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Stuart G

Stuart G's Journal
Stuart G's Journal
September 28, 2021

A wonderful film. "The Iron Giant"....you will enjoy, your kids will enjoy, everyone will enjoy it.

I have seen hundreds of films...This is one of the best, most enjoyable, happy, wonderful, creative of all of them..
Yes, it is animated, and clearly is wonderful. The story is incredible..Nothing to add, read the reviews at the link..and you
probably have never heard of this film..The Iron Giant

...............................The Iron Giant.... ...Please read the reviews at the link below


September 28, 2021

How about beautiful places to see right here in U.S.A. (no passport needed..if born here) been to?

Yosemite National Park
Grand Canyon National Park
Yellowstone National Park
Everglades National Park
Chicago Lake Front
Lincoln Park in Chicago...& the Lincoln Park Zoo (last time I went it was free).just checked (still free)
New York Ocean View
Glacier National Park
Miami Beach Florida
San Francisco
Arches National Park
New York City (especially Central Park) (yes, I like parks)
and.....................................SO MANY MORE, TOO MANY TO LIST...RIGHT HERE IN U.S.A.....OH, YES...GOT TO
............................................................ ( IT IS KIND OF WIDE AT SOME POINTS)..
Ok.. one more:
Road from Miami to Key West Florida...(one island after another & then you get to Key West)
..............another. by essaynnc:...Smokey Mountains......I will add Rocky Mountains:......about Rocky Mts...

Yes, we got them too..and There is a National Park with that name too..

The Rocky Mountains stretch some 3,000 miles from British Columbia and Alberta in Canada through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and down to New Mexico in the U.S. The range offers dramatic wilderness, diverse wildlife and alpine lakes. Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park is traversed by numerous hiking trails and the famously scenic Trail Ridge Road, a 48-mile highway that reaches a high point of 12,183ft.

Another: Black Canyon of the Gunnison..added by CanonRay

September 25, 2021

Our brother, Paul Gosar, backed Trump's Lie and Betrayed America: NBC.com

Aug 1, 2021, NBC.com



By Dave Gosar, Jennifer Gosar and Tim Gosar
In 1954, the Boston lawyer Joseph Welch famously asked Wisconsin Republican Sen. Joseph McCarthy, “At long last, sir, have you left no sense of decency?” It was a question that marked the beginning of the end for McCarthy’s madness, and the senator died a disgraced and despised opportunist.

We are not surprised to see him heading down a very similar path to McCarthy's. So, have you no sense of decency, Paul?

We now ask our brother, Rep. Paul Gosar, that same question. Although his colleagues in Congress and others in the media seem to only recently be paying attention, we have been aware of his unhinged behavior for years. We are therefore not surprised to see him heading down a very similar path to McCarthy's.

So, have you no sense of decency, Paul? Wasn’t it shameful and destructive enough when you:

● Falsely blamed the Charlottesville, Virginia, neo-Nazi march on an innocent, old man in a vicious anti-Semitic attack?

Same guy who:
Gosar wants to hold a new election between Biden and Trump before the end of the year

● Claimed that Covid-19 was overblown and would miraculously disappear after the election, thereby misleading and harming those who believed you, despite the fact that Arizona had the highest infection rate in the world both before and after the November election?

● Marched in England for convicted criminal Tommy Robinson in support of his hateful attacks against British Muslims?

● Backed the Cliven Bundy insurrection, when Bundy used an armed mob to defy officers attempting to enforce laws Bundy had clearly violated for years? (And doubled down on Bundy’s bigotry by failing to condemn Bundy’s horrible racist rant, although that rant was too much even for Sean Hannity?)

Original post about this jerk, (where I got the idea to get more info on the nut & to post this, apologies to wall nuts, peanuts and cashews, no bad vibes intended )

Yes, when you think you have seen it all, there is more, always more....


by Nevilledog at the link below:


September 24, 2021

I wonder if we could bring back the founding fathers who wrote the "Bill of Rights", what they

would say about the 2nd Amendment on ... "GUNS"? i wonder if those writers would alter and abolish
"Amendment 2" on the right to bear arms...if they knew what it was to ultimately bring about?....I wonder if
...they took a look at the news today about shootings and killings.. what would they do or say about
it?..That the ..."Right To Bear Arms" results in hundreds if not thousands of deaths in a year....Sandy Hook,
Tower Shooting, Kennedy's Assignation, and so on and so on etc. Also, what would they say about the medias
involvement in promoting and reporting these events?...I guess this is a double or triple question...One more
thought....Remember these were some of the brightest people around....How would they look at the problem
now, and what would they do if they could take the 2nd Amendment out of the Constitution? Or change the
2nd Amendment in some way...

........I haven't got a clue, says Stu.....:
September 23, 2021

Donald Trump is no longer the captain. He was fired. He acts like he doesn't have a clue. He doesn't

....While Trump may have power in the Republican Party, across the country, among Independents and Democrats,
Trump is known as...a liar and a killer. ..Trump may think certain thoughts about another election, but he will lose
if he runs for any position. Trump may think he can win, but most people will not vote for him. It is my opinion
that big money will NOT fund any kind of election that Trump believes he can win. Big money will not fund Trump for
one simple reason: He will lose any election because Donald Trump is a liar and a killer. Trump's stupidity killed over 500,000 people, and that is NOT a secret.
....Big money will not fund Donald Trump because funding Trump for another election is similar to throwing money down a sewer. While some Republicans are very, very stupid, big money does not want to throw money down a sewer, a very dirty and filthy sewer. The people with big money that fund the Republican Party are really not that...STUPID. . Trump obviously is that STUPID,but the Big Money behind the Republican Party is NOT THAT STUPID.

September 22, 2021

About charging Trump and Bannon with the riot...It was really unintentional murder!



Please read last 2 sentences from first paragraph at link...You will find these words:

"Five people died either shortly before, during, or following the event: one was shot by Capitol Police, another died of a drug overdose, and three succumbed to natural causes.[17][28] Many people were injured, including 138 police officers. Four officers who responded to the riot died by suicide within seven months.[29]"
September 20, 2021

Perhaps one of the saddest headlines of the day...But don't worry there will be plenty more like it!

2 people taken to hospital after shooting at Heritage High School in Newport News, Virginia, police say


September 20, 2021

Homicide deaths in U.S...2018,,,14,141...Gabby is not alone..


Most of it is caused by guns...Ain't new...Not sure how Gabby was killed...will find out in a few days..
September 20, 2021

People who are sure they can get away with ...."anything"...usually lose everything..

...Donald Trump will not be the first to lose ....Everything!

Let us take two stunning examples from history....:

A. Adolph Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union..
B. The Southern states decision to withdraw from the Union upon Lincoln's election...

There are so many other examples...Please name as many as you wish. (These 3 are just the beginning!!)

September 15, 2021

Why did Trump try to steal election? & Why was he behind Jan 6 insurrection? Simple Answer:

...Because he knew he could try to do these events...without any consequences or penalties..That is he could
try and if he failed he would .....get away with what happened and the "try." Does he still get speaking fees?
Is he still interviewed. Does he have rallies? Large crowds cheering him? etc. etc. etc.

Well.......Was Trump right on this? Will there be some kind of penalty? (any kind?)

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