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Illinois Nuclear plants shutting down in Fall of 2021

I am conflicted on this. It's what I have been saying though, the cost to run a nuclear plant keeps them from running as much as they need to to keep costs down.

Wind farms contributed to only 7% of Illinois electricity in 2019 so it would seem most of this is from Nat Gas plants.

From one of the following tweets:

Together the plants employ 1,500+ full-time & another 2,000+ skilled workers during refueling outages, most from local union halls. The plants pay nearly $63 million in taxes annually to support local schools, fire, police and other services.


Improvements in Windmills

Big changes as they improve.


Costs going down


Utilization going up


Netherlands up to 25% renewable

This is posted by Kees van der Leun @Sustainable2050

In the Netherlands, ~25% of our electricity is now from renewables, up from just 10% six years ago.
And we're working on tripling that share to ~75% by 2030!

There is a graph supporting this on Twitter (I think), but it's in a language I don't read.

But the main point is Wind and Solar are a process. There are those that say it's not enough to count. They have been saying that for as long as I have been on the forum - over 12 years. But every year there are more wind and solar assets put online. It keeps building, better windmills and solar panels are developed and the cost goes down.

More than doubling in the Netherlands in just 6 years. Progress a MW at a time.

BTW, can someone show me how to post a tweet here? Everytime I do it it's just a bunch of code and not the tweet.

Weekly update - Good Climate News

Weekly update from Twitter

Good climate news of the week
1 World’s coal falls for 1st time
2 Bangladesh may close 26 or 29 planned coal plants
3 Canada’s oil-sands emissions intensity down
4 BP announces oil & gas will fall by 40%, while its #renewables will rise 20-fold
5 EU eyes higher renewable targets

Last week

1 Germany: Green power hits record 50.2% of consumption in first half of 2020
2 UK: Largest pension fund to divest from fossil fuels
3 UK: Offshore wind farms set to be the 1st in the world to pay money back to consumers
4 Deutsche Bank exits coal

From >>> @AssaadRazzouk
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