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Member since: Wed Jan 9, 2008, 11:31 AM
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Plant explosions in Jefferson County Texas!

I cannot get the link to paste and work but you can check the Beaumont Enterprise;KBMT Beaumont Texas or other Beaumont or Houston media.

The explosion an hour ago blew a several story tower sky high, but fortunately only 3 injuries so far. Mandatory evacuation for both of these two cities surrounding the plant. Houses damaged for miles around Port Neches and Groves Texas.

Since the regulatory agencies do not have the staff or budgets to inspect these plants, the plants are obligated to self-report leaks or problems (yeah right).

Today I spent time with John Cornyn and Ted Cruz!

I had to attend an Investiture (swearing in) of another new Trump federal judgeship. When I arrived there were cops and Homeland Security everywhere. I did not know at the time the two worst Senators in this country would be there along with almost all the judges in Texas.

I listened to them brag about the 150 federal judges they have sworn in since Trump went into office. They say they only have one open bench in Texas and hope to have it filled and take the filled positions to 100 percent, something that has not happened in many decades. It was sickening to watch and hear them gloat.

The worst part was from Ted Cruz (of course it was). He spoke about how the new judge would no longer be a Republican because we (USA) uphold the Rule of Law. Cruz added that the new judge would rule based on the law and the facts with no partisanship. The people around me were upset with me when I muttered a little too loudly “So this means you will vote to impeach Trump?”

We can never let the Republicans hold up our judicial nominees again. I rarely practice in federal court and yet I currently have cases in front of 4 Trump appointed federal judges!
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