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Member since: Thu Feb 14, 2008, 11:58 AM
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This is all of us:


Kellyanne Conway: "Plus, I don't trust men who weigh less than me." (regarding Rep. Schiff)

Gawd, she is such a horrid person.

Is 'The Lion King' scientifically accurate?


WATCH: Biden delivers remarks in Pittsburgh

A 2011 video of Harry Belafonte apparently falling asleep was doctored to falsely depict Joe Biden

New Trump pandemic adviser pushes controversial 'herd immunity' strategy, worrying public health off

Source: WaPo

One of President Trump’s top medical advisers is urging the White House to embrace a controversial “herd immunity” strategy to combat the pandemic, which would entail allowing the coronavirus to spread through most of the population to quickly build resistance to the virus, while taking steps to protect those in nursing homes and other vulnerable populations, according to five people familiar with the discussions.

The administration has already begun to implement some policies along these lines, according to current and former officials as well as experts, particularly with regard to testing.

The approach’s chief proponent is Scott Atlas, a neuroradiologist from Stanford’s conservative Hoover Institution, who joined the White House earlier this month as a pandemic adviser. He has advocated that the United States adopt the model Sweden has used to respond to the virus outbreak, according to these officials, which relies on lifting restrictions so the healthy can build up immunity to the disease rather than limiting social and business interactions to prevent the virus from spreading.

Sweden’s handling of the pandemic has been heavily criticized by public health officials and infectious-disease experts as reckless — the country has among the highest infection and death rates in the world. It also hasn’t escaped the deep economic problems resulting from the pandemic.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-coronavirus-scott-atlas-herd-immunity/2020/08/30/925e68fe-e93b-11ea-970a-64c73a1c2392_story.html

The Lincoln Project: 64 days. Time to ramp up.


Help! Michigan needs 5,00-6,000 poll workers for Election Day in November. These are paid positions

Help! Michigan needs 5,00-6,000 poll workers for Election Day in November. These are paid positions ($300-$600, depending). Here’s the website to sign up: https://michigan.gov/sos/0,4670,7-127-1633_11976_98803---,00.html. Please pass this along!


HOLD ON TIGHT: Dramatic video shows a 3-year-old girl swept into the air...

HOLD ON TIGHT: Dramatic video shows a 3-year-old girl swept into the air after getting caught in the strings of a kite at a festival in Taiwan.

The child was reportedly shaken up but not injured. https://abcn.ws/31JYPvT


Damn: Undercover police in #Belarus getting punched up by protestors and forced back into their van.

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