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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Skokie, Illinois
Current location: Skokie, Illinois
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 36,931

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Sydney J. Harris: Time lost can never be regained---not for love nor money.

published in Chicago Sun-Times. (sometime after Jan 1, 1980.) date after that, .. unknown..?

A favorite column of mine, and I wanted to share it. I found the column in some saved materials. I have separated paragraphs, so it is easier to read.. Thank You.. Stuart G

.. I have always dislike the phrase, "Time is money." That is the last thing that time is, for it is irreplaceable, and not all the money in the world can bring it back or halt it or reverse it.
.. Actually, time is love. People who are always in a hurry, who have no time for anything except the most important matters, fail to understand the nature and needs of love.

...Many a man in our society imagines that he is "supporting" his family by working long hours, attending innumerable meetings and traveling incessantly. But through his motives may be good, his reasoning is faulty.

...No amount of material goods can serve as an effective substitute for time spent with loved ones. The most "neglected" children are not those of the poor, but those of the rice--or those trying to get there. There are no presents as important as presence.

...We have become victims of time. Our schedules are running us, instead of our running them. While it is true that people in the Middle Ages worked many longer hours than we do, a third of the days in a year were devoted to holidays when families were together.

...Time is love in other ways as well--the time we spend with the old, the infirm, the time a doctor spends with a patient, the time a teacher spends with a student in special needs of help, the time a pastor devotes to the personal needs of his flock. In all these areas, all of us are guilty of being dominated by the clock, of rationing our time so that everyone is "taken care of," but no one is really cared for.

...Children of course at the most injured by our obsessive delusion that time is money. Fathers will spend weeks alienated from their children, and imagine that an afternoon's fishing experience or trip to the zoo makes up for this neglect.

..It would be more realistic to turn the proverb around and say, "money is time"-- that the best thing that money can do for you is buy the time to demonstrate your love by your company, your interest, your concern and your pleasure.

...Of course, I recognize that there are millions of broken families where this is hard or impossible, and that millions of mothers with young children must work in order to meet the families bills. But I wonder how many of these might still be together if the father had not put his job before his parental responsibilities. If the mother had not gone to work for reasons other than financial need..

...Time is love, above all else. It is the most precious commodity in the world, and should be lavished on those we care most about. When it is not, retribution is swift and certain and there is no turning back the clock.

A moment to consider,..Geography in the U.S.A. and "Snowstorm in Montana".

...While the snow was blowing in Montana, it was 70 degrees in Florida. Same in Yuma Az. Where I live it is now 69 and sunny (5 miles North of Chicago Il)..I wonder if most people in the U.S.A. appreciate the incredible diversity of the "Geography in the U.S.A.?
.... In terms of "area" we are the 3rd or 4th largest country on earth, but we could have the most diverse weather of any country, anywhere. In our country we have a place called Hawaii as well as a place called Alaska.. These two became officially part of the U.S.A. (as states) in the late 50s..I remember. While I live near Chicago, I have never been to Alaska and Hawaii.
...But I must add...absolutely must add:..I have been to where the " Snowstorm in Montana" fell. I went to Glacier National Park about 25 years ago in the summer. One night we were camping out, and the temp was in the mid 30s and it was late August or early September..Yes, it was very cold. (for late August.)
...We have almost every kind of geography here. I don't think we have a huge "jungle" here but there are certain places that could grow a small one. Mountains, valleys, deserts, flat lands, rivers, large lakes, streams, farm land, oceans on both sides, islands, cities with millions of people, small cities, national parks of every shape and kind, artic areas, caves..(Carlsbad Caverns, heard of that?) you name it we got it. We are gifted with geography of almost every kind, and most people do not know it, or do not care one way or another...
............end of post...from a former high school geography teacher.....

Very short post...Repeat, "When you think you have seen it all, there is more"

Do you think Trump knows his little canoe has floated over the water falls and is coming down hard?

Or does he think that the parachute under the seat will some how save him. (Of course there isn't enough time for the chute to open, but Trump can't figure that out)

Rudy went from somewhat respected leader during 9/11.. to a very stupid suck up clown..

He pitched his wagon to a "clown wagon" and is now a ridiculous, stinking, suck up clown.

(apologies to the clown industry and those working in that industry)

Inquiry Incites Infighting at Fox News, With Hosts Hurling Insults Across Time Slots, Yahoo News:


Fox News personalities are facing heckles, insults and criticism for their coverage this week of President Donald Trump and the impeachment inquiry.

And that’s just from their own colleagues.

In an unusual airing of intramural grievances, Fox News anchors and pundits have let loose at one another in full public view — lobbing attacks across time slots and offering a rare glimpse into tensions behind the scenes at the top-rated cable news network.

In one striking exchange, a guest on Tucker Carlson’s prime-time show Tuesday dismissed Andrew Napolitano, the veteran Fox News legal analyst, as a “fool” for saying Trump’s urging of a favor from the Ukrainian prime minister constituted a crime.

Shepard Smith, the network’s chief news anchor, fired back the next afternoon, declaring it “repugnant” that a guest would insult a Fox News colleague — and adding, pointedly, that the remark had gone “unchallenged” by Carlson.

Back on the air Wednesday night, Carlson gleefully extended the feud, mocking Smith’s comments and noting, “Unlike maybe some dayside hosts, I’m not very partisan.” (Smith, a nonpartisan news anchor, is often accused by Trump of a liberal bias.)

Nixon and Trump are similar in 1 way. So arrogant that they think they can get away with anything.

...Circumstances and events are totally different, but the arrogance is the same. Both lied their heads off and were sure they could get away with those lies. That is the "arrogance" of their personalities. Nixon had no problem covering up his crimes, and neither does Trump. Nixon never thought there would be major repercussions to his actions, and Trump is the same. Both did not and do not care about those that fall down around them. (that is get convicted for crimes they did to protect their boss) It is that essence of being a bully and getting away with it that turned me off on Nixon. I gave him a chance in my mind when he was elected, and he turned out "evil." Same with Trump. One more, Nixon lied about something very important. He claimed to have a "secret plan" to get out of Vietnam War. He had none. Trump lies about many events that are also very important. And covers them up too.

Some of these signs are special, some are a little crude, some are just OK..enjoy (50 signs)

Some are very funny..take a chance, today is a FREE DAY to view this one..!!!!Yes, some are slow in loading, Please be patient. A few are surely worth the wait..(in my opinion)


There is one characteristic of Trump I truly hate: Trump is a classic bully.

Trump will bully any way he can. He will bribe people, lie to people, con people, hurt people, distort facts to people and do anything he can to get his way. Like most bullies he is a mean and vicious person who thinks he is always right, and others are always wrong. His way is the only way. But the "bully" aspect of his being "Donald Trump" is most disturbing to me. His abject lies, and his ability to lie about anything, are a very close second.

I lived through Watergate and hated Nixon. There are 2 similarities in my opinion:

1. Private Server...reminds me of the 15 minute gap in the tape. Why? How could there be a gap, without somebody erasing the tape?..Private server?- How could there be a "Private Server" unless they wanted to cover something up? Kind of like covering up something by erasing a tape

2. Comment by Trump, something like, "I thought after the Mueller Report that it was all over"....In my mind, that compares with, Nixon's statement, "I am not a crook" Why? Nixon was pretty sure it was over until the gap was found and discussed and became major news, or "the news".... Then he had to defend himself again with the crook statement

"All over comment." Trump's arrogance was increased after the he escaped the Mueller Report scandal. Trump was totally sure that he could "get away" with what had happened. He has admitted that there was something serious to "be all over of" and he had gotten away with it. (my opinion)

..Trump is like Nixon because he had to defend himself again...I thought it was over is that proof. (Now Trump has to defend himself another time) Nixon is indeed defending himself towards the end, again, (another time, after, another time, after another time) with, ...."I am not a crook" ...His last defense as the sh*t hits the fan.
Trump's latest statement as the sh*t hits the fan is , "I thought it was all over"...(kind of like desperation) as Nixon's desperation about being a crook.

While most won't agree with me, this is the way it feels to me. When Nixon said "I am not a crook" it was proof to me, he was indeed a crook. Trump says "I thought it was over with the Mueller report) is proof that Trump doesn't realize that what he did after the Mueller report is worse than that report. That covering up is worse than an event itself. Another statement by the crook, Trump, on another event. Another defense on another event that is being called, "dishonest or illegal" Now he has to defend himself again. Just like Nixon had to defend himself again.

I know some do not see the connection, but that is how I feel. Thank You for reading this...One last thought, Nixon was a crook, and so is Trump.

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