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Kroger, America's largest supermarket chain, bids farewell to the plastic shopping bag

Source: USA Today

The plastic shopping bag’s days are numbered. Major cities around the country, from Los Angeles to Chicago to Boston, have banned their use in retail settings. Our customers have told us it makes no sense to have so much plastic only to be used once before being discarded. And they’re exactly right.

That’s why Kroger is today announcing our intention to phase out single-use plastic grocery bags from our family of stores by 2025. As America’s largest grocer, we recognize we have a responsibility to cut down on unnecessary plastic waste that contributes to litter, harms the environment and, in some cases, can endanger wildlife.

Collectively, we use100 billion plastic bags a year in the U.S. That’s a lot for something that’s almost always used once before being tossed into a landfill. You could take all those bags and fill three Houston Astrodomes from top to bottom, year after year, with nothing but plastic bags.

There are less wasteful ways to ensure shoppers can safely and conveniently transport items back to their homes, and Kroger is committed to presenting better options to our customers. We believe we can help our customers be what — at Kroger — we call “Zero Heroes.”

Read more: https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2018/08/23/kroger-plastic-bag-ban-reusable-recycle-straws-environment-column/1061723002/

David Duke praises Trump for tweet about 'large scale killing' of white farmers

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke on Thursday praised President Trump for tweeting about the “large scale killing of farmers” in South Africa.

Trump took to Twitter to announce that he ordered Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to study South Africa land and farm seizures after Fox News host Tucker Carlson aired a segment on the topic.

Duke responded to Trump's move by saying that Russia would be willing to take in "15,000 White South Africans."

“Russia has already agreed to take in 15,000 White South Africans—your move, Mr. President,” Duke tweeted .”Thank you!”


Quelle surprise.

TIME cover: In Deep

This parody song about Michael Cohen and Trump's other leaking ex-staffers arrived at the perfect...

My favorite part: "McDougal told how much he paid her, Omarosa said he's eating paper."

This is floating around Twitter (RE: Jimmy Carter)

Don't worry, it is not recent... just a reminder to verify before retweeting.

And c'mon, Malcolm Nance, why retweet this and scare me?!

I. am. done.

Lol... love this!

Some pictures say it all.


They're free!

"Can't even wash my dang Jeep..."🚗😂 📹:


Kelli Ward tonight on bus tour inclusion of Cernovich, who has said "diversity" is "white genocide":

What an awful woman.

This sums it up:

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