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CHART: The 2014 Electorate Was Really, Really Old

Source: TPM

Older voters helped propel Republicans to sweeping victories Tuesday in Senate and gubernatorial races nationwide, according to exit polls from NBC News.

The disparity between the under-30 and over-60 was the widest it's been in a decade, those polls found. The seniors comprised 37 percent of the electorate; young people made up 12 percent.

That was even more extreme than 2010, another great Republican year, when the split was 32 percent over 60 and 12 percent under 30.


GOP To Iowans: Your Neighbors Will Know If You Don’t Vote Republican

Source: Think Progress

The GOP is trying to convince Iowa voters on Facebook that their neighbors will know if they voted Republican.

Screenshots of Facebook ads, promoted by the official Facebook page of the Republican National Committee feature an ominous message: “NOTICE: All Voting Is Public.” The ad tell voters that “In a few months, Iowa will release the list of individual who voted in this election.” Most troublingly, the ad includes an arial view of a neighborhood with checkmarks indicating that “These People Voted GOP.”

It is true that voter participation in elections in public information. But how a someone voted, including what party they voted for, is not. The secret ballot has long been considered a hallmark of American democracy.

The ad is a variation of a GOTV (Get Out The Vote) strategy called “vote shaming.” The tactic is employed by liberals and conservatives to use social psychology to increase the chances that people vote. In every state but Virginia, whether or not you participated in an election is public. “If you publicize something, it has a very powerful effect on behavior,” Chris Larimer, an Iowa political scientist, told USA Today in 2012.

Read more: http://thinkprogress.org/election/2014/10/31/3587414/iowa-republican-facebook-ads/

Gun extremists’ ghastly new low: A fight over “open carry” turns vulgar and scary

Source: Salon


Of course, gun extremists did not respond kindly to the Kroger campaign. What follows is a recounting of their disturbing tactics, from the shocking intimidation and harassment of unsuspecting commenters on Kroger’s Facebook page to right-wing media propaganda that disingenuously portrayed Kroger as being allies of the gun extremists.

Secret Facebook groups such as “People Who Were Blocked by Moms Demand Action Demand Action Now” — which has well over a thousand members — disseminated gun rights propaganda and helped orchestrate attacks on individuals commenting on Kroger’s page. Some gun nuts combed the profile pages of people commenting in support of gun reform, harvested personal photos of them and Photoshopped them to include obscene or humiliating comments, before reposting the photos on Kroger’s page, or on other social media sites. Because Kroger frequently bans users who post that kind of content, the gun extremists created disposable fake accounts — sometimes using the name and profile photo of an opponent— to quickly dump posts without being held accountable.

In one case, they found a photo of a woman’s preschool-age child and wrote on it, “My mom sucks more cock than Richard Simmons” and circulated it online. In another case, they grabbed a photo of a mother and her child and wrote “Big retard, little retard” on it before reposting it. One woman posted to Kroger a photograph of a receipt showing money she spent elsewhere, and gun extremists swarmed her post, with hundreds of responses, including comments like “what you could do is shut your god damned whore mouth,” “calm your tits,” and “fuck her right in the pussy,” which Kroger’s Facebook admin allowed to stand over a day later.

Some of the gun extremists’ targets regularly do battle with them online; others never expected such a response when they posted a message to Kroger and are alarmed and intimidated. One woman who was the target of a Photoshopped image told me that she considered shutting down her Facebook account over the reaction to her post on Kroger’s page. The gun extremists’ goal seems to be to mob individuals until they are scared into silence, and in some cases it is working.

Read more: http://www.salon.com/2014/10/27/gun_extremists_ghastly_new_low_a_fight_over_open_carry_turns_vulgar_and_scary/

Hosts: please note that this is not a local story about gun crime. Among other things, the article illustrates the issue of using the internet to harass and intimidate (similar to what we have seen recently surrounding GamerGate).

Hurricane Sandy survivor: Chris Christie is sitting on $800 million meant for disaster relief

Source: Raw Story

New Jersey activist and Hurricane Sandy survivor filmed during a confrontation with Gov. Chris Christie (R) on Wednesday accused his administration of short-changing a $1.1 billion federal relief package meant to help residents.

“Only 20 percent of those dollars have gotten to the people,” James Keady told MSNBC host Chris Hayes. “Of the $1.1 billion, $219 million has gone out. That means that the governor and his staff in Trenton are sitting on $800 million.”


Keady faced off with Christie as the governor gave a speech in Belmar commemorating two years since the hurricane devastated New Jersey. Video of the encounter shows Keady standing in front of Christie bearing a sign saying, “Get Sandy families back in their homes,” prompting Christie to berate him from the stage.

“I’m glad you had your day to show off, but we’re the ones who are here to actually do the work,” Christie told him. “So turn around and get your 15 minutes of fame and then maybe take your jacket off and roll up your sleeves and do something for the people of this state.”

Christie later added that if he had 1,000 things to do during the day, dinner with Keady “would be 1,001,” and told him to “sit down and shut up.”

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/10/hurricane-sandy-survivor-chris-christie-is-sitting-on-800-million-meant-for-disaster-relief/

Fox’s Bob Beckel on NYC anti-catcall video: ‘Damn, baby, you’re a piece of woman’

Source: Raw Story

Fox News host Bob Beckel responded to a recent video showing a New York City woman experiencing street harassment by adding a catcall of his own on Wednesday, Media Matters reported.

“She got 100 catcalls, let me add 101,” Beckel said of Shoshana B. Roberts. “Damn, baby, you’re a piece of woman.”

Roberts was filmed walking through Manhattan for 10 hours and catcalled by men seemingly constantly.


“She’s a good-looking babe,” Beckel interjected. “Wouldn’t you say something?”

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/10/foxs-bob-beckel-on-nyc-anti-catcall-video-damn-baby-youre-a-piece-of-woman/

What a pos this guy is (liberal my arse). Here a few past gems:

Fox's Bob Beckel Uses A Racial Slur On Air

Fox News Bob Beckel Calls The Bachelorette a 'Slut' For Sleeping With A Contestant She Did Not Marry

Fox ‘Liberal’ Bob Beckel: No New U.S. Mosques Until Muslims ‘Denounce’ Kenya Attack

Ladies and gentlemen... Joan Jett BRINGS IT! (GOTV & stop the Republican war on women)

Rock on, sisters!

Windowless Plane Would Let Passengers See World Around Them

Source: Mashable


The imaging you'd see from the panels would come from mounted cameras outside of the aircraft that the developers say could offer an unobstructed panoramic view, meaning no visible wings or engines. Users could adjust the settings and use the displays for in-flight services, the company said.

The plane would use OLED screens (a high-end, thin-film display technology) with protective coatings made to preserve the displays for its lifetime.

Passengers would also be able to see and set their screen to show a live stream of outside surroundings from a completely different portion of the plane.

But this isn't just about a sleek new flight experience. CPI has made some pretty substantial claims about what this sort of technology could do for the flight industry. For starters, the plane walls would be thinner, more lightweight and stronger than what we have now.

Read more: http://mashable.com/2014/10/27/windowless-plane-oled/

Homelessness In The World’s Largest City Just Hit A Record Low

Source: Think Progress

The number of homeless residents in New York City, the largest city in the United States, reached a record high this month at more than 56,000 people. Halfway around the world, another metropolis recently hit a homeless record of its own: just 1,697 people are currently homeless in Tokyo, also its country’s largest city and the most populated city in the world, a record low since surveys began in 2002.

What’s even more surprising than the discrepancy in homeless populations between the two cities is the fact that Tokyo, at 13.4 million people, is larger than New York City (8.4 million people) and Los Angeles (3.9 million people) combined. While the rate of homelessness in New York is currently 67 for every 10,000 people, in Tokyo there is just one homeless individual for every 10,000 city residents.

Why the massive discrepancy in rates of homelessness between two of the most populous cities in the world?

As with most socioeconomic phenomena, there are a number of contributing factors. First and foremost, income inequality is a massive and growing problem in the United States, while Japan has historically had one of the lowest rates of inequality among developed countries. One principal measure of income inequality is the GINI coefficient, a measure from 0.0 (perfect equality) to 1.0 (perfect inequality). Recent surveys in the two countries found a GINI coefficient in Japan of 0.32, while in the US that rate was 0.41. However, income inequality can’t be the only explanation for Japan’s success combatting homelessness, especially considering that the country’s inequality index has actually worsened over the past few decades.

Where Japan is really surpassing the United States, instead, is in the social safety net it offers its citizens.

Read more: http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2014/10/27/3583324/tokyo-homeless/

The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made


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