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Stuart G

Stuart G's Journal
Stuart G's Journal
January 31, 2019

There is one person I believe would, absolutely, positively, beat Trump - Joe Biden.

If Joe runs, Joe will win. We must win.

January 31, 2019

Plastic Surgery Empire Becomes Florida's Deadliest Clinic: USA Today


(Warning: examples of failed surgeries resulting in death)

MIAMI – Just after dawn, the women arrive.

They come in taxis and rental cars, to a strip mall clinic tucked between a barber shop and a discount shoe store.

They fly in from across the country for deals they can’t get back home – thousands of dollars off cosmetic surgeries, available, if they like, on payment plans.

Inside, the lobby looks like any other surgery center: polished white floors, sleek, modern furniture, a large flat screen flashing images of beautiful bodies.

But this clinic is run like a factory assembly line, where individual doctors – many with little specialized training – line up patients and operate on as many as eight a day, an investigation by USA TODAY and the Naples Daily News has found.

In surgeries designed to improve appearances, no one is expected to die.

But in the past six years, the Miami clinic and a nearby facility overseen by the same doctor have lost eight patients in a spate of casualties not seen anywhere else in Florida. Together, they account for about 1 of every 5 plastic surgery deaths in the state, the investigation found.

Nearly a dozen other patients were left with critical complications, including three with punctured internal organs, that forced them to rush to hospitals for help, medical reports and other records show.

Many of the fatalities and injuries were not the results of unavoidable complications, but of serious mistakes and procedures that went far beyond the bounds of safety.

January 31, 2019

Most exciting movies ever...(as many as you think)

Star Wars, (A New Hope)
Superman 2
Raiders of the Lost Ark

January 31, 2019

A question to consider:.Has Donald Trump asked for help from others who have been President?

This is a most difficult job. Bush Jr, Clinton, Obama, and Carter have all seen a whole lot. Do you suppose that Trump has consulted with any of them for any reason? The experience those four have is incredible. I don't know, but deep in my heart, I doubt it. Has Trump consulted with people who worked with any of those previous presidents? Again, I don't know.

January 30, 2019

Bottom line from the back of the audience: Trump thought he could get away with it.

They, Trump's crew, thought that they could "outsmart" the FBI, CIA and everyone else who might catch them doing illegal actions. Trump and company were totally wrong. They got caught, and are going to pay. Quite a show: two boxes please. Thank You...

January 30, 2019

Dangerous Idiot Sleeps While Driving His Tesla on Autopilot


Is this for real?...So I put it up in Weird News..You decide on this one...I never heard of the website............................ jalopnik.com..... but that doesn't mean a thing.. You decide if this is real or a fake.

Here is the story, and there are pictures at the link above...you be the judge....
Hey, who likes riddles? Here’s one! What’s the difference between KITT from Knight Rider’s self-driving system and a Tesla on Autopilot? The answer? Nothing! They’re both fucking fictional when it comes to being fully self-driving and if you sleep in your Autopilot-mode Tesla you’re an idiot endangering everyone around you. Also, only one could be used while David Hasselhoff enjoyed a cheeseburger. With this in mind, this video of a guy sleeping at the wheel of his Tesla Model X should be even more infuriating.

This was shot by a reader who’d prefer to remain anonymous, on the road back from Las Vegas. Thanks to the slo-mo video, you can see that this guy in his Model X is quite clearly and lavishly asleep.

I am not sure how he’s defeated the many warnings that come on if the system doesn’t detect a hand on the steering wheel; perhaps his hand is resting there, or maybe he has one of these terrible things, or maybe just an orange.

No matter how he’s tricking the system into thinking there’s an awake and alert human behind the wheel, it doesn’t really matter. This is deeply and richly stupid.

Of course, Tesla absolutely does not want anyone doing this with Autopilot, under any circumstances. They have very specific safeguards to prevent this kind of dumbassery, and while, sure, a car without autopilot would have likely crashed much sooner, this is still a terrible idea.

January 29, 2019

Trump, Putin talked at G20 without US translator, note-taker: report, : The Hill


By Brett Samuels - 01/29/19 02:43 PM EST .................

Note: Special Thanks to ...tiron ... posted in General Discussion at 2:48 pm today... here is a link to that post:.............https://www.democraticunderground.com/100211746209

Special Thanks also to ...struggle4progress ... This was posted in General Discussion ...main forum...today..1/29/19...at 4:18pm Here is a link to that post in General Discussion......:

President Trump reportedly met late last year with Russian President Vladimir Putin without a translator or aide from his administration present.

The Financial Times reported Tuesday that Trump sat with Putin on the sidelines of the Group of 20 (G-20) summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in late November after an evening event.

Trump was joined by his wife Melania Trump, but there was no note-taker or translator from the U.S. at the meeting. Putin was reportedly accompanied by a translator, with all four at a table.

A Russian government official told the Financial Times that the talk lasted about 15 minutes and included discussions about the Syrian conflict and a clash days earlier between Russian forces and the Ukrainian navy. Trump and Putin also talked about the potential for a formal meeting, the official said.

This is the smoking gun. Total trust in Vladimir Putin's interpreter, no trust at all in our people. Trump has proven he doesn't care who runs the show...And for those who don't believe it, ...............................
.........................................this is the proof..............................................................

We have moved to the last act...It is all over ......Trump will need to explain this, but he can't...

January 29, 2019

Here it is..a post on .."Money Grabbing Republicans" brought to you by someone who

is watching the show in the very cheap seats.

...There are republicans in this country who strongly believe in global warming, but they are also totally interested in protecting their income and increasing it so they are members of the republican party. Some of these reasonably intelligent money grabbers, see Trump for what he is an ignorant as***le. These money grabbers want to keep their money, and grab more, so they don't see Trump as an asset. He is much too stupid to be an asset. Why? He inherited his money and hasn't an ounce of brains up there, and is even a threat to those republicans who are money grabbers.

....Therefore, many of the money grabber republicans will not support this stupid jerk again, no matter how much money they have grabbed. The grabbers want someone with an ounce of intellect, and Trump hasn't get even that, and the point of all this is that they will not in a million grabs, support this ignorant as***le again. Every single time Trump opens his mouth, the intelligent grabbers know they will not support him. They will take a time out, and grab some sleep or take a vacation if Trump runs again. The grabbers will not support him because he is a real thread to their money and future money gabbing experiences.
...................................................................................................... .. Thank You for reading this

January 28, 2019

Death Toll Rises in Brazil Dam Collapse

Source: CNN

São Paulo, Brazil (CNN) — The number of deaths from a collapsed dam at a Brazilian iron mine rose on Sunday from 37 to 58 a spokesperson for the Civil Defense said.

Authorities say 427 people were in the Córrego do Feijão mine in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais when the dam burst Friday, unleashing a muddy sea of mining debris into the region.

Hundreds of people are still missing and the extent of damage is still being calculated, especially in the mining town of Brumadinho, which was nearly buried in the deluge.

The latest death toll was announced after rescuers returned to the mine Sunday afternoon. Authorities temporarily halted search and rescue on Sunday and placed 3,000 people under evacuation orders amid fears that another dam nearby was about to rupture. The orders were lifted after authorities determined dam VI was no longer at risk of bursting.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/27/americas/brazil-dam-collapse/index.html

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