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grantcart's Journal
grantcart's Journal
April 24, 2019

There is one very compelling reason not to impeach Trump

I am of the opinion that we should slowly build a case in such a way that compels everyone, including Republicans to face the facts and come to an agreement on the facts.

Once we have agreement on the facts then the impetus and force will build for impeachment.

There is one reason that strategists who look long term advocate stopping short of impeachment: it significantly undermines Republican 2020 electoral chances in all federal offices.

There is another even more compelling reason: if Trump is impeached Pence will pardon him, and all of the top gangsters in this criminal enterprise. If, however Trump stays in office and suffers electoral defeat he will have nothing to shield him from the full force of federal prosecutors and can not only suffer disgrace but actually go to jail.

It almost seems that this is Mueller's preferred choice and why his report pointedly states, "no one is above the law", and "the President can be prosecuted after he leaves office".

While it seems like an eternity to wait for a post election result I would happily bear it to ensure that Trump faces the ultimate humiliation of actual imprisonment, preferably until he dies in jail.
April 9, 2019

My theory on the firings at DHS

The real objective is to fire the career prosecutors at SDNY and Washington and others who are carrying on leads developed by the Muller investigation.

Obviously he can't go after them directly so he is starting a series of "mini purges" to create a general acceptance on the President's ability to fire people in the executive branch.

He will continue to create chaos and much "tsk tsk tsking" from Grassley and other Senate Republicans. Romney and others will say it is disconcerting but within the President's prerogative.

And after he has started disarming large sections of the federal government and getting Nero like confirmations from crowds who hate the government in part because of the ankle bracelets they wear for DUI and wife beating he will "uncover" a network of prosecutors who are trying to "do an end run around the elections" and take him out with a coup and put Hillary in.

People will be numb to it. The Republican senators have long lost the courage to stand up for the constitution or the country.

And the final move will be wide spread pardons. He will pardon everyone he can so that he and his children will be lost in the crowd.

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