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Steel for border wall going up in Arizona made by company with Trump PAC ties

A company that heavily lobbied President Trump is part of the lucrative business of constructing the new steel wall along the border in Arizona.

An up-close look at the 30-foot-tall, rust-colored steel poles that make up the wall recently erected along the border in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument reveals the words “Atlas Tube” on them.

Atlas Tube is the Chicago-based division of Zekelman Industries, a company run by Barry Zekelman, a Canadian billionaire who led a wide-ranging effort to urge Trump and other officials to place tariffs and import quotas on steel. That effort included a $1.75 million donation to a pro-Trump super PAC and meeting with Trump and others in April 2018.

The $891 million in contracts to build 43 miles of wall on Organ Pipe and part of the adjacent Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge were awarded in May to Southwest Valley Constructors, according to the Army Corps of Engineers. Southwest Valley Constructors is a New Mexico-based affiliate of construction giant Kiewit.


The rest of the wall on Cabeza Prieta will be built by Fisher Sand and Gravel, which is under scrutiny by the inspector general of the Department of Defense. The company’s head, Tommy Fisher, led what he called a “whirlwind media campaign” and paid lobbyists more than $100,000 to discuss the wall with lawmakers.

The inspector general probe, which is ongoing, came after the Washington Post quoted officials saying Trump personally and repeatedly urged the head of the Army Corps to award a $268 million contract to Fisher, even after Fisher’s bid was rejected. The value of the contract could rise to nearly $400 million if all options are exercised.



Unpacking the legacy of stop-and-frisk in New York under Mike Bloomberg. #BetweenTheScenes


Trump's turning Florida stop at Daytona 500 into extensive free campaign publicity:

Trump’s turning Florida stop at Daytona 500 into extensive free campaign publicity:

—AF1 flyover as he arrives at Daytona Beach airport, adjacent to speedway

—1/2 lap in multi-car motorcade

—pre-race ceremony with “Star-Spangled Banner” and flyover by Air Force Thunderbirds.


NEW VIDEO: Telling The Truth - Lt. Col. Vindman upheld his oath. @realDonaldTrump has not.


DeVos family pumps $800,000 into super PAC targeting Peters (plus an lol from Granholm)

Members of West Michigan's influential DeVos family have given $800,000 to a group focused on unseating Democratic U.S. Sen. Gary Peters, according to new fundraising disclosures.

Democrats alleged the contributions show Peters' GOP opponent, Farmington Hills businessman John James, will stand with U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and her family. But Republicans countered that the contributions revealed key donors see how vulnerable Peters is this year in his re-election bid.
Republican U.S. candidate John James and incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Gary Peters are expected to face off in 2020.

A Jan. 3-7 poll by Glengariff Group of 600 likely Michigan voters showed Peters leading James 44% to 40% in a survey with a margin of error of minus-plus 4 percentage points. Peters is one of two senators running in states that President Donald Trump won in 2016, and first-term senators normally face a challenging re-election campaign, Glengariff's Richard Czuba said.

Six members of the DeVos family gave a total of $800,000 to Better Future MI Fund, a super political action committee, on Dec. 9. Under federal election law, super PACs can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money trying to persuade voters as long as they act independently of the candidates' campaigns.


Better Future MI Fund formed Oct. 31, according to a filing with the Federal Election Commission. The super PAC had to file its first campaign finance disclosure, covering the last two months of 2019, on Jan. 31.

The super PAC's only contributors were, at that point, from six members of the DeVos family. Daniel and Pamella DeVos, listed as executives with RDV Corp., each contributed $200,000. Cheri DeVos and her husband, Steve Ehmann, each gave $100,000. And Doug and Maria DeVos each gave $100,000.



Bloomberg spent $3M backing Snyder

Washington – — Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg donated $3 million to Gov. Rick Snyder’s re-election campaign — the most he contributed to any candidate as part of a $40 million effort.

The billionaire majority owner of the media conglomerate Bloomberg LP, backed five Republican winners including Snyder, though many Democrats he backed lost. Bloomberg also backed U.S. Rep. Gary Peters, D-Bloomfield Township, who won his race for U.S. Senate.

Bloomberg told Politico Snyder is “an extremely competent guy who took on the unions to get Detroit and Michigan going in the right direction. And he was re-elected despite being attacked by the unions.”

Snyder signed “Right to Work” legislation in December 2012 following an unsuccessful bid by unions to enshrine collective bargaining rights in the state constitution. Unions also worked aggressively to try to defeat Snyder in his re-election bid.

Last month, Bloomberg’s Independence USA political action committee launched a major TV ad buy worth at least $2.3 million on behalf of Snyder. A male narrator in Independence USA’s ad declared Michigan is “coming back” and that Snyder is “the governor who put partisanship aside, made the hard decisions and delivered results.”

The ad’s narrator also touts “higher graduation rates, more school funding” and more public charter schools under Snyder’s watch.


First full weekend home in a month for @SenSherrodBrown:


Jake Tapper, reacting to Rush Limbaugh's homophobic Pete Buttigieg rant:

Jake Tapper, reacting to Rush Limbaugh's homophobic Pete Buttigieg rant:

"We should point out Buttigieg is married to one man. I don’t even know what number spouse Limbaugh's up to."


Trump's words, bullied kids, scarred schools

The president’s rhetoric has changed the way hundreds of children are harassed in American classrooms, The Post found

Two kindergartners in Utah told a Latino boy that President Trump would send him back to Mexico, and teenagers in Maine sneered "Ban Muslims" at a classmate wearing a hijab. In Tennessee, a group of middle-schoolers linked arms, imitating the president's proposed border wall as they refused to let nonwhite students pass. In Ohio, another group of middle-schoolers surrounded a mixed-race sixth-grader and, as she confided to her mother, told the girl: "This is Trump country."

Since Trump’s rise to the nation’s highest office, his inflammatory language — often condemned as racist and xenophobic — has seeped into schools across America. Many bullies now target other children differently than they used to, with kids as young as 6 mimicking the president’s insults and the cruel way he delivers them.

Trump’s words, those chanted by his followers at campaign rallies and even his last name have been wielded by students and school staff members to harass children more than 300 times since the start of 2016, a Washington Post review of 28,000 news stories found. At least three-quarters of the attacks were directed at kids who are Hispanic, black or Muslim, according to the analysis. Students have also been victimized because they support the president — more than 45 times during the same period.

Although many hateful episodes garnered coverage just after the election, The Post found that Trump-connected persecution of children has never stopped. Even without the huge total from November 2016, an average of nearly two incidents per school week have been publicly reported over the past four years. Still, because so much of the bullying never appears in the news, The Post’s figure represents a small fraction of the actual total. It also doesn’t include the thousands of slurs, swastikas and racial epithets that aren’t directly linked to Trump but that the president’s detractors argue his behavior has exacerbated.

“It’s gotten way worse since Trump got elected,” said Ashanty Bonilla, 17, a Mexican American high school junior in Idaho who faced so much ridicule from classmates last year that she transferred. “They hear it. They think it’s okay. The president says it. . . . Why can’t they?”

Asked about Trump’s effect on student behavior, White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham noted that first lady Melania Trump — whose “Be Best” campaign denounces online harassment — had encouraged kids worldwide to treat one another with respect.

“She knows that bullying is a universal problem for children that will be difficult to stop in its entirety,” Grisham wrote in an email, “but Mrs. Trump will continue her work on behalf of the next generation despite the media’s appetite to blame her for actions and situations outside of her control.”


The Jim Bakker Show is suggesting that the silver solution it sells can kill the coronavirus...

JFC... these people are dangerous, as well as loony.
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