and death!

A nut goes into a church and kills 2, (with a gun) and puts one in life threatening condition
A nut goes into a temple and stabs 2 into critical condition and one into the hospital

Yes, there are nuts and vicious people everywhere, who will do anything anytime. Guns and knives do indeed kill. But the availability of guns allows for more killings then other weapons. It is easier, quicker, and you don't have to get close to your victim with a gun. Shoot from afar. If you are going to kill with a knife, well you got to stab him/her correctly. Victim could fight back. Waving a knife from afar does nothing.

Knives and guns are equally available to nuts. If we outlawed guns, there would be less killings in the U.S.A. then there are now. Why? Much harder to kill with a knife. Awful, but true.

I apologize for my misinformation..I was wrong on last sitting president not to get re-elected.

Let's see... Got to sleep too late last night.. wasn't thinking straight...

A simple to, "What is "Alexa", "? (because I did not know what "Alexa", is)

..."Alexa", is the answer that one gets when someone talks into Amazon's device and gets a voice answer to a question. Simply put, Instead of looking on the internet for an answer, the computer gives you the answer (through "Alexa", ) without looking. That voice that you hear with the answer is, ""Alexa", "

No I don't have a "smart phone" and I do not use ""Alexa", "...I have seen it used, but I honestly did not know the name of that response was, ""Alexa"

...Yes today I learned something new at Democratic Underground.

Amy McGrath files to challenge Mitch McConnell in Senate Race.

Source: PBS News Hour:

Calling her party's victory in the Kentucky governor's race a jolt of momentum for her own bid to unseat a Republican incumbent, Democrat Amy McGrath on Friday officially filed to challenge Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in what looms as a bruising, big-spending campaign next year.

McGrath, a retired Marine combat pilot, touted many of the same issues -- health care and good-paying jobs -- that Andy Beshear highlighted in ousting Republican incumbent Matt Bevin in last month's election for governor. Beshear ran a "great campaign" that focused on issues that hit home for Kentuckians, McGrath said in a phone interview with the Associated Press.

"It absolutely gives us momentum because it shows that against an unpopular Republican incumbent, a Democrat can win," McGrath said. "And we win by talking about those bread-and-butter issues that Kentuckians really care about.

Read more: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/amy-mcgrath-files-to-challenge-mitch-mcconnell-in-senate-race

This happened today 12/27.. I have posted an address to give money. See Post number 2... And yes McGrath will need a lot of money to have a chance. The ads must show that McConnell is Trumps lap child, and they will. If there is enough money, McConnell may have to defend himself for the first time in front of his home state. He is Trump's stooge and lap dog. It will be ugly, but Trump's lap dog is the truth.

Defeating McConnell and Trump would be a great win for all of us.

A mother was sentenced to 7 years in prison for injecting feces into her son's IV -CNN:


CNN) — An Indiana mother accused of injecting fecal matter into her 15-year-old son's IV bag has been sentenced to seven years in prison.

Tiffany Alberts is set to serve five years of probation following her prison sentence, said Michael Leffler, a spokesman with the Marion County Prosecutor's Office.

Alberts was convicted of six counts of aggravated battery and one count of neglect in a trial in September 2019. Alberts was found not guilty of attempted murder charge, online court records show.

James Voyles, an attorney for Alberts, declined to comment.

The Wolcott, Indiana, mother was arrested and charged in 2016 after she used a syringe to inject feces into her son's IV while he was undergoing cancer treatments at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. She knowingly placed him "in a situation that endangered the dependent's life or health," Marion County Superior Court documents said...........

Here is why she did it ...next paragraph in story:

Alberts said her actions were meant to get her son moved from the intensive care unit to another Riley unit, where she believed "the treatment was better," the documents state.

(rest of story at link above)
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