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It's massive, a unicorn and keeps you cool

Six foot unicorn sprinkler goes on sale
It's massive, a unicorn and keeps you cool

ByPhilippa Jenkins
17:45, 29 MAY 2018

Have you got anyone in your household who is obsessed with unicorns?

There may be something currently on sale which would be right up their street while the warm weather lasts.

Letís face it, there's nothing better on a hot summer day than dusting of the barbecue, setting up the garden furniture and filling the paddling pool for the kids.

But this summer you can take it one step further and be the envy of all your neighbours with a six foot inflatable unicorn sprinkler.

More: https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/six-foot-unicorn-sprinkler-goes-1620624

A NEW Simon's Cat - Crow

Queer Eye For Lebowski

Anybody having a problem with AcornTV?

Just now I tried to go to it on my Roku device and was asked to login. It put up my email address then it would not accept my password. After two tries, I tried to get to the https://acorn.tv/ website for Acorn TV and get "504 ERROR
The request could not be satisfied."

Any idea what's up?

Liberal Redneck - Nuclear Dealbreaker

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