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U.S. news Texas school staffers colored in black teen's haircut with a sharpie, lawsuit claims

The boy, identified in the suit as J.T., was told he'd face in-school suspension for his hairstyle unless it was colored in with jet-black marker.

Staffers at a Texas junior high school colored in a black teen's fade haircut with a jet-black Sharpie to discipline him for violating the school dress code, according to a lawsuit filed by his parents.

Dante Trice and Angela Washington filed their complaint Sunday against Pearland Independent School District, Berry Miller Junior High School Principal Tony Barcelona, discipline clerk Helen Day and teacher Jeanette Peterson. All three school officials are white, according to the suit.

The suit said their son, identified as 13-year-old J.T., was in seventh grade when, on April 16, he got a "fade haircut with a design line." Pictures show the fade lines resembled an M.

"The haircut did not depict anything violent, gang-related, obscene or otherwise offensive or inappropriate in any manner. J.T. did not believe the haircut violated any school policy," the lawsuit said.

But the next morning, then-Assistant Principal Barcelona approached J.T. and told him to go to the discipline office because he was "out of dress code."

Day gave J.T. the choice of in-school suspension, which would make him miss classes and could affect his position on the track team, or have the line design on his scalp colored in.

J.T. had never been in trouble before and he didn't want to "have a first time suspension on his school record and be kicked out of track," the lawsuit said.


Another interesting fashion choice by Ivanka.

Apparently, according to her hashtag from yesterday, she is camping (I am not including the tweet because it shows her children).

Earth rotation visualized by fixing the Milky way


Iowans Find Emotional Refuge In Pete Buttigieg

Living in a country with a president who thrives on division can be emotionally taxing for Americans seeking a better way forward.

That was the message several voters conveyed over two days of Pete Buttigieg campaign events last week in Southeast Iowa.

“This helps,” said Joan Crowe, of rural Lee County, describing the despair and hopelessness she has felt during President Donald Trump’s administration. “Listening to people talk wisely and kindly, and noticing how many are here a whole year and two-three months before we will vote.”

Crowe was awaiting Buttigieg’s arrival at a park along the Mississippi River in Keokuk. It was the third event of the day for Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana.


This turf war looks serious...


This Democrat went to a MAGA rally to try to understand Trump supporters.


Therapists now use this photo to ask patients: Is she smiling or screaming?

Therapists now use this photo to ask patients: Is she smiling or screaming? Frozen robot or your Mom? Casual Corner mannequin or Soviet prison guard? Babadook or 58-year-old cheerleader? Carvel product or Little House bride? Laxative testimonial or Delta check-in?


Last year, @Chas10Buttigieg and I welcomed Buddy into our household and into our lives.

Last year, @Chas10Buttigieg and I welcomed Buddy into our household and into our lives. Like his “brother” Truman, he quickly became a big source of joy. Rescue dogs have long been an important part of my life, and I'm with all those on board to #ClearTheShelters.


Before @FirstDogsSB, there was Olivia. She found her way out of a pound into her forever home with me and my parents in South Bend.


Buddy, Truman, and Olivia are reminders of how many loving, beautiful animals are waiting for forever homes in shelters across America. This #ClearTheShelters Day, open your home and your heart to a rescue animal in need: http://cleartheshelters.com


Teddy has a forever home!!!!!

Teddy has a forever home!!!!!

Thank you @saffron_511!!!

As many of you know, Teddy is deaf and I’ve just learned that @Saffron_511’s daughter is Deaf and the family looks forward to teaching Teddy sign language!

Please donate to @MorrisAnimal
: https://morrisanimalrefuge.org/donate


I have been watching Teddy's plight for the last couple of days. Yay!

Jeremy Newberger is cracking me up: Proud Boys always look like ...

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