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Member since: Wed Jan 9, 2008, 11:31 AM
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I just found out today that another attorney in the firm found out his wife was exposed,

told only our HR director, and asked her to keep it secret that he was in quarantine. We have not been told when he was exposed. He last worked 6/25. On Friday 6/26 he felt ill but was not tested until sometime the following week. He told no one he was sick. He told the office today he just got his results and that he was positive.

The HR director said the “good news” is that we will be 14 days from our last exposure on Thursday. “Good news” that we did not know to be quarantined until the time was almost up? My 83 year old mom lives with me! I think I would like to freakin know he was exposed and sick! HIPPA means he doesn’t have to say he is sorry.

Let me ask you DU, do you think there should be an exception put into HIPPA concerning pandemic exposure related health information? What do you think of his actions?
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