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Stuart G

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Skokie, Illinois
Current location: Skokie, Illinois
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 36,962

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

An idea about getting rid of ..."Clutter" pass it on, if it seems right for you

Here is link...20 things to throw out..Lots of good ideas here:



"In the end, we are what we think about, and what we think about is heavily influenced by what we keep around us,"Ě says motivational speaker and life coach Gail Blanke, author of Throw Out Fifty Things. She calls the things that neither serve a specific purpose nor exist to make you feel good "life plaque": "The more life plaque we pile around ourselves, the less we can focus on what we really care about,"Ě she explains. Not sure where to start? Toss things that annoy you every time you see them, like socks that have lost their match, or your overflowing kitchen junk drawer. No matter what you decide to throw out (or donate), your goal is to whittle the physical objects down to only items that help you feel energized and accomplish your goals.

About Trump's "No Collusion" talk.

...It is Trump's belief that if he repeats a lie often enough, then some people will believe it. So, Trump and family repeat over and over again. ".No Collusion" , "No Collusion" and "No Collusion"...

....Perhaps his base believes him, but most of us don't. Let's see...Where did he get the idea of repeating a lie?................................................
Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda chief said, "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it."

...That is where Mr. Trump got the idea of repeating a lie, over and over and over again. Trump's base might believe, but most of us won't believe. Because it is simply a lie. If you don't believe the Goebbel's connection., look it up..................................please look it up.

Hey, once you verify this, ..(yes, this is an idea from Hitler)...why don't you pass it on to as many people who will listen. Tell them to look it up too. Some may not know who Joseph Goebbels was. Pass it on. Maybe they need to know the origin of the lies, lies, and more lies.

The entire "It's not OK speech"..Adam Schiff (written content)

Adam Schiff Friday 3/29/19

My colleagues might think itís okay that the Russians offered dirt on the Democratic candidate for president as part of whatís described as the Russian governmentís effort to help the Trump campaign. You might think thatís okay.

My colleagues might think itís okay that when that was offered to the son of the president, who had a pivotal role in the campaign, that the presidentís son did not call the FBI; he did not adamantly refuse that foreign help ó no, instead that son said that he would Ďloveí the help with the Russians.

You might think itís okay that he took that meeting. You might think itís okay that Paul Manafort, the campaign chair, someone with great experience running campaigns, also took that meeting. You might think itís okay that the presidentís son-in-law also took that meeting. You might think itís okay that they concealed it from the public. You might think itís okay that their only disappointment after that meeting was that the dirt they received on Hillary Clinton wasnít better. You might think thatís okay.

You might think itís okay that when it was discovered, a year later, that they then lied about that meeting and said that it was about adoptions. You might think that itís okay that it was reported that the president helped dictate that lie. You might think thatís okay. I donít.

You might think itís okay that the campaign chairman of a presidential campaign would offer information about that campaign to a Russian oligarch in exchange for money or debt forgiveness. You might think thatís okay, I donít.

You might think itís okay that that campaign chairman offered polling data to someone linked to Russian intelligence. I donít think thatís okay.

You might think itís okay that the president himself called on Russia to hack his opponentís emails, if they were listening. You might think itís okay that later that day, in fact, the Russians attempted to hack a server affiliated with that campaign. I donít think thatís okay.

You might think itís okay that the presidentís son-in-law sought to establish a secret back channel of communication with the Russians through a Russian diplomatic facility. I donít think thatís okay.

You might think itís okay that an associate of the president made direct contact with the GRU through Guccifer 2.0 and WikiLeaks, that is considered a hostile intelligence agency. You might think itís okay that a senior campaign official was instructed to reach that associate and find out what that hostile intelligence agency had to say in terms of dirt on his opponent.

You might think itís okay that the national security adviser designate secretly conferred with the Russian ambassador about undermining U.S. sanctions, and you might think itís okay that he lied about it to the FBI.

You might say thatís all okay, thatís just what you need to do to win. But I donít think itís okay. I donít think itís okay. I think itís immoral, I think itís unethical, I think itís unpatriotic and, yes, I think itís corrupt ó and evidence of collusion.

Adam Schiff's brilliant speech today was -5 minutes and 10 seconds. (give or take a few seconds)

So, this rebuttal is short, easy to understand, and exceptionally well written..But, the truth is :
..Most people have 5 minutes to listen and watch all of this.
(not just part, but all of the speech)

Most important parts will fit on any news show. There is nothing complicated. He uses the term, "It is not OK"
that this was done, and that was done. It is brilliant because it was short, simple and everyone understands what was said. If you haven't heard it, it is on the front page of DU. And it is 5 minutes and 10 seconds

Great speeches are short and easy to understand. Everyone understands the great ones.
....Four Score and 7 years ago...etc...3 minutes
....To be or not to be.........about 5 minutes

Short and to the point. This is a game changer. It is all there. Even the republican attempt to interrupt at the end is there. Finally, and perhaps most important, this is the truth. No lies. What a contrast to Trump.

Trump: If Barr Had Always Been AG, Mueller Probe 'Would Not Have Happened'

Source: Talking Points Memo:

By Nicole Lafond, March 28, 2019, 7:35am ET

During an interview with his best friend Sean Hannity on Wednesday evening, President Trump swiped at his former Attorney General Jeff Sessions by claiming the special counsel's report "would not have happened" if William Barr had always been attorney general.

...."I will say this, our new attorney general, Bill Barr, is a great gentleman," he told Hannity during a call-in to his Fox News show. "I've heard about him for years. He's a great man. Had he been there initially, this all would not have happened because what has gone on there is just a disgrace to our country."

.... Trump lamented how many "innocent people" had their lives "ruined" by the investigation, which wrapped up last week and perpetuated his deep state conspiracy. He also told Hannity that he would take a hands-off approach to follow ups on the report and would let Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) -- who has proposed investigating how the probe launched and how the Hillary Clinton email scandal was handled -- and Barr "do whatever they want to do."

Read more: https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/trump-if-barr-always-ag-mueller-probe-would-not-have-happened

Democratic Primaries?..Can Bernie win Iowa? and other primaries?

Can Bernie win the following 3 states in the final election in November 2020?

Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan? How about Ohio?...Yes, I do think that Bernie can win New York and California, but that is not enough for the electoral college. He cannot win Texas or Georgia. Bernie divides people, he does not unify. Can Bernie unify our party to win in Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan? If the answer is no, then if Bernie is the nominee, we are in serious trouble. (and because of Bernie's persona, I do not think he can unify the party)

The internet is "addictive." ? Anyone else with this problem?

..Sometimes I can't stop. From here to there back to here, and then over there. There is some kind of mild "buzz" that I get. I do recall feeling almost the same "buzz" playing a slot machine in a casino. It was 23 years ago. I don't go to casinos ever. No Las Vegas. No casinos or gambling of any kind. No horse tracks..No bingo..

...I may leave DU and my computer because of this. Setting limits is very difficult on something I really enjoy and learn from. But, an addiction is an addiction. At least I got the honesty to admit it. This one is very difficult. And I sit at the computer too long. And that is, I have read, dangerous to one's health.. More on this later. Anyone willing to comment on this addiction?

The Iowa Caucus is 10 full months away. Feb 3, 2020

...Sometimes there is a feeling that it is not 10 months but 10 days. Yes, this caucus is the first real vote in the presidential election, and we will win in November 2020, but that first vote in Iowa is 10 months away. Approximately 300 days away..give or take a few days. Again 10 months away
...Let's relax and take it easy. We are OK. We are on the right side of history and we will win in November 2020. (that is approximately 570 days away - 19 months...19 x 30 = 570)

I apologize for posting an article by Greenwald. I was wrong.

..sorry.I was wrong......

Weird video in lounge. 41 seconds,."oops" .posted 3/21, Thursday by.. catbyte. link:.(enjoy)

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