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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Washington state, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: SW Alabama. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 02:09 PM
Number of posts: 55,500

About Me

Retired Mental Health/Sub. Abuse therapist, happily moldering in "Maycomb", 2 notches from the buckle of the Bible Belt. One cat away from being called crazy.

Journal Archives

Ha! Rachel sez

the Tufts woman has not been at work at H.U.D. for two months!!!!

But resigned today...wonder why???

This is gonna be a fun dig.

How many working computers do you have in your house?

Not counting tablets , just desktops....

I just caught myself sending ME an email from the den computer to my living room laptop, so I could continue an article when I go into the other room, and realized how normal it seemed to do that.

The tablets, now...2 of them, one is a Nook that has recipes on it, so handy when I am cooking, and adjustable font size. Guess all those tiny print cookbooks are outdated now.

Nebraska Du-ers......check the voter purge list here. Last day to register online, also.

People have until midnight to register.

check for you, your family, friends.


Everything he touches, dies. # 23

He killed a bank:
Trump and Ivanka mis-lead/mis-stated how many units of the Trump Ocean Club, in Panama City, had "pre-sold", which was an important number to obtain construction financing, in this case, bonds issued by Bear Sterns Bank.
there is a question if those pre-sold contracts were ever scrutinized by the banker who signed off on the bonds.
That was Nov. 2007.
6 months later, Bear Sterns went bankrupt and was taken over by J.P. Morgan Chase.

But wait...there is more.
Mis-stating important details was a pattern, a long running con, and the losers were the buyers who DID end up buying condos in Trump buildings, either pre-sold or after construction, when they thought most or all of the units had sold, so it would be a good investment.

Projects Where a Trump Family Member Overstated Sales Numbers

Dominican Republic
Claim: Donald Trump claimed $365 million in sales in a 2007 letter to The Wall Street Journal.
Reality: Trump reported $290 million in a 2009 project audit.
Result: Never built.

Fort Lauderdale
Claim: Trump announced the hotel/condo was “pretty much sold out” in April 2006, according to a broker who attended the presentation.
Reality: 62 percent of units were sold as of July 2006, according to bank records that emerged in a court case.
Result: Entered foreclosure. Trump’s name removed before construction completed.

Las Vegas
Claim: Condos “sold out,” Trump told The Associated Press in 2005
Reality: About 25 percent of units were sold by 2011, according to press accounts.
Result: Built.

Claim: “It’s a 1,000-unit building, we've sold over 90 percent of it,” Ivanka told Portfolio in 2008.
Reality: As of three months later, 79 percent of the units were pre-sold, according to Moody’s.
Result: Built, but went bankrupt; Trump name removed.

Claim: In 2008, Ivanka told reporters that 60 percent of units had sold.
Reality: A Trump partner’s affidavit revealed that 15 percent had been sold at the time.
Result: Built, but went bankrupt; Trump name removed.

Claim: The building “sold out,” Trump told The Wall Street Journal in 2007.
Reality: The developers failed to sell a minimum of 70 percent of units, according to a Trump company letter that year, which deemed that a violation of its contract.
Result: Never built.

Claim: In a 2009 interview, Ivanka referred to the property as “virtually sold out.”
Reality: 24.8 percent of units had sold, according to a 2016 bankruptcy filing by the developers.
Result: Built, but went bankrupt; Trump name removed.

From a ProPublica story

4 takes on the now infamous trump painting....

I just noticed how tiny they made trump's hands.....lol

What is it about the Walking Dead that makes it so darn popular?

I noticed while browsing IMDB it's in its 8th season.....

Show of hands if you like the crazy drivers in Russia yutube videos....

I admit to enjoying then, esp. at the end of a long bla bla bla trump day. Am I alone?

early Halloween card for y'all.


Watching Trump when Kanye was blathering on was so familiar to me

Many years ago, as a therapist for a rural Mental Health center, it was my job to go once a month to the state mental health hospital to document progress, if any, of our catchment area patients. We had 4-5 of them in the place.
The fact that said patients were still hospitalized speaks to the severity of their illness and the need for round the clock care.

On one trip, our very recently hired program director came along with me. He had been hired for administrative skills, did not have a mental health background, but he sure tried hard to act like he did.

We met with a male patient who was seriously schizophrenic, even when medicated.
When I asked him if he knew why he was in the hospital, he started talking and talking and talking.
I watched the Program Dir. listening closely, then leaning forward, very attentive towards the guy as he went on and on,
trying to follow the patient's train of thought, waiting for the moment when something he said would make sense, not willing to show he was not getting the point behind all those words.
which was impossible because the patient was pretty much speaking the classical word salad, Nouns were used, even whole
sentences, but as the ideas tumbled out, they were left in the dust as new thoughts hit, and off he would go in another direction.
We eventually landed on Mars, as I remember it.

My tag along buddy had exactly the look as Trump did, nodding with fake interest, not following the rapid spewing of changing ideas, but appearing oh so very glued to the speaker, with a growing expression of wanting someone to jump in and rescue him.

with the sound off the video, it is even more apparent.

sadly, it is even more obvious that CNN and other news reporters were filming Kanye who seemed very much to need his meds.

ICYMI: Ariz. Gov. chose, as McCain's replacement, a lobbyist for RW Judicial Network.

The group makes the list of names for Judge appointees, including SCOTUS.

Intrepid SpicyFiles found the information, it's what she does ever so well:


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