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Member since: Wed Jan 9, 2008, 11:31 AM
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Complete Campaign Finance Reform is the solution to the root cause of most of our problems!

We are living under a shadow government that controls both parties, the Judiciary, and the media! They are able to do this because we allow legal bribery of our elected representatives in the form of campaign contributions. We have Defense contractors that own networks, and through these and talk radio they have brainwashed and distracted the masses. Do you believe that all of these social issues, although very important, are not what we need to be focusing on. With publicly funded elections (media that uses our airwaves can be made to air the commercials as part of their licensing requirement) we can limit the corporate influence on our political system.
To get there would require massive demonstrations and protests. It will also require us to convince the police of our cause because that is who they will use (again) to stop us. OWS scared them and so they are ready when it happens again. They will use the NSA spying on us to identify these movements before they get off of the ground.
Republicans and Democrats should both be for this if they truly care about this country and realize the extent things have changed in our Democracy in the last 35-40 years. We have to understand that they have polarized the parties so that we will have trouble ever working together. The polarization has also helped to distract us. How many things right now do they have us upset about? How many things are political that used to be apolitical? Look at the topics here on DU at any given time and see how many of them that we are protesting about, that with politicians not owned by special interest, would be properly taken care of. North Carolina and Texas would not be doing the voter I.D. Laws and abortion restrictions from hell to circumvent Roe v. Wade, instead we should be doing Wall Street reform, jobs, environment, energy, health care... You can look at what's in the public eye and realize there are other things more important that are not mentioned.
I am looking to wake up people to what is going on behind the scenes and how they are being played. I am looking to attack the root problem, CORRUPTION OF OUR ENTIRE POLITICAL SYSTEM! I am not good with technology and have my hands full working on the BP oil spill case (daily examples of how big money corrupts the judicial process). There are many much better than I at articulating our situation. My suggestion would be that when you are fighting for the issues close to your heart, think about how it would be handled if your Representatives were not biased by special interests. Also, when protesting your issue, say for example stand your ground laws and Trayvon Martin, add in that we need honest, Independent politicians through campaign finance reform that are not beholden to the gun lobby. We need politicians not owned by insurance companies and Big Pharma to pass universal health care. We need politicians not owned by the tobacco, alcohol, and Big Pharma (again) to pass medical pot... We need to be active and fight!!!

Our Congress is almost totally corrupt, representative Democracy is dead!

Most of the threads on DU are complaining of things like: the DOJ not going after Wall Street; entitlement reform; the deficit; the filibuster... I could go on and on with the list. We all know that the fix is in on many of the issues that the American people support. The wealthy special interests write the laws and their hired politicians get them Enacted. Both Democrats and Republicans should be up in arms (not assault weapons) over the fact that our democratic system is broken. Citizens United has put the corruption on steroids. The problem at the core, which if fixed, will help to solve most of the problems facing the United States. If we can force our politicians to pass complete/full campaign finance reform, we can get our representative democracy back. If our politicians were freed from having to raise money full time, they might be able to work on more than one issue at a time. They could not be threatened with a primary opponent that had more money than God if they did not vote a certain way. They would not have to "owe" big donors at the expense of the rest of us. It would come down to whether his/her constituents thought that he/she were representing their interests, as it should be. I do understand that this will not be easy. If you thought that OWS encountered resistance, then you haven't seen anything yet! This would be a fight for control of the United States, they have it, and we want it back. It will take much larger crowds of protesters, and need to be sustained for a very long time. The movement will need leaders who will not cave to half measures. It needs to eliminate any money, perks, gifts etc. for elections and votes on legislation. It needs to eliminate the revolving door of Wall Street crooks and corporate whores who come in and carve out exceptions for themselves and then return to the private sector. If done right, we can expect that when the majority of the American public want something, like Medicare for all, we get it! If the majority of Americans want a ban on assault weapons, we get a ban on assault weapons. In order to get a large number of citizens behind this effort, we need to get the word out. I am asking for DU'ers to get behind this and help in whatever way you can. Most can talk and write about it, but some of you have media contacts and relationships with politicians that can help in tremendous ways. I know from my years spent reading threads here that we have some very creative members here, and folks much smarter than me. I look forward to your responses and your help, thanks!
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