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Robert Reich: This may be the most desperate and vile ad since Willie Horton.

This may be the most desperate and vile ad since Willie Horton. Trump and Republicans don't want to talk about the fact that they plan to repeal the ACA, gut Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid, and cut taxes even further for their donors, so they've resorted to fearmongering.

It is outrageous what the Democrats are doing to our Country. Vote Republican now! http://Vote.GOP

He is really ramping it up. Nauseating.

A tweet from Trump's Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services:

This year’s scariest Halloween costume goes to...


Brian Kemp is backing out of his debate with Stacey Abrams:

Stacey Abrams' campaign manager says they've learned that Kemp is backing out of the final Georgia governor's race debate... the same day that Trump is scheduled to come to Macon to stump for the GOP candidate.

We've learned that @BrianKempGA has backed out of his commitment to debate @staceyabrams this Sunday on @wsbtv. Kemp says he wants to be our next governor, but he’s breaking his promise to show up for the job interview. #gapol #teamabrams (thread)


The ABC-station hosting the debate, @wsbtv, confirms that Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp has withdrawn. He will host President Trump in Macon that day.

Stacey Abrams' campaign manager says they've learned that Kemp is backing out of the final Georgia governor's race debate... the same day that Trump is scheduled to come to Macon to stump for the GOP candidate.


Throwback to Obama living his best life at the White House Halloween celebration

The Obama Halloweens were the best! Michelle and Barack exhibit so much warmth when it comes to children.

Trump bashes Paul Ryan: Focus on holding the majority

Source: The Hill

President Trump on Wednesday bashed Speaker Paul Ryan for rejecting his call to end birthright citizenship.

“Paul Ryan should be focusing on holding the Majority rather than giving his opinions on Birthright Citizenship, something he knows nothing about! Our new Republican Majority will work on this, Closing the Immigration Loopholes and Securing our Border!” Trump tweeted.


Read more: https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/414077-trump-bashes-paul-ryan-focus-on-holding-the-majority

Ok DU Michiganders, you have until tomorrow night to bid on this:

PRESQUE ISLE TWP. (WWJ) - How would you like to have your own private island in northern Michigan? Well, you can -- if the price is right.

Brown Island, about 20 miles north of Alpena, is up for auction online.

"It's a 48 acre island. You're buying the whole island. It's got a lodge on it and two bunk houses for sleeping, and also a pole barn. It's mostly wooded and it's right on Grand Lake," auction spokesperson Jordan Miedema told WWJ's Beth Fisher. "It's kind of a unique opportunity. You don't get a chance to buy an island every day."


Jennifer Rubin: Sarah Sanders has a knack for lying

One can only marvel at the ease with which White House press secretary Sarah Sanders abuses the people in front of her, deflects blame and outright lies. At Monday’s press briefing, her entire bag of tricks was on display.

With reporters sitting right there, she echoed and defended President Trump’s accusation that the press is “the enemy of the people.” In the wake of pipe bombs sent to CNN and the murder of The Post’s Global Opinions columnist Jamal Khashoggi, she broadly regurgitates the Stalinist accusation that harsh coverage or insufficiently glowing coverage takes reporters out of the body politic, putting them in the same camp as actual foreign enemies. She even adds her own Orwellian don’t-believe-what-you-see touch in this exchange:


Caught lying (Trump did blame the media), she retreated to attacking the media. (“The very first thing that the media did was condemn the President, and go after and try to place blame not just on the President, but everybody that works in this administration.”)

She also threw in her best imitation of Sen. Joe McCarthy:


In other words, you’re not all traitors, but the president will keep saying so since traitors know they are traitors. (Perhaps she will take her McCarthy imitation one step further by holding up and waving a list of “enemies.”)

Let me start with a suggestion. If Sanders continues to call the press the enemy of the people, the White House press corps should walk out and end coverage of the briefing.
She has admitted it’s a smear (only some of them are enemies!), and yet she propagates an accusation that influenced a bombing attempt against a news outlet and is used as justification for violence against journalists around the world. She cannot claim this White House respects the First Amendment when she delegitimizes the press on a daily basis. It’s unacceptable — and, it turns out, dangerous.


Repost: Oprah Is Going To Georgia To Campaign With Stacey Abrams

Oprah Winfrey, the Oscar-nominated, self-made billionaire and media icon, is heading to Georgia to campaign for Stacey Abrams.

The star will join Abrams, the Democratic candidate for governor, on Thursday. If Abrams wins the race, she will be the first black woman governor in the history of the US.

Big names in Democratic politics are also rallying to help Abrams in the final stretch of the election: Winfrey’s visit comes just a day ahead of former president Barack Obama's trip to Atlanta to campaign for Abrams and other Democrats on the ballot at the HBCU Morehouse College. Other senior Democrats who have campaigned in-state for Abrams include former vice president Joe Biden and Senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker.

Winfrey has rarely campaigned in-person with political candidates, but did so with Obama in 2008 (she endorsed Hillary Clinton in her presidential bid in 2016).


Reason: The consensus of Forum Hosts feel a well-known celebrity campaigning for a Democrat is not important news of national interest. Please post this in the General Discussions Forum

Jamal Khashoggi strangled as soon as he entered consulate, prosecutor confirms

Source: The Guardian

Jamal Khashoggi was strangled as soon as he entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, then his body dismembered and disposed of, the city’s chief prosecutor has said in the first official confirmation of how the Saudi journalist died.

The statement further undermines Saudi claims he was killed after a fight broke out in the consulate, where he had arrived to collect documents for his upcoming wedding.

The prosecutor said in his statement that the murder had been planned and discussions this week with his Saudi counterpart had yielded “no concrete result”.

This is a breaking news story. More details to follow

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/oct/31/jamal-khashoggi-strangled-as-soon-as-he-entered-consulate-istanbul-prosecutor-confirms?CMP=twt_gu&__twitter_impression=true&__twitter_impression=true

Anti-Defamation League urges Paul Ryan to act against Steve King

Source: Axios

The national director and CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt, urged House Speaker Paul Ryan in a letter on Tuesday to take action against Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) by stripping him of his subcommittee chairmanship and initiating censure proceedings for King's "anti-Semitic and offensive" actions.

The big picture: Outrage has mounted on King in recent days, with dairy company Land O'Lakes ending their donations, and Rep. Steve Strivers, the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, condemning King's "completely inappropriate actions and comments." King said in a statement that the "attacks are orchestrated by nasty, desperate, and dishonest fake news."

Read more: https://www.axios.com/anti-defamation-league-paul-ryan-steve-king-letter-cf52ce8f-092a-42ea-a45b-fae1d0bc0a18.html

The 3 page letter is at the link.
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