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Stuart G

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Skokie, Illinois
Current location: Skokie, Illinois
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 36,935

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

250,000 dominoes,,,lasts 20 minutes..(Yes, it really does!!!) Idea from catbyte


This one is 250,000 Dominoes, and lasts 20 minutes. (I kid you not) ENJOY!!!!

A Very Weird and Different Film is Playing in the Lounge..100,000 Dominoes.

One of the very greatest and weirdest in my opinion. (something I have never seen)

Posted by catbyte..... hit the link below and enjoy ( 4 minutes 48 seconds)


Obama Walks Washington Mall, May 21, 2014

This defines 2 words , "Class and Kindness" (3 minutes) (posted yesterday, Weds, by Botony. originally in Obama Appreciation Thread. post #2, 4th from the top)


A Thought Worth Consideration, by Pablo Casals. About Beauty, & This Unique Moment

Posted today by Kid Berwyn, on Thanksgiving Day, 11/28
at this thread: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100212736314
...post # 3.. at 8:18am ...Special thoughts for every day....
Pablo Casals: “In the confusion that afflicts the world today, I see a disrespect for the very values of life. Beauty is all about us, but how many are blind to it! They look at the wonder of this earth — and seem to see nothing. People move hectically but give little thought to where they are going…

“Each second we live in a new and unique moment of the universe, a moment that never was before and will never be again. And what do we teach our children in school? We teach them that two and two makes four, and that Paris is the capital of France. When will we also teach them what they are? We should say to each of them: Do you know what you are? You are a marvel. You are unique. In all of the world there is no other child exactly like you. In the millions of years that have passed there has never been another child like you. And look at your body — what a wonder it is! Your legs, your arms, your cunning fingers, the way you move! You may become a Shakespeare, a Michelangelo, a Beethoven. You have the capacity for anything. Yes, you are a marvel. And when you grow up, can you then harm another who is, like you, a marvel? You must cherish one another. You must work — we all must work — to make this world worthy of its children.”

A thought about Donald Trump the liar. He lies to everyone, including himself.

..If he thinks he can get away with this, I think he is totally wrong. His whole attitude is no matter what happens, "I will get away with it". His lawyer who helped him, "get away with it" is now in prison as are many others who helped him, "get away with it." Donald Trump can think what he wants, but I believe exactly the same thing as many others have said, "He will not get away with it"
..History says that Nixon thought the same thing, up to the last few months. I listened to a lecture by Woodward and Bernstein. I was there in person for the lecture in late 74 or early 75. They said that at the very end, as things got bad, Nixon was talking to the walls. I think that Trump will do the same, or is already doing the same thing. (Did he really send out that picture of himself as Rocky that we saw earlier in the day?)

What is your impression of Adam Schiff? Something inside of me says he will get Trump.

One way or another. I don't know the best way, but if there is a way, he will find it. It won't be pretty, but I hope it works. Also, I do think Adam knows what is at stake during the hearings. We will see. Also, I respect him greatly. The hearings are fair and honest.

U.S. Life Expectancy Still On the Decline. Here's Why CNN:



by Jen Christensen

Life expectancy at birth -- the average length of time that you are expected to live -- continues to drop for Americans, a new study finds. Drug overdoses, suicides, alcohol-related illnesses and obesity are largely to blame. These problems have been building since the 1980s, according to the study's authors.

The US had been making steady progress. Life expectancy increased by nearly 10 years over the last half century -- from 69.9 years in 1959, to 78.9 years in 2016.

But the pace of this increase slowed over time, while other high income countries continued to show a steady rise in life expectancy.

After 2010, US life expectancy plateaued and in 2014 it began reversing, dropping for three consecutive years -- from 78.9 years in 2014, to 78.6 in 2017. This is despite the US spending the most on health care per capita than any other country in the world.

Of all age groups, adults 25 to 64 years old saw the largest increase in mortality rates -- 6% -- according to the study, published Tuesday in the medical journal JAMA.

Key sentence:
"Drug overdoses, suicides, alcohol-related illnesses and obesity are largely to blame. These problems have been building since the 1980s, according to the study's authors."

comment: I used to be addicted to certain prescription drugs. I got off them more than 20 years ago. In the late 70s, I weighed 50 pounds more than I do now. I lost that over a couple of years, and kept it all off since then. It isn't easy, but I know what the results will be if I go back.

Top Climber Falls while climbing El Capitan - Climber ok, some nice pictures of Yosemite


More pictures of Yosemite in case you haven't been there, Very Nice..I've been there, It is incredible


IMDB, Internet Movie Data Base...has changed ..It is not the same as it was last week.

Yes, the reviews are the same. I checked out a review I made for a documentary, "Night and Fog". The review is still there, but the main page has changed as has the way you navigate the site. Getting to any particular spot, is difficult for me. It is as if it has taken a whole new look and function. This was a reliable site for me to read reviews for new as well as older movies. The reviews are still there, but the place is not the same.
...Now it is about TV shows, entertainment more and more. I would be interested to hear and see what you have to say. I have been going there for years, and something has changed a whole lot. It is not a change for the good in my opinion...Thank You for reading this.

Here is a link: https://www.imdb.com/
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