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Stuart G

Stuart G's Journal
Stuart G's Journal
April 30, 2022

Weird -for me. Today, 4/30/22.I did something I have never done before: "Put Someone on"Ignore List"

A very first for me. I won't say who or why, but I had to do it...FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING!!

April 30, 2022

Putin's "depravity"....Warning: awful, John Kirby (our spokesperson) emotional 3 min 47 secs.

What Russian soldiers are doing to people in Ukraine..(warning)..awful beyond belief: 3 minutes 47 seconds


April 27, 2022

Please, Please , Please, Wear a Mask when you are in crowds or go out or are next to people..

It ain't over yet..!!

That is it, and that is all..
April 27, 2022

HERE is a link to World Meter Chart...Guess who is Number 1 on the chart? (MOST DEATHS?)


...CASES BY COUNTRY is the correct place to look

search for .....Deaths due to Crona Virus...PLEASE, PLEASE...GIVE IT TIME TO LOAD UP...yes, it takes a while


April 25, 2022

Why so many robocalls? Here is the simple answer.

-The people that set these calls up, know that they are going to get away making lots of ..MONEY!!

I got another from so called "Utility Company " telling me my local company overcharged me. (3rd or 4th this week.).
Why do people keep doing this? There is lots of money to be made in these calls. That is why.

Very few get caught, and the people that set them up, know that few people get caught.
..To make it more simple: When you go 10 miles per hour faster on a freeway/expressway where the limit is 65 mph and you go 75, are you likely to be caught and given a ticket? Let's say the traffic is clear and the day is sunny and dry. The freeway regularly is busy, but today things are going great.................
... Everyone is going at least 5mph over the limit, so what is the crime with going a little more, like 10mph over the limit?.

...These people that set these robocall cons up, know they are very unlikely to be caught, and there is lots of money
to be made with the fools that take the "Bait"...And yes, there are fools who will ..take the bait...for one reason,
and one reason only:...people are conned easily.[.....Yes, that is true, people are easily conned!!!
It is well known that there are many people who will take the bait, and lots of money to be made, otherwise
these robocall cons would NOT GO ON.., and on...and on.., and on!!

You say that ain't so?...Well why would someone take the time to set up a system like the ...robo call system?..To sell
totally useless ideas? If there was not a lot of money to be made? Why do people invest legally in the stock market?
Why do people set up what seems to be an idiotic company? Like an electric car company? Is there anyone in the
last 20 years that set up "a company that makes].ELECTRIC CARS?..????

...Is there money to be made making ...Electric Cars??....Wait..someoe did that a while ago, and got filthy rich.?
.Is that correct? So the idea of becoming filthy rich does indeed work.
..That explains why so many robocalls. Many people want to get filthy rich and with NO CONSEQUENCES
AT ALL. in a way that will make them lots of money, honey!!.OH AND THE MOST IMPORTANT IDEA OF ALL......

YES, IT IS WELL KNOWN AMONG THOSE THAT SET UP ROBO CALLS .are you ready?.....It is well known by people that set up the robocalls that there are people who have gotten VERY RICH setting up robocalls........

Lots and LOTS OF MONEY TO BE MADE...is that right? .Lots and Lots of money!!!..
One last example: Why are there casinos around many cities, or other places that you can bet &
use fake slot machines or real slot machine???...I think you know the answer to that one....................

April 23, 2022

Donald Trump's Lies about Coronavirus: The Atlantic, from November 2, 2020


By Christian Paz,
... Updated at 2:20 p.m. ET: to November 2, 2020.

read entire story at link above..

My Opinion: "Lots and Lots of Lies"
April 14, 2022

Mc Connell discloses fundamental truth about Donalld Trump. "He always blames someone else"


(CNN)Donald Trump l-o-v-e-s a good scapegoat.

That fundamental truth is made plain in a key excerpt from a forthcoming book by New York Times reporters Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin. In advance of the January 2021 Senate runoffs in Georgia, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said that he believed Trump's continued focus on the 2020 election was about something other than contesting the results.

"What it looks to me like he's doing is setting this up so he can blame the governor and the secretary of state if we lose," McConnell told the reporters for the book in December 2020. "He's always setting up somebody to blame it on."

Yes! That exactly! The history of Trump in public life is one of him constantly looking for people and ways to distribute blame so that it doesn't land on him. Because in his mind, he can do no wrong.
April 14, 2022

Why I believe that Donald Trump will be tried and convicted of a major crime at some point in the

in the near future. (Maybe, the next year or two) Here is why and it is very simple:

Trump is one of those people that is sure he can get away with anything that he does, no matter what. He lies,
he cheats, and does other major acts. I believe that in time, we will find out one that Donnie Boy, failed to cover
up, and the people who cover for Donnie Boy, will not cover for him. Donnie Boy makes mistakes, and lies too
much, and at some point, the mistakes will come back and do Donnie Boy in. What are they? ..Hell, I don't know.
Who will turn him in?....I don't know that either. He thinks he is cunning and covers up everything, but I don't think
he does. Also, he thinks that he, Donnie Boy, is the smartest one around. And he isn't. He will be caught and tried
and convicted. Whether he serves time, well that is up to the judge. (he may not serve time, because of his status.
and inability to keep him totally safe in prison.

You may not agree with this, so have at it. ...And thank you for reading this..

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