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Good news unrelated to the election! Animal lovers celebrate!

On Friday our firm was able to hand one of those giant checks to our local Humane society for $100,000!!!

March 23 2005, when BP blew up their plant killing 15 people and injuring 6,000, we represented a young lady who lost her mother and father in the blast. Neither she nor my boss wanted to settle, she believed that BP murdered her parents. BP was very desperate to settle rather than have it come out that they budgeted for their worker's lives and intentionally made decisions based on profit at the cost of what they thought might be only "1 or 2 workers." The case did settle and the documents could not be confidential. In addition to a very large sum of money for her, we made BP donate $30,000,000 to charities of her choice and a matching amount up to 6 million. We raised 6 million they had to match.

DuPont killed 4 people about a year and a half ago due to the same type of cost and safety cutting BP was guilty of. Our client, another daughter who lost her mother felt the same way about DuPont. Her mother spent most of her income rescuing strays and paying vet bills. As part of the settlement, DuPont agreed to a minute of silence every year for 10 years at all of their facilities to remind everyone of the mistakes of the past and remembrance of the victims. They also agreed to donate the hundred grand to the Humane societies of her choice. Our local Humane Society has some donated land and another million dollar donation from a local attorney and are building a new facility. While the building will be named after the attorney, the adjacent 100 acre public dog park will be named after our client's mother! The Humane Society even gave my disabled brother a dog (he recently lost his dog to old age) for my lobbying our client to donate here instead of where she lives (her mom was local and worked with the HS here)!

Now back to our regularly scheduled Primary debates!

Regardless of the outcome of this election, we must continue the fight post election!

We have discovered that our Representative Democracy has been stolen by big Donors who now control government through the politicians that they bought. The monied interests have played the long game on us because they never stop whittling away at our rights. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce started spending big money in state and local elections to win from the bottom up. Those elections were cheap to buy and eventually resulted in control of many of the state's by Republicans.

We on the other hand have been going to sleep and wake up only for Presidential elections, and even then seem half asleep as to what was going on behind the scenes. This has to stop! We have to remain committed to continuing the fight, forcing coverage of events by the networks and staying very active on social media. We need to keep pointing out the politicians who sell us out in exchange for more money. We need to support media outlets who do fairly cover the situation and let them know they can count on us to keep them afloat since they will not get the big ad dollars that corrupt the system and cause the media to go right

We need a long game too if we ever want to end the corporate control!

If Hillary wins the Primary on the strength of her bought of Super Delegates alone, what will you do

Morning Joe just had a really bad segment, even for them!

My elderly mom watches this every morning and I usually catch 10 minutes or so. Today they had a segment where they talked about Bernie and said socialist about 50 times, never once led by the word, "Democratic." They talked about how how the taxes will go crazy and the other usual stuff. No real mention of income inequality or anything that Bernie stands for. Some guy from Romney's campaign was on there, but he didn't get to say much. What little he did say was the usual RW BS.

Publicly Funded Elections, Bernie's solution to the root problem of campaign bribes.

In the MSNBC debate the other night, Bernie was asked if he would tackle first if elected. Immigration was suggested as a possibility by the moderator to trap him into either committing to that issue first, or pissing off the Latino vote by suggesting another issue first. Bernie avoided this trap by explaining that immigration and a whole host of other important issues would not go anywhere unless we first deal with the corruption in Washington caused by campaign contributions (bribes).

For his plan to work he has said all along that the people will have to pressure Washington into doing what we need and eliminating campaign contributions and Super PAC's. What he is fighting for is a return of Representative Democracy. Currently, we have politicians who only represent Donors, not "We the People." Hillary is the perfect example of what Bernie is talking about. This is what makes this the most important Presidential election for many decades. It will determine if we can throw off the yoke of the shadow government that controls our politics and regain control over our Democracy, or be subjected to more corporate control over our lives and our future. The stakes couldn't be higher!

Despite Hillary's denial that the huge personal fortune she and Bill amassed by speaking to these power brokers, and all of the campaign and Super Pac contributions would have an effect on her policy positions, it does have an effect, on both her, and all of the Republican and Democratic politicians who are lining up to endorse her and receive money from her massive list of wealthy donors.

We have been ranking candidates by how much in bribes they can amass each quarter, that's how ingrained this crap is! This has to end and Bernie is our best chance at doing it! I no longer choose to live under corporate rule!

Feel the Bern!!!!!!!
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