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Member since: Thu Feb 7, 2008, 11:29 PM
Number of posts: 265

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The *incivility* of the left #satire


New head of tRUmp's *space force*


Love this text! (Sam Bee content)

I love little cultural differences, like how Americans are super offended by the word cunt but here in Australia we're super offended by school children being slaughtered with automatic weapons.

The ballad of Donald Trump


Apologize if this is a repeat.

Conservative backlash to the women's march - it gets personal

After I posted photos of my friends and I wearing our pussy hats at the women's march, along with some of the more clever signs, my conservative ("libertarian" since Trump won the GOP nomination) mother posted on FB that she must be among the privileged few as she never felt put down because of being a woman and learned early in life to turn off any possible sexual harassment. She says she has a right to believe what the Bible teaches about anything -- including the murder of unborn children -- in reference to the march. Her post included a truly bizarre video from someone who calls herself the Activist Mommy. She knows I have a serious #metoo experience that I didn't feel like sharing publicly while everyone else was relating their stories. I'm offended and, yes, wounded by this.

I'm sorry, but I find this really freaking funny...


Someone needs to take a break from Twitter.

I have a cousin who is a fundamentalist Christian and her comments on the latest mass shooting...

...mystify me.

She said, "It seems as if there are so many more shootings in churches now. Satan is doing his best to destroy God's people. But do not be discouraged, God is still on the throne, and someday every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess He is Lord.

Praying for those who have lost loved ones and friends to this evil, that God will give them peace and comfort and strength for the days ahead."

My question is, if Satan is behind the shootings in churches, what explanation is there for the Pulse nightclub shootings? Or the mass shootings last month in Las Vegas? Or even Sandy Hook?

It would be insensitive of me to argue with her about this in a public forum, but I don't understand the thinking here. Anyone have an explanation?

The Cut, Cut, Cut Act?


The future of the ACA is in Trumps tiny hands

There's still work to do. Keep up the fight!

There is a real concern that Trump could use HHS to alter or undermine the law.


I find the gloating over the AHCA withdrawal unattractive

I understand that people are relieved that the ACA has survived, for now, and I feel that way, too, but it's a serious matter. The over the top gloating trivializes the very real fight we are in, IMO. I believe that Obama is setting a good example for behavior in light of this short term "victory" with an eye toward the long game, winning the actual war.
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