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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 32,097

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Hard to believe but Trump has shown himself to be far stupier and more selfish than anyone thought.

..A number of us, (myself included) believed Trump would take advise from experts on something horrific.
Trump's own actions show that certainly during the first few days, he relied on his own thinking, instead of consulting with experts. Experts would have told him to shut up and wait to comment this was going to
get very bad...
...But NO...Donald Trump was so sure of his own beliefs, that he made clearly stupid comments that are now everywhere. Not only stupid, but totally insensitive and totally selfish. He was sure he was correct about something he knew nothing about...The fool has shown himself to be a fool to everyone. Some won't believe what they clearly see, but Trump has shown himself to the world. Far uglier than anyone imagined. And his initial statements are etched in stone. They will never go away.

3 more words..Trump equals shit.

Amazon fired the worker who led concerns about Corona Virus..Read about at link below:


Amazon fires New York worker who led strike over coronavirus concerns

Source: The Guardian

An Amazon worker who led a walkout at a New York City facility on Monday has been fired.

Chris Smalls, an assistant manager and organizer, learned of his termination as dozens of workers protested against the company's response to the coronavirus outbreak.

"It's a shame on them," Smalls told Vice News on Tuesday. "To fire someone after five years for sticking up for people and trying to give them a voice."

Strikers at the JFK8 warehouse in Staten Island demanded Amazon temporarily shut down the large facility for cleaning, after reports of multiple employees testing positive for Covid-19

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/31/amazon-strike-worker-fired-organizing-walkout-chris-smallls

Not the smartest move in my opinion. This will generate a whole lot of awful publicity for that corporation. But obviously that corporation does not care. Why should it?

Wait a minute? , think?
...........People could buy stuff at other places?.. Is that true Maybe that is an idea?

I learned something new today: Holodomor Genocide.. -

...I never heard of this before today. Evidently Joseph Stalin deliberately starved 3 to 10 million people on purpose in order to destroy Ukraine Resistance to his rule.
..I was doing some research on large numbers of deaths like 9/11..Tokyo Tsunami of a few years ago, and other horrific natural events, and I came across .."Holodomor Genocide.


So I learned something new today...In addition to all the other news, I learned some history I did not know about. I guess that is good, but this information is something I would rather not know.

Why some people believe the virus is not a threat.


Deaths on 9/11/01...2995

Current Deaths in U.S from virus....1996..
....I got the 1996 number from the link at the top..

Those of us who were around knew 9/11 was real..
....We saw the damage and the event itself, the fire, the building collapsing, the firemen coming, the sounds etc..

Why don't people think this virus is as deadly as 9/11?
...The virus has already killed 1000 more than 9/11..Why don't people believe?

answer....We all saw the damage and the fire in New York as it was broadcast around the world.
..............The deaths from the virus are like one at a time, here and there, over there. It is not a joke, but we don't see the overall effect like we did on 9/11. We only see the ...numbers of dead.

People don't connect to those numbers like the towers burning and the damage done.. This is worse, but many do not connect yet. They somehow don't believe this is a real threat. I just read that there were hundreds who showed up for the hospital boat in New York that was docked. Those people were right next to each other. They don't believe the truth of the threat..

....Trump had a signing ceremony where everyone was right next to each other. Was this yesterday? or day before?...But Trump, by having that ceremony, further spread the idea that the threat is not real. Pictures all over the country, of leaders standing close together in the White House..for a signing...What a totally stupid thing to do.. That is how people get the idea this is not a real threat.

The threat is not a building burning down, it is an invisible threat of a virus spreading from person to person, just like Trump standing in front of a ceremony...totally not worried about the message he presents to the

...Again in simple terms...this is not a tornado approaching that we can see and hear. It is far more insidious and will kill far more because of what it really is: an invisible virus that kills. Trump leads by having people stand close to each other in a ceremony that everyone sees. He had to have that ceremony for his ego...What a fool, what an idiot, and what a friend of death that Donald Trump is and will always be...And having that ceremony proves it beyond doubt.

1 minute, fifteen seconds--- totally destroys Trump.. ."It will go to zero" Trump says.

Hit the link..posted earlier in this forum, by Demovictory9... This is a great find by Demovictory9

Easily fits into a commercial...Please Watch it Now ..This is the one that can destroy Trump forever

Everyone has one minute and fifteen seconds.......Hit the link below:


37 Mind Boogleing Lies From Sunday's Trump coronavirus briefing, CNN:

Hit link to see all 37.
Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large
Updated 11:26 AM ET, Mon March 30, 2020


This is total speculation on what will happen in the next few months..

This could start in April or May, and continue to the election in November. I deeply believe that there will be a break in the Republican Party, and some, (don't know how many) very well known figures in that party will come out totally against Donald Trump their president.
...Yes, the Republican convention will be contested by at least one or more who will come forward and contest Trump for the nomination. Trump has done such an awful job with dealing with the virus, and his lie after lie about everything, that a contested nomination against a sitting president will happen. Trump defines lying and arrogance,

Who? I don't know, When? In the next month or two..

...WHY?...This is NOT some minor political deal. It is about life and death!

....These are decisions by Trump that could have saved hundreds of lives.. He joked about the virus and is currently spending time telling the world what awful people some Democrats are. (think about that, petty politics about Democrats in a situation where hundreds are dying and more will die)

...These are life and death decisions that Trump has made. Trump has been stupid and slow in making these decisions and obviously incompetent in making them. Further, Trump has proved his incompetence to most of the people in the United States and the World.

... All of this is available for all to see.. And some (a few well known individuals) will take him on in an effort to save the Republican Party. The Democratic Party will win no matter what, but there will be someone or a few, who will take Trump on... The last 6 weeks have created this situation, & it will happen soon.

Of course, I may be wrong, but that is why I posted this in the "speculation group"

There is one person I would like to see defeated as much as Trump: Mitch McConnell

Moscow Mitch thinks it is going to be easy to win. Perhaps not. Mitch's close association with Trump who turns out to be a "killer" could cost Mitch his job. Mitch has enabled and helped Trump more than anyone, and perhaps the people of Kentucky will decide that Mitch's time has come. If there is a enormous Democratic win across the U.S., perhaps Mitch will lose his senate job. Yes, that would be unusual, but this whole story is also very unusual. Time will tell, but after Trump, I hope Mitch is also looses. I dislike him as much as Trump, and in some ways more.
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