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Stuart G

Stuart G's Journal
Stuart G's Journal
August 31, 2020

Don Winslow Films: An Open Letter to Republicans: 2:20

Please share to all, everywhere....Thank You, Yes, You Tube Version


August 30, 2020

2nd Trump DHS Official Endorses Joe Biden: 2 min 20secs.

Elizabeth Neumann is very convincing in this short video. Worth Watching.
August 28, 2020

I have never been for the death penalty, but maybe now one exception:..... Kyle Rittenhouse

.Perhaps a lifetime in prison would be more cruel for him. But maybe he ought to get what he did to others.And save a lot of money for the rest of us. It sure sounds cruel for me to say that, and I have never stood that way on this issue, but every once in a while we change our opinions on some ideas for a while, and then we change back to the original thoughts latter. I could say more...but that is really enough.

August 25, 2020

Only one way to stop police from hurting: Make them pay out of their own pockets if it can

be proven that what they did was wrong. That will stop most of it, if not all of it.

August 24, 2020

One simple characteristic of Joe Biden that Donald Trump lacks. "Joe cares about people."

Adding to that: "Joe cares about people and what happens to them"

...............contrast with....."Donald Trump cares only about himself"....

The above ideas are simple, easy to understand, and the truth. These ideas are obvious to
most people in the U.S.A. and is the reason that Joe will win by a landslide.

August 21, 2020

Last nights theme of convention: "Joe cares a whole lot about others, and not himself"

I figured out that was the theme. Joe is not just "sensitive" Joe cares about
others more than himself, (or as much as he cares about himself) Joe cares about his family, friends,
people in need that he knows, people in need that he does not know. And, he spends his time caring
about others, in stark contrast to Trump.

August 20, 2020

Donald Trump's show has been on too long.........

...It really is that simple. Sometimes a show is on TV too long, and people just turn the show off for good. That is what has happened to Trump. While the show might have been ok when it came on (as President) it has been on much too long. Like any show, if the material is no good, people get tired and turn it off. Maybe people gave the show a chance, and watched a few times, and then they see the director is no good, writers no good, actors no good and so on. Just too many lies for this kind of show..
... Yes, a whole lot of people have watched this show, and turned it off for good. The ratings are low, advertisers have quit, the audience is tired, and the show is no good. This may not be a good comparison of Trump and his show, but it explains a lot.

August 20, 2020

Andrew Cuomo's last sentence: "Joe Biden can restore the soul of America, and that is exactly

what our country need today."....................

Cuomo gave a great speech and all of it is on the front page today, Wednesday. The whole speech is maybe 5 minutes and 30 seconds long....

. Well worth listening to today.

This says it all. Brilliant, short, clear and true..
August 16, 2020

Problem with Trump: He didn't want to spend the time preparing for the effects of the "VIRUS"

...Donald Trump wanted to spend the time doing something else. He was so stupid and lazy that he
believed it would go away in a short time. Why bother with spending one's time doing something that is
going to go away in a very short time. So what if it would kill a few people. He could not even picture
in his mind that thousands would be killed.
...But here is the key:...All he had to do is consult with experts and other world leaders who went through this disaster, to know that our country was headed for a disaster too....BUT DONALD TRUMP HAD OTHER THINGS TO DO...MORE IMPORTANT THINGS THEN TO SPEND TIME PREPARING FOR ANYTHING THAT HE DID NOT WANT TO PREPARE FOR..

....guess what? That's it, and the real reason for this disaster. All Trump had to do is to take the time
to find out what was likely to happen through consultation with his own experts and then prepare for the what was going to happen. Trump didn't want to ..."waste the time in preparation"...

...If Obama was President of the United States currently, he would have taken the time to prepare. Why? because preparation would have saved lives, lots of lives. Donald Trump obviously .........
did not want to spend his time in preparation to save lives...why? It is obvious: Donald Trump cares only about Donald Trump..

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