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WiFi at the Trump event here in GA:

HuffPo interviewed Mellissa Carone: "it was actually her fiance, Matthew Stackpoole, who sent the.."


She was previously charged under the name Mellissa Wright with first degree obscenity and using a computer to commit a crime. Under a plea agreement, she reduced her charge to disorderly conduct and received 12 months of probation, a spokeswoman for the Wayne County, Michigan, prosecutor’s office told HuffPost. Her probation ended on Sept. 13, just weeks before Election Day, when a temporary staffing agency employed Carone to assist Dominion Voting Systems in Detroit.

But Carone, in an interview with HuffPost on Saturday, claimed that it was actually her fiance, Matthew Stackpoole, who sent the explicit videos to his ex-wife and that she took a plea deal only because they didn’t want to spend any more time in court. Stackpoole also admitted to HuffPost in a text message that he sent the videos and suggested that police officers knew he had done so when officers “took [Carone’s] official ‘confession.’”

“The reason I got charged for it is it was sent off of my phone,” Carone, a self-proclaimed cybersecurity analyst, told HuffPost. “I just said screw it, I’m going to have to take it.”


Stackpoole told HuffPost in a text message that he sent the explicit videos to his ex-wife.

Nevertheless, Carone insisted that Americans should still believe she told the truth about voter fraud in Detroit. “I’m 100% credible,” Carone said. “I’ve already talked to Trump and Giuliani about this.”

When pressed on her claim that she spoke to the president, Carone revised her story. “I’ve talked directly to Giuliani that has spoken directly to Trump,” Carone said.


Stackpoole said that HuffPost shouldn’t focus on the false claims he and Carone made against his ex-wife and should instead look into the mass voter fraud conspiracy theories floated by his fiance.

He, too, appears to have bought fully into Trump’s false claims of a stolen election and still believes there’s a path for the Supreme Court to toss out the actual results and declare Trump the president for four more years.

“Once again, the left media is going to look ridiculous when SCOTUS overturns this election,” he texted HuffPost.


I still think it was her. This couple is batshit crazy.

Snowflake CEO Collects a $108 Million Payout -- Every Month

Snowflake Inc. is doing well by any stretch of the imagination.

This week, the cloud-computing company reported that third-quarter revenue more than doubled from a year earlier, and its stock has surged 223% since its Sept. 15 initial public offering.

That has helped make Chief Executive Officer Frank Slootman one of the best-paid technology executives. A compensation package he received upon joining Snowflake in April 2019 awards him a batch of options every month -- for four years -- that are now worth more than $108 million each, or about $1.3 billion annually.

Slootman’s pay includes more than 13.7 million options with a strike price of $8.88. The vast majority can already be exercised but the underlying shares vest monthly over four years, beginning with the month he started.

He also gets a $375,000 annual base salary, which can go higher depending on the firm’s performance.


Why universities -- and the rest of us -- need religion studies

(RNS) — This week, the University of Vermont announced that it is eliminating two dozen academic programs, including its entire religion department. This comes as a surprise, given the caliber and credentials of the department’s faculty; in addition to being prolific scholars, they are regular recipients of grants, awards and fellowships for teaching and research.

The real shock of UVM’s announcement is its timing: devaluing of religion after an election cycle in which the president’s spiritual adviser called for African angels to intervene on election results, when our president-elect ran on restoring the “soul of our nation,” when the Supreme Court is busy reappraising the establishment clause and the outgoing secretary of state has sought to redefine religious freedom.

Even more troubling is that this is not an isolated incident; the University of Vermont’s proposal comports with a larger pattern of cutting religion programs in academic institutions.

Teaching about religion is not just about understanding politics. It’s also about creating cultural literacy, ensuring that our young people are familiar with the diverse people they meet on the street. University brass often refers to this kind of literacy as a civic good, but as a brown-skinned, turban-wearing, beard-loving man in Donald Trump’s America, I submit that people knowing who I am and having an appreciation for my religious heritage can mean the difference between life and death.


Take from me, a practicing Sikh who has spent a majority of his academic career teaching Islamic studies and Buddhist history. I wish that I had a penny for every time someone asked me how I could teach a religion other than my own. They don’t understand that I’m not in it to seek conversions; I’m in it to open hearts and minds and to help people grapple with the beautiful diversity of our world.

If we want our kids to grow up to appreciate people from all the various backgrounds they will encounter in their lives, we must first equip them with the appropriate knowledge. To not do so, to tell them that understanding faith is not important, is setting them up for failure.


I am an atheist/agnostic, and I completely agree with Simran Jeet Singh. My college experience included a comparative religion class... I found it fascinating.

A water-powered drum machine in Indonesia.




Invoking 'Tiger King,' House passes bill banning big cat ownership

Source: CNN

(CNN)The House of Representatives on Thursday passed a bipartisan bill that would ban private ownership of big cats like lions and tigers, after the wildly popular Netflix docuseries "Tiger King" helped renew attention on the issue.

The "Big Cat Public Safety Act" passed the House Thursday night on a 272-114 vote, with 48 Republicans voting with Democrats to approve the measure.

Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley of Illinois, the bill's main author, said the legislation's passage is "one step closer to ensuring these animals are treated humanely and to keeping the public safe from dangerous big cats."

"Big cats are wild animals that simply do not belong in private homes, backyards, or shoddy roadside zoos," he added in a statement Friday.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/04/politics/tiger-king-house-bill-big-cat-ownership/index.html

White House fires Pentagon advisory board members, installs loyalists

Source: Politico

The White House removed nine members of the Pentagon's Defense Business Board on Friday and installed people loyal to President Donald Trump in their place, including presidential allies Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie.

The firings marked the latest effort by the Trump administration to clean out the Defense Department in the final weeks of the president's term.

Members of the board received a brief email from Joshua Whitehouse, the White House liaison to the Department of Defense, that simply said, “if you are receiving this e-mail, your membership on the Defense Business Board has expired or is coming to an end.”

"A number of board members have been terminated with a form letter. In my experience, I was very surprised that the White House would, at the eleventh hour, adjust an advisory board that for 19 years has had a record of nonpartisan support with the department," Michael Bayer, who until today was board chair, told POLITICO.

"This kind of a move really will weigh heavily on people on the future and their willingness to serve on these outside advisory boards if they're going to be subjected to political loyalty tests. It's unprecedented. I'm just saddened," he added.

Read more: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/12/04/pentagon-fires-business-advisory-board-members-442892

Rudy Giulianni: "Republican Legislature let down America."

Republican Legislature let down America.

I’m ashamed of them.

They completely misled the President and me.

All of us Republicans let them know what we think of them.


The gender gap here on this vaccine poll is remarkable.

The gender gap here on this vaccine poll is remarkable.

69% of men say they're likely to take the COVID vaccine.
51% of women say they're likely to take the COVID vaccine.

Gotta wonder how this ties into social media and online wellness communities.


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