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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Washington state, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: SW Alabama. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 01:09 PM
Number of posts: 55,926

About Me

Retired Mental Health/Sub. Abuse therapist, happily moldering in "Maycomb", 2 notches from the buckle of the Bible Belt. One cat away from being called crazy.

Journal Archives

Massive 'Collection #1' breach hits 773 million email accounts

Here is where you might be able to check to see if you are on the list of accounts:

Here is list of sites that were affected:

Here is story of it:

It may be the biggest dump of personal login credentials in history, affecting some 773 million unique accounts.

Cybersecurity researcher Troy Hunt revealed today in a blog post that the massive collection of login information appeared last week on the cloud sharing service MEGA. Hunt runs the website Have I Been Pwned, a database of breaches where anyone can see if their information has been exposed in this dump or others.

Cybersecurity experts have called the database among the largest collections of usernames and passwords yet, more than twice the size of the recent Marriott breach. Dubbed "Collection #1," the dump includes information from thousands of websites ó
tís still unknown who collected the information or where the breach originated. The information appears to come from a random assortment of sites, ranging from botanyconference.org to organic.org.

New scam calls about being dropped from Medicare.

Got one on the voice mail this morning. threats to be dropped from Medicare unless I call them back by pressing 1.

Or 9 to remove number from their call list.

which kind of tipped their hand. sheesh.

Don't be fooled by California's PG&E bankruptcy.

A lot of people do not realize that a business bankruptcy is so different than a indiv. person's bankruptcy, and this mis-understanding can be seen in all the scathing comments aimed at Trump's multiple bankruptcies.
He called it a smart move, and he was correct.

business bankruptcies allow a company to screw the people they owe money to while keeping money for itself/company leaders.

In trump's case, years ago, Wilbur Ross, then one of the owners of Bank of Cyprus, arranged for Trump to have 450.000....a MONTH...
when he bankrupted the casinos. ( casinos now reported to be used for money laundering).
The business people he owed $$$$ to got nothing.

Back in early 2000, PG&E was charged with scamming Cal. residents on power bills. Enron was involved, but that was not known till later.
When finally investigated and charged, PG&E simply divided itself into 2 entities. One entity held all the debt, the other held all the $$$$.

Guess which one went bankrupt?

They can, legally, do it again, cause Congress wrote and re-wrote the bankrupt laws for that purpose. The CEO and board members will walk away with millions. Just watch.

The Evolution of Donald Trump and the Mob

Cit Journo put this out a year ago. For those who missed it, or those who can appreciate it again, in light of current events, enjoy.
One comment: I still hear people speaking as if the mob and Putin's russia and politics are all different things.
They are not.


Today's Doonesbury is a must see

Here's the link, maybe someone knows how to post the strip.

trust me, it's right on target.


Question for anyone in the trucking industry....

Is the gov't shutdown affecting trucking,,,and, come to think of it, train transportation of things we need?

16 hour wait to cross (legally) from Mexico to US.

Very close friend has Hispanic granddaughter who was born here. She was visiting her relatives in Mexico. Papers in order, etc, but the problem was the 16 hour wait in line, in a car, to even get to US border check, last week.
"The line stretched for miles" she reported.

Very happy the young lady is back home, they are not planning any more trips until the situation is resolved,
They were in Mexico when Trump pulled his shutdown stunt.

I dunno how the trucking industry works with border crossing, but I would assume this is having a hell of a financial impact.

Apparently Twitter blocks accounts to make you give them your phone number.

I have no phone number on my Twitter account. Today I was locked out, Twitter said I had to provide a phone number to get a code which would then let me back into my account.

That was all...no rule violation, no claims I did not something wrong, just phone number=code=back in.
Exactly what their e-mail support said to me a minute ago.

Ironically, my landline is dead this weekend b/c flooding after heavy rains.

so I googled and found an interesting page on how Twitter has been doing this for the last couple years, and how to get back in without giving them a number. takes a few days for them to do it, tho.

twitter claims they have a right to send text messages to your phone, once they have the number.


Anyone have experience with presciptions filled by online stores?/??

My lil town, 50 miles away from any pharmacy options, has Wal-Mart and Wal Greens locally. Period.
Wal-greens has now bought out 4 other drug stores in town.

We are constantly having to play games with either of the WAL- stores left in town who over charge us on top of already high prices.

want to check out options, beside driving 100 miles to get a prescription.

My serious 3 rules in life are: don't fuck with my kids, my money, or my car. Last week it was the car, today, the $$$$.

I am really pissed, which isn't exactly what I need when I get overcharged for blood pressure meds.

Nursery rhyme, 2019 version

Humpty Dumpty wanted a great wall.........Humpty Dumpty got nothing at all.

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