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The Dept. of the Interior says President Trump's 4th of July event will include:

The Dept. of the Interior says President Trump's 4th of July event will include:

- Marching bands
- Fife and drum corps
- Floats
- Military units
- Giant balloons
- Drill teams
- Remarks from the president
- and fireworks



Trump Hotel Prices Skyrocket Around 4th of July

By any measure, the cost to stay at Trump International Hotel around the 4th of July is extraordinary. The hotel, which almost never sells out, is sold out on the 3rd and 4th of July. On the 5th, the prices are double the average for the cheapest room available in comparable luxury hotels. The rate on the 5th is also more than double the average for comparable Fridays at the Trump Hotel.

While the cost is extraordinary, it is not a complete mystery–President Trump plans to hijack and politicize the Washington D.C. 4th of July celebration this year, and his namesake hotel is just blocks away from the National Mall, where the festivities will take place. It’s likely that his supporters and political allies plan to descend on his hotel around the holiday, which would come as no surprise, given that no modern president has so blatantly profited from his political position before, or centered the 4th of July celebration so squarely around himself.

The Trump Hotel is known to be more expensive, and more vacant than other comparable DC hotels, but it has also been one of the only bright spots in Trump’s financial portfolio. In 2018, he made more than $40 million from his DC hotel alone, which is known to be a social center for the president’s supporters and popular destination for those looking to curry favor with the president.


Hawke Memorial: William Barton and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra play Down Under

Kamala Harris gives words of encouragement to a shy fan: "you always hold that chin up"

Big sis, Jasmin: "If you don't make it, I'll take your place."

He can walk the walk, but can he squawk the squawk? 🐤 Follow this unique Sandhill Crane family...

He can walk the walk, but can he squawk the squawk? 🐤 Follow this unique Sandhill Crane family and their adopted gosling by checking more photos from @JocAPhotography!

📸: Kensington Metropark #PureMichigan #VisitDetroit


Sandhill Crane Family with Adopted Gosling

In early May 2019, a Sandhill Crane family hatched a Canada Goose egg. This came about by a Sandhill Crane pair building a nest and a Canada Goose taking it over long enough to lay an egg in it. The Sandhill Cranes chased off the Goose, but allowed the egg to stay. The Goose was hatched, and then their Sandhill Crane egg hatched a few days later. The Sandhill Cranes have adopted the Canada Goose gosling as one of their own. They are caring for it along with their Sandhill Crane chick (which is called a "colt." )

The Sandhill Crane family hatched the Canada Goose egg on May 2nd. The Sandhill Crane egg hatched a few days later on May 5th.

I will be documenting the family over the course of the Summer and the Fall. It will be interesting and fun to watch this beautiful bird family!

Selected prints of this family are available in my shop.

The most recent photos and updates will be at the top of this page.


Her photos are quite extraordinary, and well worth a look. A few more:

Can you even imagine a Republican line-up looking remotely like this?

Sen. Kamala Harris danced down the escalator into the SC Dem convention with a whole drum line...


Former Trump campaign spox (and erstwhile WH comms director-designate) @JasonMillerinDC with some...

Former Trump campaign spox (and erstwhile WH comms director-designate) @JasonMillerinDC with some NSFW tweets about Chairman Nadler calling Hope Hicks “Ms Lewandowski”


Aww... he deleted his Twitter account.

4 Severely Ill Migrant Toddlers Hospitalized After Lawyers Visit Border Patrol Facility

The kids were unresponsive, feverish and vomiting, yet receiving no medical care, according to lawyers.

Four toddlers were so severely ill and neglected at a U.S. Border Patrol facility in McAllen, Texas, that lawyers forced the government to hospitalize them last week.

The children, all under age 3 with teenage mothers or guardians, were feverish, coughing, vomiting and had diarrhea, immigration attorneys told HuffPost on Friday. Some of the toddlers and infants were refusing to eat or drink. One 2-year-old’s eyes were rolled back in her head, and she was “completely unresponsive” and limp, according to Toby Gialluca, a Florida-based attorney.

She described seeing terror in the children’s eyes.

“It’s just a cold, fearful look that you should never see in a child of that age,” Gialluca said. “You look at them and you think, ‘What have you seen?’”

Another mother at the same facility had a premature baby, who was “listless” and wrapped in a dirty towel, as HuffPost previously reported.


This is just horrifying.

Honeymoon Hashtag Hell

Social media pressure to take perfectly posed photographs may lead to the first argument as a married couple. Is it worth a fabulous Instagram shot if you are just having a horrible time?

If you ask JP Smith what he remembers most about his 2014 honeymoon in Aruba, he’ll say the sunsets, but not because of their beauty.

“It was like a photo shoot for some magazine that would never exist,” said Mr. Smith, 38, a real estate agent in New York, and he didn’t mean that in a good way. He described the weeklong vacation with his new wife, Natasha Huang Smith, as a “sunset nightmare,” “stressful,” “cumbersome” and “torturous.”

Ms. Huang Smith, 34, who works in digital marketing, was attempting to showcase their honeymoon on Instagram. “I had to prove to the world that I was having a great time,” she said. And so half of her day was spent shooting, editing, or planning Instagram posts.

Ms. Huang Smith is certainly not the only newlywed succumbing to social media pressures. According to the Knot Social Media Survey 2016, 70 percent of brides post on social media throughout their honeymoon.

The posts can be a nice way to show off honeymoon highlights and keep in contact with family and friends, but they also have the potential to ruin what was supposed to be an intimate trip.

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