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Gender: Male
Current location: Washington state
Member since: Sun Feb 10, 2008, 07:51 PM
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Journal Archives

Aaron Rodgers has fractured left collarbone

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said Tuesday he has a fractured left collarbone and has no idea yet how long he will be out.

The 2011 NFL MVP offered details of the injury on his weekly radio show on 540-AM ESPN. He got hurt after getting sacked by Shea McClellin on a third-down play during the Packers' first series while he was scrambling outside the pocket. He hurt his left, non-throwing shoulder.

''I do have a fractured collarbone. That's a significant injury,'' Rodgers said. ''We'll know more about the severity and the timetable later this week.''

Rodgers said he was holding out hope he would heal quickly. ''In this case, it was considerably more pain than I've felt in a long time,'' he added.


We'll see how long he's out, but that's the thing with the NFL..one injury to an important player, usually it's the QB, and away goes the season..

St. Louis weatherman is mad at the Cardinals...

Poor guy seems depressed. Probably has a reason to be. That's two years in a row St Louis has blown post season series leads..

How a fishing trip prevented the NL from adopting the DH...

I never knew the NL came this close. Interesting that an organization such as the Cardinals, who are always praised for playing the game the right way, were in the forefront of the push for the rule..

I now have a new appreciation for fishing..

More men are raped in the US than women, figures on prison assaults reveal...

In January, prodded in part by outrage over a series of articles in the New York Review of Books, the Justice Department finally released an estimate of the prevalence of sexual abuse in penitentiaries. The reliance on filed complaints appeared to understate the problem. For 2008, for example, the government had previously tallied 935 confirmed instances of sexual abuse.After asking around, and performing some calculations, the Justice Department came up with a new number: 216,000. That’s 216,000 victims, not instances. These victims are often assaulted multiple times over the course of the year. The Justice Department now seems to be saying that prison rape accounted for the majority of all rapes committed in the US in 2008, likely making the United States the first country in the history of the world to count more rapes for men than for women.



I knew rape of incarcerated males was widespread, but I had no idea..

Puppycide: Police Shoot a Dog Every 98 Minutes..

I get emails begging me to plug Kickstarter projects all the time, and I rarely click through. And I sure wish I hadn't clicked through to this one either, because it's incredibly distressing. According to the page's authors, law enforcement officers shoot a dog every 98 minutes in the US, sometimes under the most casual and callous circumstances. It is a wave of underreported brutality that the authors hope to draw attention to with a feature-length documentary: Puppycide.


This is a trailer for the Puppycide documentary. DO NOT watch it if you're overly upset by the sight of innocent dogs being shot..


Giants sign Tim Lincecum to two year, $35 million contract

The most recognizable pitcher in franchise history will be a Giant for at least two more seasons.

The Giants and right-hander Tim Lincecum agreed to a two-year, $35 million deal Tuesday, pending a physical. Lincecum, a two-time Cy Young Award winner, was days away from becoming a free agent for the first time.

Drafted 10th overall in 2006, Lincecum is 89-70 in seven seasons with the Giants with a 3.46 ERA. He was 10-14 last season with a 4.37 ERA and threw his first career no-hitter.


I thought he was gone and didn't really care. 17.5 million a year for a guy who had an ERA of 4.37 in 2013 after a 5.18 in 2012 sounds like an overpay. Perhaps the Giants feel better days are ahead for Tim, and likely he's being paid for being one of the faces of the franchise as much as anything else.

Game-Winning Bundesliga Goal Doesn't Actually Go In..

During today's match at Hoffenheim, Bayer Leverkusen striker Stefan Kießling put a header just outside the near post. The ball somehow snuck through the netting, and Kießling was awarded a goal.

The celebration was a bit subdued (nobody make eye contact with the officials!), but it wasn't particularly amusing for Hoffenheim. A late goal would make it 2-1, making Kießling's header through the onion bag the winner.


Some form of replay or goal line technology, and you wouldn't see things like this..

California Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoes Drug “Defelonization” Bill..

California Governor Jerry Brown (D) Saturday vetoed a bill that would have allowed prosecutors or judges to charge simple drug possession as a misdemeanor instead of a felony. The bill would have made drug possession a “wobbler,” meaning it could be charged either way, based on judicial or prosecutorial discretion.

Some 10,000 people are convicted of drug possession felonies each year in California, and experts estimated that, under the bill, 15% to 30% of them would have been charged instead with misdemeanors. The exact number is unknown because the bill would have left those decisions up to prosecutors and judges.

Bill supporters, including the ACLU of California and the Drug Policy Alliance lambasted Brown’s decision to veto the bill.“By vetoing SB 649, Gov. Brown has thwarted the will of the voters and their elected representatives by rejecting a modest reform that would have helped end mass incarceration in this state,” said Kim Horiuchi, criminal justice and drug policy attorney for the ACLU of California.

“California voters and the legislature recognize the urgent need to reevaluate our sentencing laws and enact smart reforms, especially for low level, non-violent drug crimes,” Horiuchi continued. “Doing so will allow California to reduce its reliance on incarceration and free up limited resources for the sorts of community-based treatment, education and job training programs proven to reduce crime and create safe and healthy communities. Despite this, Gov. Brown remains inexplicably opposed to meaningful sentencing reform.”


I keep reading how liberal California's office holders are. You could have fooled me.

Sharks Dan Boyle taken off ice on stretcher after dirty hit from behind..

Boyle spent the night in the hospital. How long he'll be out is anybody's guess. The Blues Maxim Lapierre, who delivered the hit, has been suspended in the past for a similar dirty hit on then Shark Dan Nichol. And, according to Logan Couture, Lapierre was threatening to "get somebody" after the first shift, and then came the clearly illegal hit on Boyle. A good long suspension looks upcoming.

"Grinding the meat"

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