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Trump Says Report He's Worried Don Jr. Broke Law With 'Totally Legal' Trump Tower Meeting is 'Fake N

Source: Mediaite

President Donald Trump rejected a report that he’s worried his adult son, Donald Trump Jr., may have accidentally broken the law during the 2016 election.

The Washington Post reported this week that Trump is concerned the Mueller probe into his campaign’s ties to Russia will have consequences for people close to him. According to one anonymous adviser, he’s worried Don Jr. “inadvertently may have wandered into legal jeopardy” with the Trump Tower meeting.

That meeting, held in June 2016, is back in the news since it was reported the president’s former lawyer Michael Cohen is claiming Trump knew about it in advance, despite repeated denials.

Don Jr. testified under oath that Trump did not know about the meeting beforehand.

Read more: https://www.mediaite.com/online/trump-says-report-hes-worried-don-jr-broke-law-with-totally-legal-trump-tower-meeting-is-fake-news/


Ummm... interesting fashion choice!


Trump tweets "dangerous & sick" news media can "cause War"

Source: Axios

President Trump continued his tirade against the "Fake News" media, a position that has caused ruptures within his immediate family, stating that the media "can also cause War" in a Sunday morning tweet.

The Fake News hates me saying that they are the Enemy of the People only because they know it’s TRUE. I am providing a great service by explaining this to the American People. They purposely cause great division & distrust. They can also cause War! They are very dangerous & sick!

Read more: https://www.axios.com/trump-tweets-dangerous-fake-news-media-cause-war-3b52486e-0e51-48da-b517-0549d82ad52d.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=organic


Look what happened when we tried to play with Kaepernick in an old version of Madden (tweet)


Hmmm... discord at Fox News (tweet):

Jeanine Pirro
‏Verified account @JudgeJeanine

.@JesseBWatters really? I “wasn’t happy and threw a glass in the green room”. You’re adding credence to the concept of fake news.

8:27 PM - 4 Aug 2018


New Documents From Kavanaugh's Time In The Bush White House Show He Worked On Key Questions Of...

Heavily redacted documents obtained by BuzzFeed News through a FOIA request provide insight into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s time as a lawyer for George W. Bush.

In the midst of a growing fight over what documents senators will see from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s five years in the George W. Bush White House, a narrow glance into three months of Kavanaugh’s communications with just one office at the Justice Department shows that he worked on key questions involving the president’s power to keep documents from Congress and the public, as well as important legislation in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks.

The documents, though heavily redacted, provide some of the first public evidence into Kavanaugh’s communications while he was at the White House. From 2001 to 2003, Kavanaugh worked as a lawyer in the White House Counsel’s Office. And in June 2003, he became Bush’s staff secretary — a role he stayed in through 2006, when he was confirmed to a seat on the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. Articles he’s written and speeches he’s given since then have drawn attention to his views on executive power.

The documents, obtained by BuzzFeed News via a Freedom of Information Act request, come from the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel, a DOJ office that the White House and executive agencies consult about potentially complex legal questions that arise.

The documents — although heavily redacted — show three key issues Kavanaugh worked on with OLC in a three-month period in late 2001 when he was 36 years old:


#REDAlert. The time has come to Make it so!

#REDAlert. The time has come to Make it so! @SirPatStew will be returning to his iconic role as Jean-Luc Picard in a new #CBSAllAccess #StarTrek series that tells the story of the next chapter in Picard’s life #STLV #MakeItSo

Edit: adding Ian McKellen's protest sign from London's Women's March (just 'cause of the awesomeness of it all)

SPOTTED at Morristown, NJ airport ahead of Air Force One departure for Trump's Ohio rally: Hope Hick


The Trump Administration Was Ordered to Stop Drugging Kids in Custody

“I took nine pills in the morning and seven in the evening. I don’t know what medications I was taking; no one ever told me,” one child recounted.

Even before the Trump administration took the dramatic and punitive step of separating migrant children from their parents in April, some 10,000 undocumented kids were already languishing in federal custody for an average of eight months. They’re housed in shelters scattered around the country, operated by dozens of private companies funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Many of the shelters have poor track records — documented histories of neglect, sexual and physical abuse — but one in particular distinguished itself in the minds of the children who were detained there: the Shiloh Treatment Center in Manvel, Texas.

On Monday, a federal judge ordered the government to remove most of the children from Shiloh, and told the Trump administration the shelters must end the practice of prescribing powerful psychotropic drugs without a court order or a parent’s permission.

Kids who stayed at Shiloh told their lawyers and family members they were heavily drugged, in some cases held down and injected, and abused by staff members. (One of the doctors prescribing those drugs, Dr. Javier Ruíz-Nazario, lost his certification years before, the Center for Investigative Reporting recently discovered.)

“I took nine pills in the morning and seven in the evening. I don’t know what medications I was taking; no one ever told me,” one child who was detained at Shiloh told lawyers. Those pills were in addition to injections staff members also allegedly used to control behavior. “They would come and give me a shot to tranquilize me… I would start to feel sleepy and heavy, and like I didn’t have any strength. I would sleep for three to four hours and then wake up and slowly start to feel my strength return.”

That child — who has bounced between six shelters in three states since arriving from Mexico in 2014 — was just one of a number of children who recounted horror stories about Shiloh to the lawyers responsible for ensuring that the government is providing a humane environment for the kids in its custody.


Protester who scaled Statue of Liberty references Melania Trump's infamous jacket at her hearing

Therese Patricia Okoumou, the woman who was detained after climbing the base of the Statue of Liberty to protest family separations at the border, arrived at her court hearing in a green dress painted with the words "I really do care. Why won't u?" — a reference to the first lady's "I really don't care" jacket that made waves in June.



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