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Retired USN and widower currently stuck in the midwest

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Domestic Violence and the NFL: Could Concussions be the Cause?

Caveat: I'm not endorsing the behavior of any the individuals involved in the recent cases in the news, I'm just wondering if there could be a deeper reason than, he's an asshole.

Secondly, I apologize for throwing this ideas out here without doing much research, I'm working on a paper on the care and treatment of diabetes in the managed care environment so I don't have too much time to devote to this subject.

While the studies have been limited, there are theories tying traumatic head injuries from contact sports to anger and aggression



We also know that concussions are common in the NFL (not to mention during the years of training it takes to reach the NFL). The NYT reported today that 1 in 3 retired players have issues related to brain trauma and the the conditions emerge at an earlier age.


With that being said, do you think that brain damage could play a role in the number of domestic abuse cases among professional athletes?

Would of made a poll but I don't have a star, sorry.
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