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💖 #AmySherald on Instagram: "This little cutie pie came to my talk last night...

💖 #AmySherald on Instagram: “This little cutie pie came to my talk last night with #ThelmaGolden at the @artbma dressed like @MichelleObama http://instagram.com/p/BiPDX6nAFvw/?hl=en&taken-by=asherald

10:31 AM - 1 May 2018

Exclusive: Pence's doctor alerted WH aides about Ronny Jackson concerns last fall

Source: CNN

Washington (CNN)Vice President Mike Pence's physician privately raised alarms within the White House last fall that President Donald Trump's doctor may have violated federal privacy protections for a key patient -- Pence's wife, Karen -- and intimidated the vice president's doctor during angry confrontations over the episode.

The previously unreported incident is the first sign that serious concerns about Ronny Jackson's conduct had reached the highest levels of the White House as far back as September -- months before White House aides furiously defended Jackson's professionalism, insisted he had been thoroughly vetted and argued allegations of misconduct amounted to unsubstantiated rumors.

The episode -- detailed in three memos by Pence's physician -- is also the first documentation that has surfaced involving a specific allegation of medical misconduct by Jackson. It adds to a series of significant allegations leveled by unidentified current and former colleagues, including that he casually dispensed prescription drugs.

Jackson and the White House have continued to deny allegations of misconduct, and Jackson's defenders in the White House said Monday that the episode involving Mrs. Pence was simply a dispute between two doctors with a strained relationship and that he had acted appropriately.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/30/politics/karen-pence-doctor-privacy-ronny-jackson/index.html


Lily Adams @adamslily

For 12 yrs, Mom has put her heart & soul into running Planned Parenthood. On her last day, it’s impossible to express what this org has meant to her & our family.

We can’t wait to continue to support it as a few of the 11 million supporters across the country. #ThankYouCecile

9:36 AM - 30 Apr 2018

At Nike, Revolt Led by Women Leads to Exodus of Male Executives

Source: NYT

For too many women, life inside Nike had turned toxic.

There were the staff outings that started at restaurants and ended at strip clubs. A supervisor who bragged about the condoms he carried in his backpack. A boss who tried to forcibly kiss a female subordinate, and another who referenced a staff member’s breasts in an email to her.

Then there were blunted career paths. Women were made to feel marginalized in meetings and were passed over for promotions. They were largely excluded from crucial divisions like basketball. When they complained to human resources, they said, they saw little or no evidence that bad behavior was being penalized.

Finally, fed up, a group of women inside Nike’s Beaverton, Ore., headquarters started a small revolt.

Covertly, they surveyed their female peers, inquiring whether they had been the victim of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. Their findings set off an upheaval in the executive ranks of the world’s largest sports footwear and apparel company.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/28/business/nike-women.html?smid=tw-nytimes&smtyp=cur

Corey Lewandowski flashes white power 'OK' symbol on stage at Trump's Michigan rally

Source: Raw Story

Corey Lewandowski, who was campaign manger for Donald Trump in 2016 until being fired for being charged with battery after he grabbed a female reporter, joined Donald Trump on stage in Michigan Saturday night.

Lewandowski briefly took the microphone, and confusedly introduced Trump as “the next president of the United States.”

But not before he appeared to flash the “OK” symbol, as captured by Fox News cameras which had a wide-view shot at the time.

The “OK” symbol is widely used by white supremacists like Richard Spencer, though alt-right types like Stephen Miller and random interns also use it.

Read more: https://www.rawstory.com/2018/04/corey-lewandowski-flashes-white-power-ok-symbol-stage-trumps-michigan-rally/

Scott Pruitt headed to the corner store:

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