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Happy Birthday, Kate Pierson!

The "journalist" from the New York Post is resigning over the Kamala Harris story:

An announcement: Today I handed in my resignation to my editors at the New York Post.

The Kamala Harris story -- an incorrect story I was ordered to write and which I failed to push back hard enough against -- was my breaking point.

It's been a privilege to cover the City of New York for its liveliest, wittiest tabloid -- a paper filled with reporters and editors I admire deeply and hold as friends. I'm sad to leave.


It's easy to see why frolicking, snorkelling, diving and lounging among the lily pads remain...

It's easy to see why frolicking, snorkelling, diving and lounging among the lily pads remain a favourite pastime for the Umani orphans. After the rains, this verdant oasis of green becomes even more vibrant!


The Secret Footage of the N.R.A. Chief's Botched Elephant Hunt (Disturbing Content)

After the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in 2012, Wayne LaPierre, the head of the National Rifle Association, told Americans agitating for new gun regulations, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Less than a year later, LaPierre and his wife, Susan, travelled to Botswana’s Okavango Delta, where they hoped to show N.R.A. members that they had the grit to take on a different adversary: African bush elephants, the largest land mammals on Earth. The trip was filmed by a crew from “Under Wild Skies,” an N.R.A.-sponsored television series that was meant to boost the organization’s profile among hunters—a key element of its donor base. But the program never aired, according to sources and records, because of concerns that it could turn into a public-relations fiasco.

The Trace and The New Yorker obtained a copy of the footage, which has been hidden from public view for eight years. It shows that when guides tracked down an elephant for LaPierre, the N.R.A. chief proved to be a poor marksman. After LaPierre’s first shot wounded the elephant, guides brought him a short distance from the animal, which was lying on its side, immobilized. Firing from point-blank range, LaPierre shot the animal three times in the wrong place. Finally, a guide had the host of “Under Wild Skies” fire the shot that killed the elephant. Later that day, Susan LaPierre showed herself to be a better shot than her husband. After guides tracked down an elephant for her, Susan killed it, cut off its tail, and held it in the air. “Victory!” she shouted, laughing. “That’s my elephant tail. Way cool.”

For three decades, LaPierre has led the N.R.A.’s fund-raising efforts by railing against out-of-touch “élites” and selling himself as an authentic champion of American self-reliance and the unfettered right to protect oneself with a gun. But the footage, as well as newly uncovered legal records, suggest that behind his carefully constructed Everyman image, LaPierre is a coddled executive who is clumsy with a firearm, and fearful of the violent political climate he has helped to create. The N.R.A. did not respond to requests for comment.

The N.R.A. is weathering an existential crisis, which began with revelations of rampant self-dealing first reported in 2019 and extends to an ongoing legal fight with the New York Attorney General and a humiliating bankruptcy trial. Now, the video and other materials offer a glimpse of the stage-managed, insular, and privileged life of the N.R.A.’s top official.



Judge Royce Lamberth ruled today that he's satisfied with "Bullhorn Lady" Rachel Powell's apology...

Judge Royce Lamberth ruled today that he’s satisfied with “Bullhorn Lady” Rachel Powell’s apology over her mesh mask, and had "no reason to believe that her apology is not genuine and that she will not continue to comply with her conditions of pre-trial release.”


BREAKING: Federal judge orders the release of 1/6 rioter Richard BARNETT, who left Pelosi a menacing

BREAKING: Federal judge orders the release of 1/6 rioter Richard BARNETT, who left Pelosi a menacing note and took pictures at a desk in her office.

Judge Chris Cooper has ordered Barnett on home confinement instead. He says prosecutors fell short of evidence for detention.

Cooper cited the recent appeals court decision that led to release of Zip-tie Guy Eric Munchel. That ruling raised the bar for detention cases to require specific evidence of a future threat of violence.

Prosecutors didn't met that standard, Cooper said.


Spotify's Joe Rogan encourages "healthy" 21-year-olds not to get a coronavirus vaccine

On the April 23 edition of his Spotify podcast, Joe Rogan encouraged healthy young people not to get a COVID-19 vaccine, saying, “If you're like 21 years old, and you say to me, should I get vaccinated? I'll go no.”

Experts estimate that in order to achieve herd immunity, society may need to get to a critical mass of 70% to 90% of people vaccinated.

Rogan is one of the most influential podcast hosts in the world. His show is broadcast exclusively on Spotify and is the most popular podcast on the platform. He has frequently used his podcast to spread conspiracy theories, espouse dangerous COVID-19 misinformation, and attack trans people.



This guy proves there's no need to unnecessarily complicate life


Bakari Sellers: "Call their office and tell them we're tired of Black folk dying."


Ducks enjoying their peas..

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