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Walmart Raised Wages In April. It’s Already Seeing The Benefits.

Source: Think Progress

After it raised wages for employees in April, Walmart said on Friday that it’s already seen lower turnover and an increase in job applicants.

“Our job applications are going up and we are seeing some relief in turnover,” CEO Doug McMillon said at a media briefing after its annual shareholders meeting. The company’s performance has been suffering recently thanks to understaffed stores, among other things.

The company announced that all workers would make at least $9 an hour this year, a minimum that would increase to $10 an hour in February. The company’s rationale at the time was that it would reap the benefits of its $1 billion investment in higher wages through lower turnover, which is apparently already playing out.

Turnover can be quite costly: it eats up the equivalent of a fifth of a worker’s salary to replace him. Higher wages have been found to stem a tide of fleeing workers, however: two different reports found that increased wages lower turnover as well as increase recruitment and employee performance.

Read more: http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2015/06/09/3667927/walmart-turnover/

100 Year Old BFFs

A Republican Nightmare: Science Group Demands 2016 Presidential ‘Science Debate’

Source: Addicting Info

Given how monumentally important scientific literacy is for anyone who hopes to lead America in the 21st Century, you would think holding a “science debate” alongside issues of foreign policy, social issues, and the economy is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, one half of the political spectrum seems to believe science isn’t observable facts based on data, and instead political opinions that come from your gut or the checkbook of the closest oil tycoon. As you can imagine, Republican candidates have historically opposed discussing science during elections at all costs. 2016 may change all that – and it will be a bloodbath.


And it may actually work. We know that if there is one thing that politicians listen to almost as much as money it’s popular opinion. Knowing that 42,000 people are demanding you engage them in your views on science is hard to ignore. It’s also overwhelmingly popular. In fact, even Republicans who reject things like climate change and evolution want to appear like they are scientifically minded. They certainly don’t mind bringing up scientific studies or findings if they believe they support something they believe in. If a new study came out tomorrow that demonstrated conclusively that the Earth wasn’t warming at all (it won’t), the GOP and their friends in the right-wing media would become the biggest fans of science in the world over night.

The problem lies in the fact that on almost every issue, Republicans would get creamed. This is the “I’m not a scientist, but…” party, after all. Browsing the selection of presidential hopefuls, it is immediately clear that any one of them would struggle to make sense or sound smart while being asked about carbon dioxide levels in the Earth’s atmosphere. (Although, Rick Perry does wear glasses now, so there’s that.)

It’s hard to say whether scientific ignorance could cost a particularly dimwitted candidate an election, but watching someone like Rick Santorum or Scott Walker struggle to articulate their laughably off-base views on the Theory of Evolution might move the needle just enough. It’s hard to get excited to vote for a person who seems like they couldn’t hack it at an elementary school science fair.

Read more: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2015/06/04/republican-nightmare-science-group-demands-2016-presidential-science-debate/

There are some DUzys in there! Can you even imagine the hilarity that would ensue...

The Civil War’s Division of North and South is Reflected in Cookbooks

Source: Smithsonian

Cookbooks can be an overlooked source of history. They reflect not only the culinary values of an era but even the political. That’s exactly what the new book Food in the Civil War Era: The South, edited by food historian Helen Zoe Veit explores, reports Nina Martyris for NPR.

Any connoisseur of Southern cuisine is sure to be aware of how history has shaped the foods of the region. Many foods are the dishes slaves cooked that harkened back to the foods of West and Central Africa and make do with more meager ingredients. (Though some Southern dishes betray unexpected influences — fried green tomatoes, for example, might come from Jewish immigrants and are apparently a recent addition to the cuisine.)

But modern variation in dishes cooked in the Northern U.S. versus the South is the result of decades of influences, simmered and blended over time. To delve into the differences made stark by the Civil War, Veit looks to cookbooks written in that time. "Although direct references to the war were rare in Northern cookbooks," Viet told Martyris for NPR, "a close reading can help us glean hints of the turbulence churning outside the kitchen window."

"There was only one actual cookbook published in the South during the war — but recipes were printed in other forms, especially in periodicals," she says.

Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/civil-wars-division-north-and-south-apparent-cookbooks-180955492/

War Machine to take ‘full responsibility’ for beating girlfriend as he seeks to have charges dropped

Source: Raw Story

Mixed martial arts fighter and self-proclaimed “alpha male” Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, better known as “War Machine,” was in court June 3 trying to get some of the 34 counts against him dismissed in association with the savage beating of his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack. At one point he demanded Judge Elissa Cadish allow him to take a polygraph test.

“I want to do it,” he said rather aggressively. Her response? “I don’t care.”

The video of War Machine’s hearing, posted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, shows the shackled and orange jumpsuit-clad Koppenhaver growing agitated as his attorney, Brandon Sua, argued that there isn’t enough evidence to support charges alleging the fighter was trying to kill anyone. The judge shot down his request, meaning all charges stand and trial is set for September.


Koppenhaver attempted suicide in October and left a note that is replete with language associated with the Men’s Rights Movement, a reactionary effort to preserve a patriarchal society. He claimed “society has killed men, I was never meant to live in this era anyway. Follow your dreams and think for yourselves.”

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/2015/06/war-machine-to-take-full-responsibility-for-beating-girlfriend-as-he-seeks-to-have-charges-dropped/

Officer in Tamir Rice Case Was Accused of Choking and Beating a Woman

Source: Mother Jones

The ongoing criminal investigation into the death of Tamir Rice has focused mostly on Timothy Loehmann, the Cleveland police officer who shot and killed the 12-year-old in a park last November. Last month, a county official familiar with the case told Mother Jones that Frank Garmback, the officer who drove the police car to within a few feet of Rice moments before Loehmann stepped out and opened fire, was not under criminal investigation by the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department, which turned over its investigation to county prosecutor on Wednesday.

As Mother Jones and others have reported, prior records showed that Loehmann "could not follow simple directions" and that "his handgun performance was dismal." Garmback's past record has received far less attention, even though he was involved in a use-of-force lawsuit that was settled not long before Rice's death.

In 2012, Garmback was named in a civil rights lawsuit for allegedly using excessive force against a black woman named Tamela Eaton. Eaton, who was 39 at the time, had called Cleveland police in August 2010 to ask for help towing a car that was parked in front of her driveway. Garmback and another officer, Tim Guerra, were searching for a murder suspect nearby. When they tried to arrest a man walking down the street, Eaton heard the commotion and came out of her home, believing the officers were responding to her call. Eaton's lawsuit asserted that Garmback initially argued with her, then rushed toward her "and placed her in a chokehold, tackled her to the ground, twisted her wrist and began hitting her body. Officer Guerra rushed over and proceeded to punch Tamela Eaton in the face multiple times."

Read more: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2015/06/officer-tamir-rice-beating-case

City Museum: A 10-Story Former Shoe Factory Transformed into the Ultimate Urban Playground

Source: Colossal

Housed in the former home of the 10-story International Shoe Company, the sprawling 600,000 square-foot City Museum in St. Louis is quite possibly the ultimate urban playground ever constructed. The museum is the brainchild of artist and sculptor Bob Cassilly who opened the space in 1997 after years of renovation and construction. Although Cassilly passed away in 2011, the museum is perpetually under construction as new features are added or improved thanks to a ragtag group of 20 artists known affectionately as the Cassilly Crew.

So what can you find at the City Museum? How about a sky-high jungle gym making use of two repurposed airplanes, two towering 10-story slides and numerous multi-floor slides, a rooftop Ferris wheel and a cantilevered school bus that juts out from the roof, subterranean caves, a pipe organ, hundreds of feet of tunnels that traverse from floor to floor, an aquarium, ball pits, a shoe lace factory, a circus arts facility, restaurants, and even a bar… because why not? All the materials used to build the museum including salvaged bridges, old chimneys, construction cranes, and miles of tile are sourced locally, making the entire endeavor a massive recycling project.

If you have kids (or are a kid at heart) and live in the midwestern United States or have any other means to get to St. Louis, if you aren’t immediately planning a trip to City Museum, you’re missing out on life. On my first visit last year our family hardly left the museum for two days. It is the complete antithesis to commercialized theme parks like Disneyland. You can see more photos at Gallery Hip.

More: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2015/06/city-museum/

Seriously, how cool is this?

Winners of Britain's Got Talent: wee little doggies!

For those who don't visit the DU Lounge... a wonderful post regarding Senator Sanders:


What a great story!

Tiny Hamster is a Giant Monster!

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