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grantcart's Journal
grantcart's Journal
September 30, 2018

Just think. If only 17 year old Kavanaugh liked girls as much as he liked beer . . .

If Republicans were as committed to the Constitution as they are in getting a 5th seat on the Supreme Court.

If rural red America knew as much about the rules of economics as the rules of NASCAR championship ranking.

If rich Americans were as motivated to get universal health car as they were another tax advantage.

If the Tea Party hated war as much as they hated Hillary Clinton.

If Evangelical Christians were as well informed about the actual meaning of the bible as they were on how to post their views on Facebook.

If the NRA was as committed to gun safety as gun proliferation and increasing gun lethality.

If Nunes and the other Trump sycophants were as committed to stopping our involvement in the Saudi bombing of innocents in Yemen as they are in stopping the FBI investigating Russian involvement in our internal affairs.

If NRA members loved children as much as they loved their guns.

If farmers knew as much about the destructive nature of punitive tariffs as they know about crop rotation.

If all, any or some of those things happened then this last week would have been a pleasant week and we could have had reasonable bipartisan talks in the Senate. But none of those things happened and it came down to one Republican Senator. One person. I love Lawrence O'Donnell but when he is talking about how great the Senate is because one person can make a difference it defies a rational view of our world. What if Flake had food poisoning or what if he had taken the Senator's elevator where citizens can't go? Its when systems are designed to be saved by a single person that you end up with Civil and World Wars.

I was going to add "If only Trump loved one other human being as much as he loved himself" but while all of the other things listed above are conceivable that is not. It is the one and only absolute in our present political nightmare. Donald Trump is, like Mussolini and others like him, in a party of one.

We could have it all. Universal health care, world peace, massive third world development, significant reduction in CO2 gasses, huge increase in health care outcomes for every person in the world, and a truly decent college football playoff calendar (OK, I went to far). We have the technology, we have the ability.

This morning had a haircut and the barber asked "how is your summer?"

"Not good. I am an angry white male." (I like to give provocative statements that will illicit a response)

"Oh" and after a few minutes "what are you angry about?"

"Angry white males", I answered. It took a minute or two and she finally got the absurdity of it and started chuckling. Eventually she was laughing too hard to cut hair.

"Its a good thing in Tucson we don't have to vote for angry white males, we can vote for Ann Kirkpatrick and Kristen Synema." Sharing moment. Felt pretty safe that a person covered in tattoos wasn't a right winger.

If only angry white males like Senator Graham weren't so angry maybe they wouldn't be single white males.

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