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Simon's Cat - Who's a Good Boy?

Need some advice about carry food to Turkey Day

I'm going to make my usual batch of pecan pies - those are easy.

But I also plan to take a crockpot full of zucchini, yellow squash, and sweet onion. My normal way is to slice up a large yellow onion, start it cooking in my big chef pan while I cube a pound each of zucchini and yellow squash, then throw them in and cook until everything is done, stirring occasionally. It makes a massive amount so I freeze about 3/4 of the total for future meals for the two of us.

To make it easier at my SIL's I plan to take the vegetables over in a crockpot, but I was wondering - if I put the crockpot on low, will the squash get too done overnight?

I can't remember what I did last time - I think I may have cooked it about halfway done, left the vegetables in the crockpot overnight, transported it, and turned on the crockpot about an hour before dinner is to be served. I just can't remember - that was three operations and three deaths ago.

Does this sound like a plan?

My niece was found dead tonight

This is the one who with my sister, her mother, treated Mom horribly when Dad was dying back in 2013. I have not spoken to either of them since then, but it is still a shock.

She was a hypochondriac and years ago bragged about how she used different names to get drugs and hospital care without paying. The last time I saw her, she dropped her purse and dozens of prescription pill bottles fell out. She'd go doctor shopping to get different drugs for her various ailments.

It's not yet known what she died of. Her brother went by to check on her and when he couldn't get a response, called the police who gained entry and found her. Apparently she'd been dead for at least a couple of days.

Her mother is on a cruise off of Spain. Her husband is in Morocco where his mother is dying.

I'm stunned. I worry about how her brother will handle this since he was left "in charge" of his older, mentally unstable sister.

He's Just a GURL Who'll QUID PRO QUO! - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Big improvement for most Rokus!

One of the things I have liked least about my two year old Roku Express streaming stick is the lack of mute, volume control, and TV power off/on button. Today my husband and I were shopping for a new Roku for him (his was a freebie from Sling, probably one of the old Rokus and it has been dropping off and/or buffering far too much). His new one came with voice control and all the things I have been hoping for.

Well, right next to the Roku we got for him was a Roku voice remote control with TV controls. I got one, brought it home and installed it. Installation was easy - power off the Roku (by unplugging it), let it reboot, put the batteries in the new remote, press the Pairing button on the remote, and let them find each other.

Then you let the remote go through codes to link to your TV. Now I can turn the TV off and on, adjust the sound, and mute commercials! The voice control works OK, though it seems to have a little trouble understanding my Southern accent.

The new remote is not that much cheaper than a new Roku, but it sure is easier to install. If you have an older Roku and want to see if you can use one of the new remotes, go to http://go.roku.com/remotecheck Then scroll down to find your Roku model.

My only complaint is that they have a different set of streaming channels than on my old remote - my old one had Netflix, Sling, Hulu, and Amazon. The new one has Netflix, ESPN (which I will never use), Hulu, and Sling. SO the first voice command I tried was "Launch Amazon" and after two tries, Prime came on. I guess I can live with that, though I may put a piece of black tape over the ESPN button.
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