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Coffee or not? The choice to have coffee in the mornings is nigh

It's been nine days since my last operation and it is still a struggle to eat. My digestive system is working but not up to normal. My appetite has not really returned - I get hungry but feel full after very little food.

That's fine - I am using this opportunity to lose weight and stop some of my bad eating habits. So far I have lost about twelve pounds and if I keep this up I will be at a third of my total weight loss goal by the end of the year.

So far I have not gone back to having coffee in the mornings. Before the operation I HAD to have at least one fourteen ounce cup every morning. That was a cut back but gave me enough caffeine to get going.

It's been long enough that the caffeine withdrawal is over and done. I still crave that pick me up in the morning but don't have that addict's pull for it.

Maybe it is the time to cut my caffeine ties? I could still have the occasional coffee but it sure would save me a lot of time every morning to just not have that daily cup.

What do ya'll think?

Out of the hospital again - minus a kidney and a hernia!

Wednesday I had my second set of procedures - left kidney removed via hand assisted laparoscopic surgery and mid-line hernia repair. The healing from this compared to the TAVR (trans arterial valve repair) will be much slower. For one thing, I had my first solid food this morning, if half a cup of thin oatmeal counts as solid food.

I have two small incisions on my left and a 6" vertical incision right across my belly button. The big incision is a little sore, but not really painful.

The mass on my kidney was a stage 1 cancer - completely enclosed in the kidney with no signs of spreading. The five year survival rate is 81% and we will do follow up imaging to make sure there is not additional signs of cancer.

The hernia was worse than the doctor thought - couple of loops of intestine were pushed through. Eventually they could have become damaged and blocked which can be very serious. Now instead of my tummy pooching out, it goes way in. I'll have to get used to my new figure!

I came home today and have slept most of the day. Now eating my third meal since the surgery.

Now for the bad news - my sister called after I was out of surgery Wednesday. Mom was in so much pain Tuesday her caretaker took her to the emergency room. The pain was caused by three collapsed or shattered vertebrae. Along with the spine problem, on the X-ray they saw tumors scattered across her body, the worst in her liver. She is now in hospice at home. Since she is a 96 year old woman with worsening Alzheimers, any treatment other than palliative care would just be a cruelty.
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