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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Washington state, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: Sw corner of Ala. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 02:09 PM
Number of posts: 53,579

About Me

Retired Mental Health/Sub. Abuse therapist, happily moldering in "Maycomb", 2 notches from the buckle of the Bible Belt. One cat away from being called crazy.

Journal Archives

It appears the U.K. is all over Cambridge Analytica now.

Getting search warrants:
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain’s data protection authority plans to seek a warrant to search the offices on Tuesday of London-based political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham told Channel 4 News on Monday.

Then there is this lil gem:

Facebook's share price down $30 billion in first two hours trading today.

I am wondering how many people have left Facebook over this data spying.

Christopher Wylie reports Facebook has banned him. awwwww...

You can't make this up, not in a million years. This seems to be his real name.

And a real scam.

Johnson Joy,
the chief information officer at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (Hud), is part of a Christian not-for-profit in Texas with Naved Jafry, who quit as a Hud adviser after inquiries about his professional history.

Until this week the group, GJH Global Ministries, invited donations on its website. But it was not clear what work the group did and its mission statements and other information appeared to be copied from those of major churches. GJH was formed in 2014 but Stephen Austin, one of its directors, said in a brief interview: “We literally did nothing.”

Following inquiries by the Guardian, GJH’s website was locked from public view. Other directors declined to be interviewed. The group last filed a tax return with the Internal Revenue Service for 2014. Churches and affiliated groups are not required to file annual returns.

Before being locked to visitors, one page of GJH’s site showed a photograph of Joy addressing a crowd of people holding Trump campaign placards and wearing red “Make America great again” hats. Another showed Joy posing with Greg Abbott, the Republican governor of Texas. Not-for-profit organisations are barred under federal law from endorsing political candidates.


Updated repub. symbol

No snowflakes in this bunch of kids.

Anyone here remember playing on contraptions like this?


Karma train1 Skeevy Republican 0



Flynn keeps his pension after admitting to committing crimes in office.

( Remember Walter Schaub, the Ethics Office guy who Trump fired?)


Ever wonder how you launder money? Manafort indictment tells us:

Gates is on the indictment as well.

MANAFORT and GATES generated tens of millions of dollars in income as a result of their Ukraine work.
In order to hide Ukraine payments from United States authorities, from approximately 2006 through at least 2016,
MANAFORT and GATES laundered the money through scores of United States and foreign corporations, partnerships, and bank accounts.

MANAFORT, without reporting the income to his tax preparer or the United States, spent millions of dollars on luxury goods and services for himself and his extended family through payments wired from offshore nominee accounts to United States vendors.

MANAFORT also used these offshore accounts to purchase multi-million dollar properties in the United States.
MANAFORT then borrowed millions of dollars in loans using these properties as collateral, thereby obtaining cash in the United States without reporting and paying taxes on the income.
In order to increase the amount of money he could access in the United States, MANAFORT defrauded the institutions that loaned money on these properties so that they would lend him more money at more favorable rates than he would otherwise be able to obtain.
MANAFORT laundered more than $18,000,000, which was used by him to buy property, goods, and services in the United States,

that bit about buying property and then using it to get more money is what Trump did/does, by the way.

When I saw these 2, I predicted it would end in divorce:

HUGE plot hole in The Good fight tonight ( no spoilers)

Maia's dad is on the run, with his girlfriend, from fraud charges, the story line is about how to locate him, as he has fled the country.
But the story also reveals the girlfriend talks to her sister in the States once a week.

So, why did the Feds. NOT have a tap and trace on the sister's phone? Issue never came up.
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