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Gender: Male
Hometown: Rhode Island
Current location: Missouri
Member since: Tue Mar 4, 2008, 11:45 AM
Number of posts: 1,372

About Me

Retired USN and widower currently stuck in the midwest

Journal Archives

Am I evil for wanting Pres Biden

To find a position somewhere for Mary Trump?

How much of our win can be contributed to Jo Jorgensen?

I'm looking at the Decision Desk HQ map and it looks like he played as much of a spoiler this year as Jill Stein did in 2016.

Who here thinks SNL is working overtime to change some sketches for tonight?

I just hope that the get someone new to play Biden. The thought of Jim Carrey doing it full time almost made me regret my vote

Senate Majority leader?

If they do maintain control of the Senate, what are the odds of the Republicans deciding that McConnell is too toxic and choose someone else to be the majority leader? If they think that he could cost them seats in the mid-term they might decide that a more "moderate" Republican could serve them better.

Biden is ahead in Georgia


I wish they kept Discussionist open for the election

I would love to have watched their heads explode while munching on some popcorn.
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