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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Rhode Island
Current location: Missouri
Member since: Tue Mar 4, 2008, 11:45 AM
Number of posts: 1,372

About Me

Retired USN and widower currently stuck in the midwest

Journal Archives

I love this take on Santa

So the Army is getting a double kick in the balls

Not only will they stuck at the border for Christmas, they probably won't be paid because of the shutdown. Thanks Trump!!!


former9thward set me straight by showing my a DoD release that I didn't get in Google. Thanks for the info and ignore this post, well the pay part, the troops are still stuck at the border.

Just had a customer with a 91 Geo Metro convertible

Man, haven't seen one of those for about 20 years

With all the issues that occurred this last election cycle

I'm glad I voted in person and would be hesitant to vote by mail even if my state had that option. Do you think that in-person voting is a better option, especially if you live in a red state?

You want to really drive Donnie crazy? Michelle Obama for Speaker of the House

Where are getting your election night coverage?

I'm thinking of listening to the. POTUS channel on Sirius radio.

Edit: autocorrect changed coverage to cover-up, coincidence or conspiracy?

Check-in if you were able to use paper ballots

This was my first time voting in this area so I was surprised to see them. You had to fill the dots in with a sharpie no less! When I was in VA Beach it was electronic and I had the "privilege" to be in line behind Pat Robertson one time, lucky me!

I had a lot of unopposed Republicans on my ballot today

It's tough to turn an area blue (or even purple) if there aren't any options.

Anyone else having trouble loading Discussionist?

I was trying to see how they are spinning the bomber news but I'm only getting this site cannot be reached page is taking too long to load messages

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know how bad the odds are

But I still wasted $2 for the chance at $970 million
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