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Stuart G

Stuart G's Journal
Stuart G's Journal
June 30, 2020

Arguments about "wearing a mask" will be gone at some point..

No one knows when. It will take some time. Wearing a mask will become as common as wearing a seat belt. Stupidity ranks among some people. No, I don't know why stupidity ranks... other then there are stupid people and then there are MORE stupid people. You think you have seen it all, and then there is more. I can think of one very "stupid" election, but won't go into it other than a quick mention.

.... ... ..... .... .... .... .... ... .... ........

June 30, 2020

Watergate vs Trumpgate...One similarity of major importance..

...When word got out that all conversations in the White House were recorded...that is .."all conversations in 1973 when the break in happened, it seemed to me,... that was it.
.I think the fellow that reported it was Alexander Butterfield..or something like that ..(it was a while ago..you know)..........The hearings were held in 1974...

...When that was reported, and we all knew that all that would come out eventually, the die was cast...There was indeed a blank spot on a key conversation, but Nixon's secretary said she erased it by mistake...I recall that too....Of course by the time all this was being reported, the die was cast,,,,We all felt Nixon was going to be gone...

...This one, about ....."Trump doing Nothing "...feels the same to me. I would say it is not ..."if" , I think is now......"when"?

Trump did ."...NOTHING..." to protect U.S. Soldiers from a plot to kill them. Trump knew in March, this is late June...Trump claims he didn't know, but he must have been told, that is his job.."Commander in Chief"..
To think he was not told, goes beyond any kind of rational thinking...He had to be told. Trump saying that he wasn't told, is like saying today...that the..."Earth is Flat"...look out there..does not look to be round, must be ."..very flat......" ...says Donald Dump...

June 29, 2020

About ...."Older Voters"...& what we view...

When you have seen the "old show" over and over and it is a ... .. puke show...
........Then it is time for a change.. This isn't rocket science..This is watching an awful movie & we
........walk out..I've done that, & most have done that..or shut the TV off... That show is ..AWFUL..& IT
makes you feel lousy, bad, sick, vomit ..etc...

.Us older voters have seen enough. Trump is a liar, bully, con man, sicko, fucker, awful person...etc

...Yes, this is Democratic Underground, but us "Older Voters".. have seen enough. We have story after story of life long republicans who will vote for Biden this one time.

...............Trump is an embarrassment to all of us.................the entire world
.................This latest story is the end...........Mighty Casey has struck out. *

..*...Last line of a short story/poem..."Casey at the Bat.." written by, Ernest Thayer in June, 1888
.........first published in ...The San Francisco Examiner -hit the link below for more information & the
entire poem/ short story:


June 28, 2020

Trump struggles as furor grows over reported Russian bounty offer to kill U.S. troops, LA Times:


WASHINGTON — President Trump, confronted with a damaging report that Russia offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill American and allied troops in Afghanistan, declared Sunday on Twitter that he was never briefed about the finding by U.S. intelligence.

Democrats including Trump’s prospective presidential rival, Joe Biden, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sharply criticized Trump’s seeming indifference to the explosive report in Friday’s New York Times. Neither Trump nor other administration officials have specifically denied the report, which has since been confirmed by several other news organizations.

On Sunday, Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming joined in the criticism, saying that if the information was genuine, the White House needed to explain why Trump was not told, and why the administration has done nothing in response.

The core of the story is that U.S. spy agencies concluded several months ago that a Russian military intelligence unit had offered secret bounties for attacks on coalition troops. The matter was discussed in late March by the National Security Council, and European allies including Britain were also made aware of the findings, the story said. On Sunday, the New York Times reported that the first word of the Russian plan came as early as January from military and intelligence officials in Afghanistan.

The reports hit the White House at an already troubled juncture. Multiple national polls show Biden outpacing Trump, and the president and his team have struggled to craft a coherent message amid a drumbeat of bad news: a surge in U.S. coronavirus cases that now exceed 2.5 million, the resulting economic carnage and the fallout from massive racial-justice protests that followed the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

(rest of article at link above)
June 28, 2020

There is one thing that will make Trump even madder...An real opponent at the convention..

..Someone highly respected in the Republican Party who will point out the lies, and run against him at the convention..
.....Of course this is very highly unlikely, but anything can happen, and already has.

June 28, 2020

I predict that within 2 weeks from June 28, Sunday, Donald Trump will resign..(maybe sooner)

The news about Putin paying to kill American troops is the final straw...Trump knew & did nothing.

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